Mark Taylor Talks Abel Tasman, One of the Keeneland January Stars

August 23, 2019

I think that she’s one of these rare
collector items that don’t come around very often, you know, a lot of
those great mares are in private hands, they don’t see the sales ring so
she’s unique, you know. Winning six grade-ones for anybody that races horses, I
mean winning a grade one is difficult to do it six times and then the iconic
races that she won and the fashion she won them in and her versatility. Well
physically what I love about Abel Tasman is you know when you breed to Quality
Road you’re hoping to get one that looks like her, you know, she’s very similar to
him in that she’s got tons of length she’s got this beautiful elegant long
neck, beautiful deep shoulder on her, very long mare, just covers a lot of ground.
She’s been at Clearsky, where she was raised with Barry Robinette, he runs the
Clearys boys farm out there and, you know, I’ve really liked the way she’s going since
the Breeders Cup, she was, you know, obviously like coming in off the track
tight fit and had been running all year but if you can see her transition
from then till now, you know, I think she’s put on right on hundred pounds.
She’s just now starting to kind of let down and think you know maybe it’s time
to be a mom now and she’s getting turn out time and just kind of getting into
that routine so it’s been really cool to see her, the way she’s
transitioning starting to head into the breeding season. The one thing that I’m
trying to convey to all the buyers that have interest is this isn’t a situation
where China Horse Club or the Cleary boys are just trying to buy one another
out. I think they’re both there and they’re genuine sellers and, you know, I
think everybody knows that she’s a very valuable mare and, you know, she’s not
going to be cheap but you’re not going to be battling where one side or the
other says, “Oh, I’m just gonna go there and I’m bidding with 50-cent dollars or
whatever and I’m gonna buy everybody out.”

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