Mares Fusion 52x Regulator Review | Unnecessarily Complicated and Overpriced!
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Mares Fusion 52x Regulator Review | Unnecessarily Complicated and Overpriced!

February 29, 2020

This is the Mares Fusion 52x and with it
Mares hopes to enter the high-end regulator market, right next to the Apeks
XTX 200 and the Atomics T3. They already put a high-end price tag on it.
It’s $719. We just want to know if the performance meets the hefty price tag and
the answer….. When you first see the Fusion you will
be stunned by the design because it’s really nice to look at. The whole second
stage has a matte finish on it and it really looks classy. This is the Dive Pro
Edition which has a different connection to the hose, which is white. The actual
consumer edition is even more beautiful. Also the first stage has the same finish
and looks really good. You can really see Mares has put the
effort in to make this feel and look like a high end regulator and it looks robust
and that build quality is great. The new 52X first stage is a variant of the old
and MR52 first stage which Mares used for a long time. The “X” stands for a replaced
valve and seat. With this Mares has claimed that they have improved reliability with
600% and we did a research on the internet and we couldn’t find any
complaints. We only made 20 dives with it so it’s not for us to judge if the
reliability really has improved but we couldn’t find any complaints and Mares
regulators used to be notorious for cold water diving and really had some issues,
so they seemed to fix this. The 52x features two DFC ports. One for the
normal second stage and one for the octopus. The DFC ports ensures that
when you inhale the pressure doesn’t drop inside the first stage. Because of
European regulations they’ve now added the second one for the octopus as well
and they’ve removed the strange nipple inside the DFC port which made sure
that you couldn’t use after market hoses. So now it’s a normal port and you
can use all the hoses which are available. So on to the second stage what
really sets the Fusion apart is the VAD system but we’ll get to that later.
Furthermore there are no other knobs or buttons on the second stage. There’s no
venturi button, The Fusion does this by itself. So you don’t have to turn on
or off anything during your dive or before you dive. The purge button is on
the front and it tilts back which is different than other second stages. The
bubble dividers are made in such a way that the bubble go past
your face and not front, which is pretty nice. What you do get when you press the
purge valve is a massive burst of air. It’s really, really massive. Also the
second stage only weighs in 11 ounce and doesn’t really feel that heavy in your
mouth, which is great. Using the fusion in real life you can really noticed minimal
breath resistance which is nice. The Mares Fusion really feels good. You
don’t have to inhale sharply and the regulator just gives you the air you
need. When you tilt the VAD system to plus. You get an extra amount of air and
for me and several other instructors, who have used the Fusion for us. It was just
a bit too much. It feels like you’re getting too much air. It’s hard to
explain but if you try it you will notice it instantly. So we’re not really
that happy about it, also we have encountered another problem which is when you exit
the water and the VAD system is still in plus. The Regulator really sets off
easily. Massive amounts of air go out and you’ll be catching your regulator to
get it back and this isn’t really nice. The great thing about the Fusion is in minus
mode it really performs great. Doesn’t matter how deep you go, doesn’t matter how
much air you ask. It just performs great. The purge button is also
really easy to access, even if you’re wearing gloves and in minus mode it’s
just an awesome regulator. The Fusion would have been great without the
VAD system in our opinion. It doesn’t improve the regulator by any means it
only seems like an unnecessary, over complicated and overpriced addition.
You really don’t need it. In minus mode we find regulator much much better. If they
just bring out a fusion without this it would be a great regulator, until then I
think it’s overpriced and the VAD system is just not necessary!

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  1. It is great review. I am just about to buy my own regulator and some how I like Mares and I chose Mares Abyss 52x. What do you think about and what is your personal recomendation? Thank very much.

  2. the VAD is the design of all Mares regulators and it FEELS like you're getting too much air because there's no resistance to breathing as per the VAD design. the vortex generates a low pressure center so you get all the air you want without wasting on something as archaic as a Venturi nob

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