Man’s Leg Cramp Goes Viral | The Doctors
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Man’s Leg Cramp Goes Viral | The Doctors

October 10, 2019

you ever feel like your body has a mind of its own well one man’s calf muscle took over after his workout this crab looks like oh oh my god I won’t stop I’m not doing anything Payne Luke I am your father that was so freaky I’ve never seen a muscle cramp quite like that 21 million views and Counting that if you all ever seen one like that no way baby trying to come out if that was me I would be rubbing that thing like go away and he’s just going yeah yeah what’s crazy about that is oftentimes if you have a muscle cramp the entire muscle belly will contract and it’ll contract and stay contracted so nice gentle stretching can loosen up he’s got these little micro fasciculations where little muscle fibers into it’s just kind of a crazy phenomena whatever was I don’t know if it’s because he’s clearly a bodybuilder yes those are not normal meanest as you know it could have been part of his workout little extra muscle stimulus stimulation that gastroc going you

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