Mane Attraction: Man Cuddles and Kisses Huge Pet Lion

September 3, 2019

COMM: They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but Zion the lion begs to differ. 00:13
COMM: The powerful animals have a fearsome reputation but this gentle giant has formed
a tight bond with 69-year-old Frikke Von Solns. 00:27
COMM: Zion was born in captivity eleven years ago, but was removed from his parents over
fears his father would commit infanticide. Volunteer Frikke took on the job of raising
him. 00:39
COMM: The cub needed bottle feeding every four hours and the pair even shared the same
bed. 00:47
COMM: As Zion grew into an adult their bond grew even stronger, and now they even go out
hunting together but as they’re yet to catch anything most hunts end with a kiss and a
cuddle. 01:03
COMM: Zion is unable to return to the wild because of his tame and friendly nature, but
where he lives he has the company of eighteen other lions as well as cheetahs and leopards
and of course his surrogate dad Frikke.

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