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August 11, 2019

[Music] hey guys what’s up love money prick sugar cool window channeling song justified but anyways I’ll go today in the telling us all of them so in them in Resident resumption to watch a in there even today in pollen piranha yeah mercurial give a certainty we’ll do it together so in case I get to honey in the mcurtin start here but start even normal for tonight what I did about wars are yesterday the force or until so force of initiated initiation Imperium enter the low so and then you force a better video I’ve been short and want a short game on anyway Senor summing the colony like even the star DNA and yeah any debt that reduction pan here and currently okay nice Korpela today speed on it when indeed it another and and a bit right on JK darkening the ratios holding in a hurry here like okay that’s good that’s good that’s good already sounded just about any game sounding it a beloved Alamos agua read that beast the game hi what’s up Prince Prasad hi princess officer man welcome to livestream so Jeannie and then a fire it can be colicky never oh yeah well gfx it’ll come to the sheer fixing oh yeah will lose Jetix know what what’s that Metron stream JM plan uno I’m growing a game in lenteja so although games in a chain or Lou young and then came to purchase the aggregate up because ending tons of games gotta focus on the you know in the college it will de oral again college Chile share some bugging him like a movie I’m which are you don’t ever play an ex-fix legend is after this after this after this yeah down is what you don’t know okay I need to cheer on a planning boss canary Alan wanted 8:30 to 9:30 story time on herself other ensemble I become active a lot and you keep our exam Olivia wants to know yeah I’m gonna love this is yummy no chokerino all right however we don’t like gotta be active and not the saw any embarked in carrier exam so that it’s time not a fauna don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry okay but some gaming Rory Charl no game L now no bro game a long time to reach out on the love road yep I love it better in the high dimensional game so vividly and I girlfriends okay I’ll never going to share in the term a colleague in it because call sound all oppressed a another what i’ma like ps4 Xbox loop Athena what again made changes amico Princeton colleague MIT even and I found Sharri in the yeah our King Kalakaua what I found in every other anything colleague am so hungry a somebody park at a friend’s another row yeah I’m chilly poverty line here boom pop G customer to no it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay I know yeah I know pump you by Ingrid I need my Johnny yes what’s up rod broke offering on a low are kind of offering all other any buffering guys are colonic piranha well they achieved a perfect an ironic another buffering any you keep writing about yesterday we starting each other all night I think in kitchen what okay in game somebody to me now no no way what you take all right nothing okay maybe it’s totally gonna hear the sound okay so starting only goes on to the cake in the Leonard honor a demeanor Dean okay at least the game or what I it’s actually my second channel name bro and a nickel so Changi a peddler making the second channel name can embed temp in a good result is our chamber each Anthony are you can count on I don’t know in the reason then here in LA but it’s a second channel name on an idea what a methyl incontinence okay in an IRA cue she saying hi welcome to live shrimp row broke or I game cycle wounded oh yes and they go round bro and a gorgeous origin day you ponder and a face for I games redundant difference in two-dimension like it totally on ps4 know four or five games in my image it don’t know Aquila friends and I need Akira exclusives order and some para games or put the aluminum MS galaxy yo what’s up man welcome to let you browse through sub I is my mind hi boss oh I say no Galaga Tom a promise when TJ was another changing of the yesterday and plus the game GFX Allah gift fo oh yeah yeah yeah it’s me it’s me you know it is a dangerous guy other than the other name that’s me that’s me that’s me Adam is very poor man you got me wrong correct Vegeta pro gamer and day what’s no buffering okay putting you buffering one another one in the book bro Alton buffering wonder ye do one thing close the stream and unload in start yeah yeah until push rounding it written by John a gherkin on a planning okay no Kothari because other fish a over here the law you know for to whine of concrete bomb oh yeah man and keep goodra with major open javelin under my phone oh wait the last a block or a personal dialogue solve and doing yes every God so faster than the morning you know Miss Piggy what do they can they don’t [Music] hmm Candida folder which skips are just table nothing about the bad what and then a biscuit or the idea whatever I should go eat your canoe is nice so I’m here then we shave it up a lot of the shaving man wait wait wait wait what are you doing appalapachia time and I’m whipping the Canarian than the Heartland overflow okay I deal on it now we generate each anomaly from making a Valentine notice well they’ve already lost them location change in air you know so you would have to throw up a lot of the conduit again because II alien I’m fine because number for the idea what a shifty other look and last time machine work you can avoid waiting any longer because number currently riding in the pinky nor any or sir tricky man the performance on that you know and decisis one of the chair down thank you for tuning the LA or will their horse American on over here on the water and they up – if I saw a talk about JCM but you but let me show off locate the karnilla know yeah I mean shop wearing your pretend upon oh right younger a map on shaky other anything here you know made love what is this okay and if you touch it omission on automata side mission honor mm-hmm and also don’t go there American together EEPROM on this table now this table Court is it but people take each area now what is this anyways I’m really longer Valentine than the point a medium or a bump and then he I shave is it a rock for genomica tour company Rick you thought about a in the original but Valentine make a movie I’m Abraham in this shop rehearing and cutting the old Baba Baba Baba okay all right so watch a movie up and mm-hmm you define role playing applause role play means what it’s a about role play with and Carol Adams I know explain Jang Union but it thanks bro no problem right not need time I mean what’s a man one complexion boss that leaves the game yes boss but no no you’re awesome game women thank you so much place my name is Prince guys by the way Prince first I’ll end up a prince and ananna real name and Adam it’s a fake name just needing audience of temporary honor what did you come in now it’s my fake name but knew each other they initial you know what whatever it aha I mean if this critical Chu yes so he’s even that’s three is here the faculty wouldn’t allow and packet totally i firing will be sharing are usually machine volatility the review my give distance all right okay can I come on Ilario to respond to uni yeah that’s good you know hi whenever there is oh no don’t don’t don’t I don’t know man I’m not sure I don’t know man I never know and didn’t get any no oh nice you come on buddy let’s go witness it come on man open your eyes yes you can free the prisoner right okay I’ll shoot the law okay what know what and you give it a boundary just because of William gonna help you then maybe I should really poor Lisa I don’t know any Java in the way through to the bomb I’ll carry with number order conduct our media and then the only key point is that I’d Ilana see Anna and then course you’ll know how rotator cuff because you know number of chili crimes unit is right mama when you cry mama there we go what do you bound II tried the huge thing brother usually side stuff on the Chi our Allah but you know or to honor he remained in the kitchen I had that and where is my cap man capital Oh kappa kappa kappa kappa what is capa we want using our nice thank you thank you sir alright here we go but i am charged it pop and a pinky on oh hey Charlie popper to be given up I think you could throw video when he suddenly paid 20k anyone know song & iyanya pinky the paid it up yeah and a griddle on cuckoo they don’t dozen young tiger and not a vegetable Oh again half I got a cultural she loved a game robotic angry particular order and do it again are you experience is you have to revert a guiding of follow the bunch of on the initiation your culture strong I really behavior people around me you know why what a kind item behavior they wonder I hence p.m. but do not try a healthy on correct and be running it but loving your new Maura Nova you know because you gave me the Python that for a piranha and finally Valentine get it on the end bounty is eighty up here organized I hope in the police are in the car number turned on a former jail ice money then the stereo only learn your buddy what’s up yeah master Lizzie trip like a master about Geoghan and a mask and I use either thank you only if it is not equal minute why okay hey car down lonely perch in Yamuna you got to enough just time your haircut teach Adama I’m go for Judy let me chamber to a like a god they want to achieve that come with you and what more do you have Italy just because only one are some economic fortunes all over you AT&T very moody volatile very and styled over them so other corner at all what’s the culture long hair he pho but I am to 18 degree and then what did you look into I know and then the third you want to tell the guy making god of war shiny provide nothing kind of man anyway some facial okay we should hear them the chamber to lava trim one style let’s see say fuck trust man with a beard map is something to it I reckon yeah but it is because of the tide in the one mightier immense judge wait you know what only I didn’t we remembering a chain dear all facial here no make all 11 Diana key actually will each in style I’ll warrant type I know I’m gonna understand little more weight right alright so first you must at you bar must idea what truly cut to work Olivia you can do it only for today you know Premiership idiom whatever style on a pencil sketch anonymity just about anything alright thank you I’ll let me get it in the photo style hold any given up mmm oh man we gotta Misha Trina Montana Branham like all nights all right so don’t put double I to change it first of all because I internet and also eat are these I don’t know what make that energy in it I wish I might rely on the mission multi-party young libel I’ll cut them a 3d beginning okay I’ll keep me so anyways even keeping up and also hairstyle romantic styling balm I’m gonna give you some between the modem all the little name keep you thank you oh yeah culture woody straight aw McKinnon but anyways normally in the Navy is it order put up a night on the airport appointee and all right so what do I wish it wasn’t already cap you seen them myself anyways entire thing on the bomb and have in the emissions of this chart you guys put a bounty under so if you’re not the any camera to the left wing important you or you could open a channel or even I’m going Arabian ocean together orchard it Superman now culture is so currently owned by a CEO gene system at oh I see ocean or the distributor but the thing is guys are game it’s a long on your nitish games along with other fresh Donna like alongside stuff inviting or the change in the air I’m weights it’s uncle what uncle una Nina okay so I’m gonna shut down the last time we’re gonna power it up don’t you it’s not what is that scent Lonnie they’re all you know okay let’s see he gave me I already call each other i’ma try to you know telegram you know uh telegram me you will see a little button install che then I take another one play means freedom bully okay yeah yeah sure sure but online offline another buddy in the forever Prince Thomas are it’s me real me um practice now let’s go we’ll practice India yeah so for the five attempt under number kitchen ouch ah you can economy event from mission check yeah definitely mission generic you from game where Prince Thomas is Adam Brophy for women haha you know yeah game enjoy genotype on earth a lot of sambal and why okay wait guys I see something they robbed and okay now what looks good right ok so X X X Thanks Oh Tommy the moon okay our number thought it on that and because you got time at it every day mm-hmm Ruchi real later I it’s okay it’s okay it’s a bro e kudrya speedily ask for a goodra speedo quran / attention smile what it should be hi bro what’s up welcome to Laxmi an rgz log but what’s up well do gamer and the killed by association oh yes here we go we didn’t oh yes we did oh I know who did it ouch okay I look a mess – boys oh I don’t know what I told you to Google Jenna okay here we go he did it it did it he did it okay so now something kalenna he killed up there we go my fingers getting out of here what all right Marta’s will make me some extra money um play you know you know $1 on your domain except let’s go huh you know what I’m not I’m a game buying it up twice and I like yeah oh yeah here we go now beneath the air welcome back my eye okay here we go thanks thanks ouch dammit Hartman out again oh yeah when the Russian today Moo you cheater online money no mission gta5 oh okay okay okay it is this game on hey Adam bro hey bro what’s up yes baby what I want to eat eat 11 of the walk on a south something that you and play no Emma thought I’m gonna keep TYC another ditch over there walk let’s go I’m coming linear waters gonna guess I must be mistaken okay when sure what you know here doesn’t sign again gonna eat the HMS Ariana and summer here we go first my horsey let’s go so don’t be any mesh mean we should like vengi know though whatever you go to mission on the other than condom no fine um I think this one or that one outside we should already know main mission Nikki bomb oh me too mr. fields and at the end he make you are any low mother antenna mission enjoy you what there is something man let’s go and the orders let’s go I will share them kalium what are you doing all right on the camera on the 38 I guys none of them come to pattern vomit all right so movie don’t Iike not nice nice nice nice nice nice never Allred to malama Korea I’ll do it and yawning I recorded this many on watch a game break on homes I give the jail mmm hi bro it’s me I mean hey I mean what’s up man in the underboss I mean Linda Lee Cho the Condor group for our choice on a chiller ps4 or Xbox one days bro Xbox one is now I’m using Xbox one s alright alright uncle – so I’m gonna go like Brownian motion already different you should be uploaded a up to the level because EEP are talking to on the hunt thing in gone on tiempo and though I don’t know anything let’s see now Corazon I putted a mission okay she’s in foster vision Jay there we are already the American writer on a BMI on Austin game what another 80 in the white okay see goodra Annika number something even if ever Buddha don’t like a baby knows I think it’s all on another you came later mother but I searched and I was purchasing but it’ll search e they become um other location avoid yeah no need to check it a guide it nope idea that I gonna guide a rich Islam contribute again maybe you don’t know the missions on the guitar initiation so chair initiation Obama they will face ever faced okay ancient smart what it’s no area Arabian naked Tom best wild horse in the game see I have a para engine this bomb gaming yes what’s what’s up another plan goes on Dona of the Commission’s on the completed our initiation Jana necklace or chain location every Diana other initiation of macabre location like movie I’m then fortunately retaking I music oh shit man shit okay discovered in uranium I’ll help you the column another but the thing is guys anything acutally I boundary you could get a horrible money on Gia like did you wanna cheer me doing like I don’t know man we do pillion on when you clip onto the ice at all all right wait right then I take and move all right so the movies on a man I mean bro 58 the game on a college algebra and then life like it YouTube Lana though you to start am the although line fillet though either game of a still a little more faithfully are all the pasta college should be done right – oh no although so then trace on all of IC IC divided city by city are not each other Adam in different in the read then you’re full of shit is that like I’m WT pipe or this how cultured you get for sure I mean oh I see Tijuana crack to die you see that the end a little sound 11 like totally somebody’ll a sound relying on each other why your for nine and you can either own and put your computer from Dan Kelly gamma one thing and the TN options only later and supplies were no no I need another fight you’re in there hoarsely on the everyday she daughter and initiation Elise I’m sorry can I give a shit it all know what is going on [Music] chopping vegetables for a living I’m sorry madam was there an insufficient feathers in your pillow I ain’t lazy mr. Morgan I’ll work but not this when I cook in work oh my husband and I we shared the work all of it I was out in the fields I can hunt carry a knife or use a gun run with the man so be it but we do more than just hunting we’re hunted and then things hunting us well they got guns are they wrong I ain’t afraid of die oh yeah I see that you need anything mr. Pearson no maybe me and mrs. ed are gonna take a little ride yeah sure there’s my list and what can you post this letter for me ja you there sure come on princess princess okay here we go all right so game starting the people healthy a samurai flying around a wreck shit you know I you know I know because there has been a call for a gang members you ever look at the hour the custody lion or man arrested today by winter would I would I come down yeah alright so chary of all cousin that under the eyes it kind of plus will later [Music] [Music] this thing is so small neck chicken yeah the thing is guys somewhere already anemia so particle already bound I wanna okay neo hey shut up shit Raj hi bro bro laughs we’ll make a game from the ending laughs will currently any Kerala fortnight Europe under csgo Gironda up GPCR upon da and GTR upon also mean Green’s mean green alright alright taken a thousand articles game hey boss what’s up man Wow al-qaeda okay xmj progression we killing or third bro total Xbox one game under bro and high graphics looks like original oh really Xbox game honor is the problem yes is the actual console game on a bro ps4 and Xbox will available until availabl not what oh yeah thank you what just happened well you know why present Jana Aria the pattern gunpoint you have it wrong but overlap is an onion Leno or you seen the Lenovo and set Y 701 need a laptop on using that for the post office what all right so Shaw play that isn’t they oh yeah shopping with clearly how she done Eric actually a I’m gonna put the magnet a post you remember we just said in the little post yeah and I’m talking okay enough yeah I’m not pulling out there and okay that surname actually whatever they come on damn it okay it’s up here mm-hmm that’s it okay no treble thank you um after the bounty and giving order the order on division we do MA it’s the only 80s okay I saw all the creepy it one delivered a Romani thank you nice idea but let’s go right we’ll get into one in the vision the incumbents down the like emotional already went to like sharpie poison you let any other potions keep I don’t I don’t know you need me to call it anyway don’t know nothin Sadie not lady yeah like I told you my husband denies all right with the flower in her hair or making cherry pies all day ready for it girl it’s a PC oh yeah man Arjuna hi bro my exams are over wahoo hey man that’s good news and the next planning your malva boy what’s up bro pretty buddy everybody bro well I don’t know even Jenny look what happened it’s my favorite game with my enemy hi Dave Velma what make p-chan the boss what’s up man I wanna get green means standing and a plan Riano coming Saturday what you folks up to what you really don’t think so you don’t Thanks fun all right so oh hell no cheater here muy Berrien boy okay dr. Hartman will woody I should friend alone that’s nice man oh come on and indeed under mr. chair come on pique pique come on damn it where is she what the fun even subtly hey what the heck are they gosh I’m breaking I’m a nigger okay not actually no you come together like any I need each it on date night like that I own eyes on your mother way I’m gonna use it another day I don’t know when did IND total him on the switch you got it anyway so today you could be a museum I’ll cover them come soon come on we got some additional damage or somebody that’s it mother did did I you say that or maybe and I learned on the fiddle you see better what tough for you what are you doing drop him there okay thank you and booty way we can our I didn’t build a room for them cuz I know you were not clear issue scoot hourly because you found something what she’s waiting for me okay good coming lady over second I can tell because you know what only I could wait till you ate you ate you ate you did I in the Newseum mind it is Ambu oh yes nice after another where is he every dead body yeah [Music] ask your dead body under love after that second astronaut you alright so I’m gonna pick a matter today and there’s another one in this and okay so other going along come put that in a movie a Chilean that demo I do like putting article I put we’d like we’ll get thee hence oh come on marinated on all right okay when it is done in the slow on man hmm and again in the more I need to be what really that underwear [Music] all right signing with a bullet applies in the concrete and I want to put ya gotta get up with me I’d like to say I missed your refine conversations but I’d be lying I enjoyed myself out there okay that shopping yes that’s shop Thank You mr. Morgan maybe you proved you can handle yourself oh they say I lack finesse but I ain’t afraid of Gunsmoke oh yeah did I use your mother alright so I’m in tune all right now okay that’s adultery a mission and then here we go or we should endure I’m gonna be machine iam but other members don’t the guides the guy didn’t know now I’m so hungry now I’m just – okay like an initiation movie a nice job and for to trust you would hear the initiation of marketed Caravan you are not or through our pyramid thank you he’s gonna energy a man more online the orders of the game gun so are you going together Alabama right I’m actually got a job and placement in place currently Abu Dhabi job you’re insulting sit on a silicon as hey bro what’s up men gross orgy Xbox the colliculus gotta get on the road it’s so hard you know what is that um wait let me need that thing miss Jackson and you get off early on that you need at least curricula a ling a boy and the little boy okay alright okay so um the other foot that they juggle on on the butt over here yeah okay I’m kind of going to come over to dialogue design then in the saloon I think of watch it okay ready what’s up all right I know some setting in the new day every day and what I just think it okay wait you didn’t someone it supplies I never meant supplies are getting the colic Tina let’s see don’t do this to yourself clay yeah mmm blowing a nap on using the PC so just in high so job what’s up man welcome to livestream boy and yes ma’am and the tournament on or TV on oh yeah you see the monitor on the bank you 27 inches description yeah and using the ELA products to mention here that under that pillow to the chickie I’m predict Caillou let the cutest games on frankly in Kerala broken record I improve my teaching on yonder where the Sicari Connecticut supplies company ago but and ok so I heard about a house could be interesting kind of a house I don’t know a couple fellas I heard in town they said said it was really freakish local boogeyman I guess but they’re crooked in every way they were sitting on a lot of cash they’re highway robbers kidnappers apparently they’re well hidden in the woods sounds pretty dubious of course it’s dubious but there any much risk of getting caught ok let’s go take a look my respects well one night what lavro yes ya know and what you see available alright let’s go pinky all right but a vendor hootenanny no more gorgeous primary I’m gonna and let’s see I’m gonna condo on islands in the movie and wait until they you see I’m a developer oh just in America I Mindy I don’t know but just seeing 0:02 hi I know boy what’s up what’s that what we do not allow a child to marry [Music] yeah and a set up you really understand up room set up a Zeppelin or other of the game-day list or do they turn back I will check a rice and another kind of description under the sambar like in the description mentioned yes not the chick here I don’t remember [Music] anyways and then live in a post in there you go ok let me know because our mission Iggy Pop and I’m gonna have it all going to be here now right all right let’s move one body in author movie okay so Amanda I thought its wall honest low on water is know for sure so did your name started talking in their own weird dialect like outsiders especially on their turf okay that under guns on Dominion Linton Scott why don’t they I don’t need scope actually oh you pretty scope where the video you know where’s where’s nothing first I think you got your binoculars ah don’t need that okay here is um the macula zone indeed yeah it’s up here but but nothing Isabel see if you get a closer look what was that oh he’s a pretty big barn in the back it’s not a bad place to start looking must be a lot of people living here large house you know come on jab it in the plan II think we need to draw the mouse no a sovereign deck I’m ending our only love what what’s coming guys would come in first man what I will check our dad on a chick haven’t done the boss mm-hmm dojin every day so it actually wearing a magenta gimmick right now Molly say Luigi we saw a 16gb knows everyone oh and I’m rod here to wonder they do wonders slow on it yeah oh but is then should our car I like your movie a look I’m gonna put the game look okay and um play ISM like what should be passed on in the movement spying on us lon even controller eyes on the mouse on me what to do code field under control am buying a sensitive an acute amok I know AVG hi bro what’s up a qvg in the key under so yesterday number fours are verizon college other humble like 500 reviews guys god damn curriculum area I’m not like a story models we gotta get more 500 god damn it you know Nick you ready enough employee okay so now staring you see the don’t die here baby the next step is what we were standing on the user when they have been use come on ready jump look shut your gulper or I’ll flag or your felt I will and I you understand what they’re saying all right you’re doing up here okay take over by the rock over there I’ll create a little distraction then you jump them okay what kind of distraction you’ll see all right son um movies another dog and I’m gonna wait thank you okay Kyle Italy but why do you come on jump jump Java Java I’ll put this on the khazad-dûm this opportunity will remain given the shooter yet Oh Theo did you know it I’m already calling it [Music] oh damn boy it’s awesome picture what the heck go and take our buoy oh is this if a traitor what oh man no DNA should do you know it’s pretty than that I gotta commit oh shit only that deal damn it alright so charming I’m gonna do it under I don’t know all right here we go monlik movie I’m faster okay I don’t know any me somebody Canada Canadian there’s no place else like it story wait the movie I’m into like hey Arthur give me Andy I’m here at idiot but I got to move this I’m sorry you push me all of you men all right I suppose I love me some love man euonymus – Musti game ever GTA 5 gigabyte pony on employ the old don’t kill the woman it’s India row he stone is out of the Indian enough oh and even and you are evenly learn it woman you to die wait 20 thats it thats it even of arrowroot on channel mo what did i 50 percent agent level 4 right on the awesome and render some math on entertain your children so should search the drawers man promise of change okay we got some money thank you pause it okay okay so I’m giving secret into DT dot dot that’s awesome I’m gonna pull a thread chart and I will study first okay wait what about this that’s it Javed boy Tom can eat each one improved Anna tell you later Akiyama camper till eternity on the edge of what Amanda Valmer we do Purina perky relax Oh stamina 50% age or level seven I have one awesome you know there’s my horse all right Joe Vuli goody boy they like oh what what is going on so our mission I got another idea marketer posture and traveling traveling you came to buying gear on you buddy I’m not gonna touch India and actually we should consider him how can that emissions charity rhythm like Albert did that other cherry a mission side we shoulder you can break it Photography related and Donna because our real a boolean photograph wildlife whatever and on so your body and are they are overlooking what aerodynamic cuts in on chairman otherwise a movie at home and therefore to comment up in the radium Lingala called an hour nah room only ah Bellucci you de los Peaks oh yeah oh yeah but I know oh yeah room for never the game please Lana is it just wanna bro I don’t know man maybe older style game I already can flow off your check in the evening guns ammo reloading wanna slow on and all of us no honor but a little my advantage over the other like enemies of time but on the average Lomonosov items but on attacking jet the time they but the movements walrus loner who should have to fast a comment I don’t consider either now’s my [Music] [Music] thank you moving on my last episode i ileana teach I turn off on bike Oh wagon here we go here we go here we go Runa government and a friend of unity man this 1st 2018 poliana group 1st 2018 you build a 19 value turn to demo a loop but I’m gonna children charlie and capital are you know I’m usually in here shooting so usually and football games garlic you know the story gotta get it on a story nothing cute little bit left face no no story well that definitely in China already having a sodium play on opportunities are you know I’m I’m gonna shitty hi I’m gonna Jovian aha Brampton yes hey God from the what’s up yeah brother another number Chicho they only oh that’s a detail Amina I shake seven what’s up so store if you fire Nepali otherwise face to beat FIFA yeah other kind of place on my kit miscellaneous top another like movements on the players in it like suddenly I wouldn’t I’m gonna forward over will just eat on Judah but I’m not slow so he very well Natalie little town Gina personal but if I laudatory i’ma go to like you know even be a lifelong even the subtlest OPM at a dinner so our if each other if I didn’t care about that but that’s 1901 and the level of each is like for graphics which I’m following in the graphics from day they see that normal other woman see practically every uneven yakitori 19 they are you in here for 18 years on jiggling healer never remove super entity of the okay so praenomen thanks reply thanks deployment well my Jedi by everypony memory and everybody whoa whoa whoa okay anyways oh and this traveling episode of wounded zero like it’s not travel which is it but what is that Oh story I’m gonna stamina for is so and then Emily Bray and a young horse now trembling stop here wait are they wait I should do a machete come out you gotta look I get along eat nothing no I get it cousin Jana alright wait a minute now that look you in the other apples material alright so what’s your last a tip with regard of us all retire down and from casamento over alpha to the corral but I shall number up a media I’m going to pull the camera on the padu Dominic Farnham I’m gonna Connie means a lot actually then pull a normal sound the cocoon Apollo apiary Enola Gay let’s see it on a bed equal in [Music] indigestible apparently aside from that very well that was a project going well this is God’s country and I am his faithful servant okay lost the song it’s been really I have been trying to capture the grace of the wild horses here for weeks only the buggers can’t stand me hard horses I saw that silvered Apple pink top wine o beautiful won’t come anywhere near me of course you can smell my stupidity how about I Drive them over that might help can you be bothered I feel like such a blunder er sure wait here at least this time I doubt I’ll get eaten water I have you don’t know anyways Wow a horse okay [Music] right to the wild a horse okay so right to the world how snorting a wild a horse and health on the poeta how could telephone a virtually any looking for another I believe whatever that’s it occur on slowly movie ever samurai horse already tired I now know that right my gun okay talk about you come turned into now chillin okay you know will do these things very easily so you could even Evie shell a very slowly okay chairman all right go oh yes Oh remember the monkey dual total mission lasted the chain is no party oh hello Doctor – Holly wait wait wait wait wait what are you doing alright so make another real dog engineer so an answer screwed up Audrey give me that because maybe you pointed out you got rhodium already lots of the media is sheep in it but actually a personalized oh boy everybody now don’t underplay photo can come in tonight is that okay okay nice that’s it that’s it let’s go and somebody found another mocha aisle but rented and a lot of side emission otherwise really mean we showed up oh yes here we go another day yeah okay how are photos coming along Oh amazing yeah I have a print of the wolves before they tried to eat us what it’s for you oh yeah a lasting take care of mr. Mason oh yeah I’ll give them to like last time I’m gonna put it all out on the roof waterbed awesome gonna deflate them and here we go I’ll miss you my dear you know for dungeon emission or Logano water look and I don’t put your mark on the cheetah will come on buddy and then move eh a Thompson oh my it’s all the way up here no buddy buddy honesty in their eyes so okay so artsy no no oh and cheetah and travel yeah okay hopefully today Cheney gather over today – mm what da heck yeah that was tweeting a movie so uh Ebro eat game online colicare on the road ready I always start in England because in a frenzy there is Ilana I would start in the to start even in Yamaha people only beta washes are not because so beat already personal note you got another care too so I don’t know HT money operators I’ve enjoyed and ok champ before nineteen movement I’m gonna under any key facility in ishtam I’ll de butter a seventeen was a nice movement a person I did nobody Bouvier will drop our the improvements for the body improvements but the game for to the heart as you do number usually 18 tactics Malayalam Hydra what’s up that cute bow bow role and what what line and wait dungeon who’s that gimme loop migrate is subscribe I am athlete at you okay oh okay okay I’m gonna cost you really been to a lot and the whole open G ing effects graphics okay okay another man Xbox one exiling he called true to them cool clear ID Karnataka it is a trailer but the graphics on Dinky antimony from an electric tuner oh never a double general we are the cassandra’ I think from lock is in the video you are in the prop and also affects legends legends on yeah x legend something a local another given are down amazing no control no ginseng available on a tech 19 high profits up camp in a theme and cuckoo live stream rent obg man more unity don’t you subscribe follow me sorry my name is changed and I am sorry I do not go I didn’t carry a lot reasonable Facebook glue HIV in the come on remember honey yes what don’t wanna die I don’t wanna die so I’m on it and Rob we already know what to get that you wait and before that wait wait we do it ORS cargo lock weapon sorry any key it’s not EEPROM change it up aa mother let’s give that idiots come from guys waiting for you and wait at the cool no matter the chapter the idea is they love we like it’s a custom at iron or the level for react either me yeah come on okay let’s go back on my ranger oh really hold on Union a link every other anima yeah no one dies over it wait I’m coming bro I’m coming guys oh really oh he’s dead nice come on buddies where are you come on ecology Cal for take you uh-huh Panda the Train is here what a cute little dog my friend Oh what okay yeah some children digging any I mean Yanni dare die you say that the god damn it Padre and I look at that a little like Digidesign row you can you teleport by using the culture well if you give a little I look like yeah maybe as Mitchell is on designing like your eleven together with each animal de and finally I get data you see Megan in the on the chicken waiter that I come on when settings yes a marker women every day and did I use in that eyes on okay wait are they gonna chain a button layout where is it a out everyday general maybe Chechen malecon and Saudi Kingdom in the clock okay normal items on Yammer are display audio will cheat Oquendo quite Oh normally enter cheat okay so and to change another ice I don’t know give them a health ready upper in the day how long after you rock so the cheat again already advanced activity for any care and they did because I am no lock assume what was okay standard more family that’s it a lot of opportunity I’m gonna deliver let’s go back oh it’s so simple man just EMG that right stick he came there no Shh okay all right so and I need something I can do chunk thank you okay so if on camera you can now manually tag a target unit that I okay nice thank you another feature lamb boom anyways what are we doing dinner sorry yes you have until the legendary annual territory hunt deer sila gently animals by finding the inspection classes other than that a change that I just actually cooing oh you know another woman today I’m gonna mean a do shit it are the main road Allah keep on otherwise see the automatically move it the uneven money in the other thank you sir thank you sir – tower the calcaneus all right here we go there we go follow Chi double potential nila what and branch block in the pub view what anyone’s ever but I seen hi what’s up the our 707 no fish in the sea our seventh birthday okay happy birthday cr7 including more boys house on why is the latter super animate the creations beautiful men thank you so much for crissake 746 every knocks I’m gonna buy anything on that order and wait wait you told you every time well algún bow also a problem hit Jake I would say that is thank you that’s awesome dude I have notice are you sure that camp even the Linea or a tilde place you’ve got to spin another color I think the money but they can be to pursue minimum chi-chan so it means we can come in there and it will call off you go off you can watch sir yes sir you want someone coming to the point of another Canada where I come from a nice nice nice discipline oh yes are you coming Oh have an a.1 another will tell in the north or maybe if I was to kill miss Greenshaw what does be mad I think as a general rule Dutch likes to avoid murder within the camp I mean he was a traitor miss Grimshaw well that’s has a soft spot for her I thought as much well she always like this ain’t quite old enough to no no of course so as long as you’ve known her she’s always liked her swill of vinegar I’d like to give her a swig of arsenic we’ll just do it discreetly I will you fancy a game of dominoes sure I want to see this emission Johanna and then I watch a game credit on Megan yeah Rueben always worried about the jeweler’s Cali Cadillac – Tiana because I think I’ll carry like a Mickey Finn ever any better anyways thank you and then why did I ever wanted on me so you know I kind of do it up that Jeremy majority Campbell I’m tuning Annapoorna but children in the riders so it wasn’t in the hanukkah never knew is the water dice is it Sunday buddy lemonade Rockstar gave him that yeah any done hey Dodge what’s up many times yeah we lost men back there we have lofty goals I know we’re trying to reform society to a kind of true better way now of course there’s gonna be casualties we’re phase bridge block oh yeah bridge block okay okay but coming up on some reading I’m sure the halo some shot was a broad and or speakerphone presage J and that aim for deadlock row now I try to do but for me are the work in enough I got a young force to try cheetah but I’m gonna end it playing running each other actually nd the walking fast am Jia then use the left one left right stick so I’m gonna walk you in anything I don’t know maybe in the sitting Sunday tomorrow’s our own Indian appears for an elaborate Xbox one s smallest abortion Alana use any pump and PewDiePie or T series a demeanor yeah it’s a new game I’m here in this country with just like a lifetime ago it was a lifetime ago we both are you okay strong like an eagle member we have to stick with the plan make enough money then find somewhere where nobody will find one move damn it we gonna wait you like but I’m alright but start turning over the soil and the rocks see what turns up Dutch we’ve got to be discreet imagine what a smooth rich simple Tim’s there must be down I can already touch another Jose okay alright it’s a police a different you know Donna or another oh and you in the car Linda oh thank you what you snowy palm you know I seem to have gotten myself in a spot I’ll see if we can’t sort how are your boys fine is this quite some country great this is my deputy Archibald matric it’s good to meet you you are Scott Hartley map tell me sir what did the silly fancy five back there do nothing too terrible not true he’s accused of running a gold mining investment scam oh no no no no I’m sure he wasn’t he is a magician okay let’s go maybe you didn’t [Music] let’s go Ronnie’s solely short you know oh yeah okay oh whoa oh yeah I heard that crying in the horses of the father Lovett thanks mr. McHale oh shit demand of the Union folks [Music] it’s on the line here [Music] what oh damn yeah Oh we cheer you your whining my sure I don’t know oh here we go the heck no no mmm great three okay damn it take that oh we should have died you know altered run boy ooh naughty beautifully son boys Anderson boys I’m coming wait I’m flying sir waiting what what some point here my good child I was tough on the gondola okay I’m dying come on down oh you did what what was always shit Tarak Yallah gonna become whether we start here module like checkpoint in shit manually 140mm boy I was it appeared funky funky Lapine kena oh yeah I’ll mind the channel bending Allah PC hard disk upon the pond well if you are in Christ shall rise more Interpol your name Manuel Manuel I got you man what is that take another option either know it a gun into now here to turn into a knife well there’s no one body all right Davey go [Music] okay all right something a lot more to them and everyone boom wait wait wait wait wait and you give me a gardener to come into the lake walk investor what should it Morty oh come on go kill him okay him yes sir all right all right so he put their under sense voice okay so I would know they begin on over there so many others I’m sure what is this then when you took your local donor oh man bring him out here sounded like quite a commotion is that him yeah sincerely hope so old Anders Anderson what now come in come on chief too many you believe in number two the horse on the train you know I one day I window and get it back here kind of like you are a natural thank you one was like in the auction what I think you warned you there [Music] really saying something impressive in Tubac great family yes we are in dire need of some rain round here let me tell you the Grays have lived in calico Hall for generations fine people my family’s been working for them for years sheriff Gray’s the one I know best of course but they own half the businesses in town which town roads sir you don’t know it where we’re headed right now all right what it was before the war but it has its charms I’m sure you already know of the braithwaite’s like I said just got down here another big family in these parts they have an estate west of here awful people truly awful they’ve been fighting with the Grays for as long as I can remember all right so they would have a friend in the you see our bodies in the bottle alone touch them Lord and know the UCA that you can I’m Indiana you’re not they garner b-movie Enochian but I don’t know is the roads parlor house very reputable saloon own bus a new city I saw your train station of course oh good they’re back and that’s your friend right yes okay we’re gonna stop just ahead on the right outside the sheriff’s office and you grab anders off your horse and carry them in for me all right so I’m just doing the pee on a lot and that wait wait okay this way I don’t think I’ll do this you will be doing that once I had London I jump your knee can I oh but that side okay I mean miss John yep we got man has a passion for justice one so your idiot friend is free to go oh nice I want to thank you from the bottom of my mr. Macintosh it has been a real pleasure the mostly good citizens of Rhodes we welcome you well we’re just honored to be here and make your friend behave well you got enough trouble from some of the residents old-timers who’ve gone sadly to seed and lost their dignity Oh terrible come on now I will keep this fellow on the straight and narrow come back and see you sometime soon excuse me gentlemen I’m renting a caravan in the edge of town behind the church it’s horrible but no one comes looking the whole town’s trapped in this interminable feud between the two families his lot Gray’s great sinteres two old plantation houses falling out rebel gold marrying cousins not marry poking around see what you can find out about there I have missed you boys I’ve heard about bounty on my head for 13 years it’ll take months to find us down here and it seems like we can have a little sport they’re good bounties where you hear this some fellows I met at a camp near the state line said there was talk of it in bars in the north and west for 500 there was talk of super agents some super agents I’d love to meet one it’s just talk I’m sure but I couldn’t not tell you stay out of trouble thank you gentlemen all right hey yourself dr. alien doctor what’s up and then Ross who did I’m at you hey yo change you did lovin in on what I am so sad what happened wrong windows problem gone what night play for tonight is like shit story what OH anyway thanks to your message how do you gun what are you saying we are all it’s watching if you can use gun the common need to unbend of G oh yeah is that true guys pump you bang tomorrow Indian er so uh now and then beta because Omega which is the Apollo we get your body under there is enough come on buddy any move yeah what okay anyway sir you know continue Jamie Lhasa anyways I’m gonna stop your own usually one and a half hours on a chain with that and in the culture Julio anta and one hour and fifty minutes out right within 30 35 seconds early on so anyway so yeah there’s a stop T on the guy’s arm thanks for watching now on the Sangre de you can gene or genes or genes are not so funny ha ha yeah and hopefully the macadam finish am between the motto for appreciate that under some though Sean Davila and our game in Eng woody finishes off Alejandra and ivanishin show I’m a New York am like a movie you know what about a miserable okay polo cliche and it don’t go to the whole key term and city in the movie games Giardia so so gene every sodium Pro actually call it shown ridiculous I think I have another colleague in the future is playing for time see for tonight for tonight what right boys and then heated rendered optional keen on the store you know Johnny and also nitro blonde do not disturb Paul wind howling our economy for also infinite and oh wow Oh Minami never coming okay before also and just also all mallanna big blue who falls all rise and really you do mmm-hmm and what is our key talk attend the gene and I got a critter Isaac I know the scene 14 our survey Xbox app ok Xbox app open yet I saw Oprah cheat on the mechanics are you can be dark in America now mostly liberalism what now it will be Gianna so and then any but I am stream I’m sorry begin though many said 4 p.m. is going to ban on India in the world of 11 years old oh the world’s word of learn years old boy hmm who said I don’t know man and though you should really show their like school time now where you see this on down on any online though you don’t have any point to prove to ban it you said the game is violence but it has 16 plus license then why today booty bump colleague in the right that’s right 11 years old window now Callaghan other ones lower row white are you being good at you know canonical a yes yeah no conniving my first result you know biking them occur okay la jolla no ballet and I’m not so J the net clear and your location critical yarmulke definitely out of the palm and Arabian horse redemption of Dead Redemption okay everybody can get I think indeed each a matter that I just because in the players will move easily okay I mentioned I think Allah will ask if on Jay the mission with me change a video cause cancel the mission or Canyon cancel the continue chain enough and white host single application and let’s see wait oh yeah it is something okay wait okay you’re gonna get under it and now what I want to travel geometry the map on opened utilize white either typically carry a horse Ilario na na horse um and what it’s up here right are chewing it’s up here somewhere just mark yup and I’m gonna travel young but no more time let’s go boy let’s go boy oh yeah don’t lick your palm and the weight and I now think you own the jungle at soccer it and yet even in the pornography guys also use him with that number I camp in Oh Melina oh gosh EDA no I want pinky and I’m gonna send a very poor horn here we go did I ring your soul teacher like I wanna know me I’ll go three on again either one when he will remain whole side no I’m there I’m I’m gonna be going over league in that worsening you from female I fo oven female on again like agenda I’m jumpin Jack no I was born in a little someone and it like game look I’m gonna gender on the move Peter I’m sorry you know that like try give me a look at three like I did get it under the multi-use in other word anyways cutscene star data and also on the prowl yeah he’s on out it slowly move it oh no condom for my Indiana because number I focus a another are able host a media not even hole something number of tension take endowment I don’t know men are even know sweetie any session number car for currently you see another pink you don’t think euros so ugly in the chain it’s only a meet you although keep you’re not I am then getting that knock wait where’s my chat all right if wasn’t me no okay let’s not either now honey the Beast okay bye boss bye-bye hurry yesterday the other for trade it all Shia LeBeouf yesterday and day before yesterday not yesterday our predator a hurry the beasts what’s up snail has look in the boss sushi shop all right Cara take care now a nigga loaded mass on earth are you know Donnelly hey no thanks oh no Adam Jatin I love you Adam Jetta Thank You Man thank you so much man I love you too bro 93 minutes oh yeah oh yes oh no I’m sorry yeah I know and P about the other but ya know I my I need something for them another internalize gonna win ball games no Devon items even horror very item shown on that theater but yeah but for articles or any other game to me alone yeah virtually ideas already brother so let’s see that we can put it in horror items with an animatronic Katherine and another sample sure my hear it on a corner you know you know what Resident Evil 2 any capture all right – totally Akashi gameplay so you can turn on and get them mr. Fidler because all zombie-type are there I mean like go still a totally another ghosty gamer and did it go see them to put the other in the dark in India idea so they get us to Sharia okay under D for which it matter why you should Adam bro Ndoki and in the deviation bro we shall only languor boom you know everyday new challenge fighting ok date over on the Lucien problem no program is lullaby official I let him studies man exam 1 have been a no I really cannot pool then they will come mounting on the different in thickener idea crosses another coupon over there you know host time in accord is empty this will be able to break up thank you buddy caramel mocha and holes in the logic I can see rewriting work and sugar cube Oh what look at the options on character wait and we’re gonna really new for tomorrow like long travel general caboodle of us waiting on the water oh man okay wait Jana who’s there in the union between lammeter medium watch another cup are the adoption [Music] we’re allocating under man first I gotta like a GDL a from a few local dancing one day get through few legitimate optional Manning is over and I don’t want an optional either you got to study faster a type of okay yeah that’s it that’s it that’s it or join me actually now I think I nestos enough strong nirakara and that weight hostnet and then we don’t order and then damn and most of it detox from opening to syringe enjoin GPA don’t be careless all right here we go move your – I hope oh no somebody get a little property for me – um okay here we go oh just no out of all of it all I’m modeling some didn’t open it and chill a page in gone multi-row holy game ornament any get stupid decision but any part of the game got just low on collection what today will fast after a little slow you’re boring I’m like even traveling and guiding about each avoiding element where options in the all I’ll under like faster block available advocated a story learning yeah no idea man we should have rope in exam okay start did you do a pole pin a die the exams like all right I’m gonna I salami to give a movie in it see predatory the class honor + one-ninth anything on potato okay okay okay exams and ocarina problem and not another in the lecture and packages starting in like March or April almost you tried to let me check the map man it was me no man you wanna trim probably out of three I don’t know I’m just bully man Thank You Jean so yeah yeah what caliber I’m are they like number four point two days sample complete either yesterday yesterday yesterday and you know worrisome on internal are two point four point two nine 4209 submarine under awesome and awesome awesome and yesterday force or a video to do and then you can look for I have do you see did order I don’t know I love maybe outside American whatever but in here John again the story came valium for steering wheels are loosened up controller you see em because story on and I love riding and friends in order for sore eyes and online garlic in there any given so unless stereo views here I would have found on the three row Mugen you know Keisha brandy bday wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait okay it was on the changing I mean turned and there we go winter plus a devil Douglas okay I didn’t organize because I was running into window because a number somewhere does sound each other so I don’t teach anybody it has a theater timing and their literacy enjoy the trending you already squared or system and winter season being only someone make enough contact an optional Degrassi GPM another so I didn’t see even though everyone a caring loving Rudy harmonica hey giving rainy egg what’s up man the kill the boss Association tomorrow after I dream of ps4 from a energy that I’m in the foreign you oh great man super super super let shaji hi bro what’s up Ellen charge will come to live stream processing GG Thank You Man thank you so much just for Passover and I’m PC the fast went up in the tone yeah PC muscle on top but all other exclusive games economy – no I think general colleague amphetamine and Harley the base just donate either to David I thank you so much go shout out to Hari the Beast thank you so much for your donation boss 30 bucks nope still need gold also Microsoft forsake you offer or really changed Xbox one x Xbox one deck sir it’s expensive you know double falls down Thank You ps4 throw Roanoke I called to develop over the run like around 240 our venue is your normally would a deal we can put aside around here carrying in the portrait and a soldering again it contribute either like youngin on the video and check it out and I saw signal what you hard are they it like it come here with your power under the one would think I saw him victory Hannibal Murdock come on Kirby everything up so you can determine whether it your honor fine uh uh I think I saw that when it’s up there with our number force and tartar individual the pompe come cheap cheap an unmanned oh I don’t know if you take arnica delivery day number eye or stomach with a Chow Tatari it is not Burma and the morning though are not any caring about let’s see from the parameter let’s see when overnight gaming update hi bro what’s up hi Adam bro I’m back hey wipe come back was in the queue in the most efficient exam so design your pre I it’s occupied man oh thank you man vceg I’m only in double yes be silly games in now you do what about a game sounds like a Detroit up that Peter okay PC will not be hurt if your game and also cut off wall gotta for you wanna and also spider-man at the Tijuana or so horizon yeah yeah but thing the Xbox Allah alkene let me k exclusives games ring of PCs available adding you push it when oh it’s slippery it’s a please look at that guy’s a game the detailing on the running on what the sulfate under yeah like me do an opportunist Lepanto P the other than a game detail guys for sturdy faster its all right call Hey okay finally I’m gonna put it up the middle and um come come okay oh don’t run away man come on it’s a custom engine it’s okay sorry weensy and the spirit is like a and and the handling is alight that’s awesome and oh you smoke ooh know what the brick no I think um okay now slowly Maria it slowly move around and that thing is running guys so I don’t know where is it yeah it’s up there Juanita get on the wheel I don’t know chicken with tuna right supplement one buddy where are you where are you what’s up there oh I saw that or yarder hosted and we’ll call it the car sound make it under snow only move slowly move I’m Perry began giving in the novella coudn’t Sundaram holy putting up on it [Music] no wait come back hey wait oh shit differ I don’t know everybody fool in here any luck and white pulley the black all of them in there like faster tomorrow we’re gonna forget all that attack achieve now the element of any difficult dilemma and at the hem to what emotion is not weak but I can do thank you stop tracking okay here we go [Music] okay comment before you honey oh come on come on okay so an approaching the moon when you come walking on it and you cook too hard on a man so they don’t need only lemon okay so and their healthy choice or I can take yummy bread we should demand oh okay travel back here to it now cracking it’s a long little bit of we are it’s up there are shooting again i spooked come on man here to the sound a there gunshot another it along yo-oh when you lose a Bible see language Imana gonna be commander use a color bar in the movie night I don’t idea is morning from wait oh man come on come on come back you dirty little boy you don’t know till Jakari and I could return a woman boom was a solid I mean it disappeared I totally it’s not that way okay let’s went to that way oh yes I saw a trick a lot to slide to move up now and it really began a vegan enough so I brought genome stay no no wait oh shit shit shit come on I’ll make you my industry hardness I’m in control Ian I’m creating the village of Jakarta but engineer I think I don’t know the logic I read you ready go our Tallulah in the country on the right an offer to meet there are the odinsword a vehicle every order they yeah dog oh man or Algrim cheer oh yeah I’ll go under but didn’t even do anything assumption because other throttle on engine but let’s say neither all the run order that you know just wait you’re now our union attack you changed at all what oh yes in the hull to mean do for you damn alright alright alright alright buddy just stay there just stay there order the water the orders come on nice thank you see I’m gonna be chained we don’t know about the world wanna alright good okay income what Dean come on any keep very very and we’ll gonna attack achieve along culture oh shit local Optima what is that noise oh the animals all the aterna I’m not sure you learn let’s see let’s see let’s see [Music] come on come on come on it has food too I’m stop harm it continue okay nice man thank you that’s another 1000 to the Sun it was all regular weight sauna module all right and you go to be salmon the top it on okay take one you have to keep focused don’t stop the focus button but there is a time limit to focusing stop which aim while this book out I’m gonna okay Union yo I’ve not been honey Fabro but so anyways yeah operator travel chain la Poudre it is an eternal dilemma thank you wait yeah they’re having a narrative on the like there are taller mm-hmm yeah what I ordered of it fashion done comic comic come come come come come oh okay once we designed a medicament but uh you’ll stop your money now I don’t know let’s try it man oh come on into him to pull up open up a new and dynamic a stamina what you will be able online work oh come on he’ll almost you do them in Judea let me see the bar okay now got it some whoa it’s not good eat it up and help the governor dagim no.1 draw them up into some personal Osama intersymbol in an oxen now area do Yakima Oh 20% Asian the foodie don’t–i and oh yes that’s my stamina and they have already given guys and stadium and I’m so tired now put it on the radio I gotta end it in the house from the radio copy hey buddy come on right all right all right easy come on okay here we go [Music] once again it’s a part on it’s pretty good isn’t it actually so much line not about hanging at the horse city Rhonda but to pile harder number what it without me come on buddy in the store PL well not a any can that Oh two hours in 20 minutes awesome men industry went that long on either come back come back come back alright so in Yankee Doodle in the Valastro three do it on there may be a buddy was high time in Davos what a meetin what’s up I’m a little busy right now it’s okay oh okay here we go wash and on the chemo and I’ll just slowly move it slowly move iam and uni and prolific and I are gonna get it I just don’t know pretty cheesy kind of man advice yo boo now they can’t wounded nothing for action okay stop there stop there stop there I don’t know everyday in order to grow imitate them what kind of boy you were unaware okay see and what ing report on an even keel and even Rasheeda we saw interpret each able to otherwise yo where is it go to play simple right don’t know the topic we’re not sure man oh yeah I saw that oh man oh mylanta healthy shit Enda I’m Dan Aikido but I don’t know oh thank you I also need more whiskey – yeah that’s fine now I’m Nikki I don’t know they’re also named your wait what is that yo I just missed that horse but with in there it’d be nerves and other way around the whole summer shit man and I just missed another thing all right we’ll do it again there on location – Kapunda you I don’t know I’m not sure very awesome guys no idea I don’t mark who sign will run again another day not that looking for your poor nobody if you’re not given anything up maybe for stamina developer to put it on the awesome family initiative weapon wheel is in approve and achai maintain your interesting my wife and no I don’t know shit man is Randa tonic in the okay okay okay I know I don’t know you get some favorite go get our tried you the data wait all the holes to get an attention of it you just okay let me focus on the bar [Music] right there off from a lizard okay here we go shit come on Oh successfully who finally made it Oh awesome nice and little guy yeah go to Allah and do you mean daddy up see oh yes okay nice so anyways little people whole city and hopefully oh shit man I’m gonna get out of this item but also in the decotis camera and they don’t do you know what I thank you alright so here another poll and it is a theater and then currently I’m buddy buddy and you can another number I really like you for you know I’m gonna all Vida never end Iza Anthony honest on thought of it alright wait before that I’m gonna map rapid at the domain of water slightly got in one go so deep within our than your Marquis come on buddy all right all right all right all right so awesome boy I thought he meant yeah we made it man somehow some of a song about you together ho you throw harder than my Jillian you usually throw harder other yeah vegetal it raha tell me no idea but anyways and then the mellow sometimes it’ll de Johnny traveling is anomalous number I can be in a Trinity charlatan Yahweh save you and game or fuckin matter the next time we will open chamber focus on you anyways I want something – I don’t know rent on a manicure man and I’m gonna wear a monocle and if I’m on a mission and spend a little bark in love damn time look here it’s a thread time so anyways thanks for watching guys and thank you so much for your support guys phone number and video editing in IKEA subscribe chat I don’t make it subscribe Chia also Charlie support yeah okay I’m going to be right side of the mountain what it’s gonna be a right side on the mountain yeah so yeah look different you can delay actually unless you hey bro what’s up Congrats man thank you so much very busy Muhammad Hyderabad cement Salman bro but you man thank you so it was the bound with the holes we now respond to every salon commander okay now awesome the mannequin level fall very thick enough because level four on a max host level or in it out I didn’t the thinkin I’m other than them come on I’d take carry anybody the net and now a change of the horse with a new house oh yeah I’m gonna become that again number anybody can determine what I course my over time can you believe it Lily nobody’s gonna put the American do do anyways Anthony and Gina holy then you will own this holds okay you made it what really another way to the rope now Fort Leonard gamble okay boss okay my holy man victory Roy yeah mmm okay yeah in denial invalid email you put your game on this start implying Gina title folder over there but I’ll give a little back you know what is it about the criteria anyways surprise me next scream Brandon Khan up other guys hooray hooray Rhonda what actually your house or a chapel de Mouton like game later superhorse on the github it’s out oh look at that starting line again the white horse one home cut off number a Duchy white house I know some I don’t know but it is thanks for watching once again guys any other custom vacanam pedrera is by IKEA

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