Maria goes beach hopping in Cape Town – On the go with EF #115
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Maria goes beach hopping in Cape Town – On the go with EF #115

February 28, 2020

Hi guys! I’m still in Cape Town and,
if you watched the last episode, you saw me and Nicole climb
up that mountain, the Lion’s Head. I’m still so proud of us. Now, we decided to discover
other parts of Cape Town and we’re starting here in
beautiful Camps Bay. Let’s go! Camps Bay is about 10 minutes from downtown. It’s a bit more posh here,
but is still very laid back, has great views and very nice
restaurants with very good seafood. There are also some very exclusive
boutique hotels a little bit further up there. Right behind me is a rock formation
called The Twelve Apostles and, in front of me, is the beautiful ocean.
Just imagine the beautiful sunsets you get here. But today’s a little bit windy.
That’s why there are no people on the beach. The water is really cold here,
but this is a natural tidal pool, so maybe it’s a little bit warmer.
I need to check it out. Yeah, it’s cold. Maybe on a less
windy day, it would be warmer. I just love the fact that you have
the ocean and the mountains – two big natural energy sources in one place.
I think that’s amazing. You get charged with it. Give me all the wind and the sun
and the beautiful weather! If you don’t want to go surfing, swimming,
or sun tanning, you can always go and eat, and that’s what I’m going to do now. I’m so hungry.
Oh, the food’s coming. This is baby squid with salt and pepper, this is some delicious crab claws,
oysters … they look very fresh. This is not an octopus. This is corn –
I’ve never seen corn served like this before – and mussels, and some bread. I’m very happy with the
choice I made, I have to say. I think I want to start with oysters because
everything else has quite strong flavours, and I want to have that first. I, personally, love to eat oysters
with a bit of lemon and Tabasco. I don’t know about you, but I love oysters.
They’re delicious. I think I will go for a crab claw. Ow! I thought this was edible, but it’s not.
A little bit spicy, but delicious. Now, let’s have some baby squid.
Oops! It’s so fresh and it tastes amazing.
Now, I’m super curious. Let’s see. I don’t think I can cut it. Okay, let’s make a mess. Mmmm. This is great.
The food is really good. Everything tastes so fresh. I wonder if they got it out of the water
five minutes before they cooked it for me. It’s so good. And the view? Any food tastes better when you have
something this beautiful to look at, guys. Life is good. Camps Bay is beautiful, but if you’re in the mood
for something more local, there’s Llandudno, which is just a 10-minute
drive south of Camps Bay. Oh my god. Wow. It has this mystical path and,
when it opens up, you get this view. This is gorgeous! I want to take my
shoes off and feel this beautiful sand. The sand is so soft. I almost want to fall
down and make a sand angel here. Apparently, if you get lucky,
you can spot a whale or dolphin here. I love that it’s clean. It feels very
well taken care of. This is beautiful. I must go in and touch the water. Okay, it’s cold! Oh my god! In general, the water in Cape Town is quite cold.
It can be about 12 to 15 degrees. That felt cold! This is such a beautiful spot.
Just imagine living in one of those houses. You wake up, make your breakfast, and then
come out on your balcony and enjoy this view. Maybe I should move to Cape Town. Very close to Llandudno Beach, there’s this really cute, small market
where you can buy local arts and crafts. Look at this little baboon.
There’s a big frog. This hippo. This is my favourite guy,
Look at his belly, full after a nice lunch. Guys, these are ostrich eggs that they have painted. It smells! Don’t do that.
Don’t smell an empty ostrich egg. It’s looking down on me. Bye! The best part is this view.
I love that you don’t see the end of the ocean. It’s like infinity. It sort of creates this picture in your mind
that there is no limit to what you can become. Guys, I am in a new beach spot.
This is Clifton Beach. It’s a little bit north of Camps Bay. It’s beautiful here, just like it is
everywhere else we’ve been today. What a day I’ve had. And the seafood I had?
That was some of the best seafood I’ve ever tasted. What is your favourite seafood? Comment below and the winner is going to get
this nice salad bowl I bought at a local market. Thank you so much for watching and make sure
to come back and watch the next episode and see Angelina have fun in L.A.
Bye, guys!

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  1. Choosing one sea food as most favorite dish would seems to be tough task..😅 Its just that there are so many dishes made from seafood that just feel like a total taste pleasure 😊…Well I'm a Seafarer & One of the best seafood meals I recall was fresh caught scallops just swabbed with butter and grilled…. It was unreal good…👌😋 Also i love watching On the go Specially when Maria comes.😘😘😘

  2. My favourite seafood is prawn. I'm not really into seafood but I love to eat prawns. By the way, they are cute and have unusual shape. More than that, I like different salades with prawns. 🥗

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