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Mantle Wild Horse Adoption and Training Facility

August 12, 2019

so a mantle ranch trained horse is number
one going to be gentled. you’re going to be able to catch you’re gonna be able to lead it. you’ll
be able to pick up his feet it’s going to load in the trailer the general
public can get along with these horses if they’re gentle and they can go ride
them on the trail ride they can take them to another trainer and get more
training if they want that or if they’re capable they can go on themselves if
that horse is gentle we have found out that by getting that horse gentle to
where you can put a tarp on it it’ll walk over the bridge it will stand tied
it’ll load the trailer you can ride by you can pull the mechanical steer all
those sorts of things are way more valuable to these horses and to the
public. you know we try to replace the herd comfort level and make us the herd
the comforts a good place to be really their main training starts the day they
get here they they get cake they get put in with some other horses, who know what grain cake
is so they start learning from the gentle horses that you can come into the
barn and you can get grain and get cake it’s a good place to be
you have horses right here in this barn and in these corrals, and outside in the in
the outside herd bunch that you can walk up to and pet. and that’s what we strive
to do is get them gentle so that you can be around them and there they’re less
reactionary they’re more into the thinking side of their their mind rather
than the reactionary side because when they react that’s when people get hurt
and if they’re in the thinking side you can give them some time off which goes
back to the younger horses they can get some time off maybe a week ten days two
weeks wedding funeral whatever that comes up in life and you come back and
you don’t have to start all over I mean that horse is still going to be pretty
solid. at the end of the day when you get on that horse and just go out to the
pasture and throw his head and smooch him and they hit a nice lope and you can
see the country and cross rivers and creeks and sit down put hobbles on,
have a lunch let your horse graze you know it’s I can take that horse and sit
here you’re going to really enjoy this horse and I want you to let me know how
much you enjoy it because I’ve enjoyed it and the horse is ready to go on and
to its new owner you

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