Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 42 – A Horse And Two Goats – मुनि
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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 42 – A Horse And Two Goats – मुनि

August 18, 2019

Muni. Have this. Take this. Eat this in the
afternoon with onion. And yes, don’t return
home before evening. I have to search some work. I have talked to the rich people. They too have said that
there is no work today. Muni. Hey! Listen. Muni, bring curry leaves
when you return. Listen. Don’t return
home before evening. You didn’t bring the vegetables.
Did you forget? It seems the days have come
to die with hunger. Why? Didn’t you find any work
with the rich people? Not only rich people. I have
roamed the entire village. I didn’t find any work at any place. Everybody says the same thing… …that they don’t have any work. Now eat whatever is there.
I am just adding salt. This is left in the place of spices. Everyday the same grass and leaved. If it continues like this then
I will become a goat one day. I have told you to prepare
the curry with drumsticks. There aren’t enough
teeth in the mouth. And look at the taste for food.
Want everything. Look at this too.
The entire pots are empty. Want curry with drumsticks. Bring pulses, rice,
oil and everything… …from the shop tomorrow. I cannot fulfill your wish
without all of them. I will boil it with salt.
Would you be able to chew? Eating a healthy meal
has remained a dream. What should I do? Should I enter the houses
of rich people… …and loot them for
oil and vegetables. Bring the entire goods. Flour.
Pulses. Mustard seeds. Want some chilly powder too. There is no money with us.
And bring the entire goods. Hey! Brother. Don’t ask
me about that incident. What should I tell you? It seemed to be an old feud
by watching the way… …it suck the blood. He had an old feud with
Guruswamy whom we met… …the other day when he was going
to the post office. He… Greetings, sir.
– Yes, yes. And then.
– After that Inspector too has come. He was asking everybody.
He even asked me. Do you know who has
committed the murder? I told him that I didn’t do it. Wonderful, Mr. Mishra. Wonderful. What happened, brother? Sir, I want some goods.
Flour, pulses, etc. Yes, yes. Don’t worry, Mr. Mishra. Nobody can escape the
police these days. One minute. When will you
clear my previous amount? I will do it very soon. You didn’t pay a single rupee
for the last two months. Do you know what your due amount is? Yes. Five rupees and
twenty five paisa. How much are you paying? Pay it. Right now I don’t
have anything, sir. I will clear the entire
amount next month. Are you wining a lottery next month? Or are you going to loot some place. My son’s letter has come. He has written that
he is sending money. Is it? Do you have a son? Yes. – How will he send them? Is he getting them from in-laws? Next month is my birthday. Did you hear?
Next month is his birthday. What will be your age then, Maniya? Fifty. I was born before 1886. I remember everything. My mother used to distribute sweets
in the entire village… …on my birthday every year. Are you fifty years old? I find
you to be seventy year old. Young man, you have
forgotten one thing. Last month you took
perfumed oil saying… …that it was your birthday. You said that you will get
massage and then take bath. When did I tell that
I will take bath? I don’t get a bucket full
of water for drinking. So where will I take bath from. Whether it is birthday or
death day, you will not… …get any credit from this shop. Go. Go. Run away from here.
Don’t waste my time. Okay, sir. Give me a cigarette. Take it. Rascal. He was saying that he
will not give any goods… …until I clear the old debt. Then the curry with drumsticks
will not be prepared. Nothing is left with me to cook. We have to remain hungry
rill afternoon. Then sell these drumsticks
for whatever price you get. If we could some money… …then we can survive till tomorrow. Yes, yes. Don’t think too far.
Go with the goats. Don’t return soon. Let them graze. Yes, yes. Will you go
to find work today? I will not go. Why? – A dead body was found
at the ground near the well. Dead body? – Police will come… …and do the inquiry. It’s good for me to
stay at this place. But what are you afraid of. I get scared by watching
khaki colour. If watch them once then
there would be troubles. I will not go anywhere. For crying out loud. Hey! You there. Hey! You, buddy. Is there any place I can fill it up? Yes, yes. ‘Why is he coming towards me? ‘ Khaki. He is wearing khaki clothes. ‘He must be definitely a
policeman or a soldier.’ ‘If I run then he will chase me.’ ‘Maybe he could shoot too.
Hey! Lord Shiva.’ Fantastic. That’s a damn fine piece
of sculpture… …if ever I saw one from anybody. Yes. No. Hi! I am from New York.
Franks is the name. My name is Muni. Everybody knows me. Ask anybody in the entire village. Yes. These two goats are mine.
I am telling the truth. My name is Muni. Yes. Yes. There are few people
in the village… …who give false evidence
but you ask anybody. Everybody will tell you. Sir, my name is Muni. These two
goats are mine. It’s true? Yes. Yeah! I think I kind
of understand you. Smoke, pal. Come, on. Take one. Yes. No. Light it. Are you okay, pal? Did you come to catch me? Is it regarding the dead body
at the ground near the well? Sir, God is the witness.
God knows it. I don’t know anything
in this matter. I got to know about it today. M wife has told me that a
dead body was found there. This kind of thing has never
happened before in our village. Yes. The people from that
village are scoundrels. They fight a lot amongst themselves. Yeah. Yeah. I guess you know
when this horse is made. Why are you worrying, sir?
I swear I don’t know anything. You go. I am there. If I find any rascal or hooligan,
I will catch him. And I will bury him neck deep. He cannot escape me, sir.
Believe me. The murderer is not
from this village. Whoever it might be, he
would be from that place. Can’t you understand even
a simple word of english? Everybody in this country
seems to know english. Look, pal. Let’s sit down across there. And I will talk really slow and
you try and get my meaning. You see, last august we probably… …had the hottest summer in history. I was working in my office
on the fortieth floor… …of the empire state building. And I got to thinking
about my vacation. As soon as I got home,
I told my wife Ruth. We have got to go to India.
See other civilizations. That’s why I am here. But you know, my wife Ruth,
she is up in Srinagar. So I thought to move around
and see more of the country. And take in some of the culture. Yes. No. When I was very small,
I had an uncle… …who too told interesting
stories like this. Boy, what is the secret
of your teeth. How old are you anyway? No, sir. There isn’t any
big animal over here. There are tigers, cheetahs,
wolves and elephants. And sometimes they attack
our goats too. But mostly the people from
that village come… …and steal them. But we think that Cheetah
has eaten them. But let me tell you something. Thief cannot escape.
The priest knows everything. Do you know what he does? He burns the camphor and watches
his face in the flame. Go and catch him. His father too will acknowledge it. And they thrash him. Hey! I got your drift.
You got some chopping to do. Even I enjoy a bit of
chopping now and then. Strictly as a hobby on Sundays. Do you understand? Do you want a cigarette, pal? Okay, sir. Should I leave?
I am getting very late. Hey! Listen. I can’t believe it. Is there no one to translate for me? Oh! Jesus. Hey! Listen pal. I want
to make a deal with you. Is that statue yours? Will
you sell that horse to me? Who? This one.
This one is very old, sir. I grandfather used to tell its
story when I was very small. And do you know who has told him. His grandfather has told
him. And when was it. When he was very small. Excuse me. I don’t want
to waste your time. I will take both of them. This and this. Who? This one. He is warrior. And this is his horse. He is a great warrior. Listen, pal. Don’t waste your
breathe with sales drive. I appreciate the articles. Don’t
bother with the little detail. Sir, I am not educated. There was Sanskrit
school in our days. Brahmin children were
going to study there. We were in the fields
the entire day. We slogged there from
the sowing to reaping. Who had the time to study? That’s why I don’t speak english. Even dogs and cats must be talking
english at your place. Only officers and high class people
know english in our place. Yes. There is a postman.
He knows english. But what will happen
by knowing english. His wife has eloped last year. Sir, I will tell you one thing. Every man should keep a
strict vigil on his wife. Let anything happen, we are
the one to get blamed. See you, wiz. I wish I had my tape
recorder with me. Your language sounds wonderful. I get a big kick just out
of listening to you. Very truth, you know. This one.
– Yeah. This warrior is Kshetrapal.
He will sit on this horse over here. And he protects the entire village. Watch it. The entire world
will get drowned… …at the end of materialistic age Then this form of Lord
Kalki will kill… …all the sinners holding
a sword in his hand. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
Don’t get excited. I can assure you that this will
have the best home in the U.S. of A. No. No, sir. I am not telling
that. The priest says so. This will become very,
very big during… …at the time of doomsday. Only the meritorious people
can sit on its back. And nobody else. Do you know when it will happen? How I am going to transport it?
No, problem. You see my truck over there. I
will just trap in on the top. That thing can take an elephant. No. I don’t know the entire story. You meet the priest. He will
tell you the entire story. No. No. No. I am just
a modest businessman. I am no millionaire.
My trade is coffee. Coffee? Do you want to drink coffee? Then do one thing, sir. Go to the top straight. There is a market in the
next village today. There is a coffee shop over there. I will say it again, pal.
Ours is a modest business. Will you accept a hundred
for the horse? You are a decent man, sir. You have talked to this poor
old man for sometime. Otherwise who asks for
others in these days? How many children do you have? I said a hundred. And daughters. I don’t know what the hell
you are talking about. But this is what I meant. Do you want change? Yes, yes. You want change. Meet the village shopkeeper. He will give you correct change. He has got lot of money with him. Yes. He might be having one
lakh rupees gold coins. Take it. Take it. No. No. I will not go to him. He says that the creepers
of his cucumbers… …are eaten by my goats. In addition he asks for five
rupees and twenty five paisa. Okay. Okay. Let’s make
you another offer. Here. Suppose I give ten of these. Will that make more sense? Okay? So you want my goats. Yeah! You got it. Will you take these goats
in that vehicle, sir? Yeah! These goats are lucky. Sir, I never sat in
a vehicle till now. These goats will sit in it. Sir, these two will not
move from their place… …as long as I am here. I will go from here. After that you pick up these two… …and put them in the vehicle. Did you understand? Okay, sir. I am leaving. Hope God
does everything good for you. Hey! Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Hi! There. I need some
gas for my truck. And also I need some help from
those guys up top there… …to put the horse on the truck. Do you think that’s possible? I could even pay all
you guys, you know. Right, sir. Give some petrol from
the tank to sir. Jesus. Great jog, guys. Great can. Where did you get it from? Terrific. Hey! You guys.
Take it easy down there. That’s things got to go all the
way back home to the U.S. of A. Oh! God. So much of money?
Where did you get them from? Sold. I have sold both the goats. A great sir has come in
khaki clothes. Whiteman. I felt he was mad. Otherwise
who will buy those goats? Tell me the truth. Did you steal? Look, police will come at night. They will break your bones.
I am getting frightened. I will go to my parent’s house. Hey! No, no. I am telling the truth. He gave so much of money and took… …both the goats in his car. What is this? The goats are here. Hey! This is wonderful.
How did you both come back? I have sold both of you
for hundred rupees. Did he leave you? Or you both
returned on your own. Oh! Where did that Whiteman go?

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