Mark: Setting the Bar High

March 4, 2020

Mark: Hi, I’m Mark
and I’ve been with The War Amps for 10 years. I was diagnosed at the
age of 3 with cancer and when
I was diagnosed, the doctors gave
my mom two options: an amputation way
up at the hip or a Van Nes rotationplasty and my mom chose
the Van Nes and I’m really glad because
that worked out extremely well for me. At the time, we lived
in a small town, so we didn’t know anyone
out here with the same type of amputation as me
and resources were very limited on information
we could get. To be a part of
CHAMP, it means… so much. I actually attended
my first seminar in Halifax, NS,
at the age of 6. It’s nice to go
into a room and just be able
to be yourself, being able to
express yourself and ask
questions about things. Through The War Amps, I
received funding for all of my legs to allow
me to play basketball, go long boarding
and swimming. If it wasn’t for The War
Amps or the CHAMP Program, I wouldn’t be
who I am today. They allow me to be such
a positive person and such a positive
role model and… They allow me to
set the bar high; to really push myself and
do anything I want to do. The possibilities
are endless. It means the world
to me to be a CHAMP.

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