Martyn Ashton Rides Whistler
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Martyn Ashton Rides Whistler

October 28, 2019

(upbeat music) – So I’m finally going
to Whistler, the mecca of mountain biking. I’m making the pilgrimage
to one of the most famous riding spots on the planet. This is my chance to shine
at Whistler Crankworx! I’m gonna be getting involved,
soaking up the atmosphere, racing, hanging out with
pros and legendary trails like Blue Velvet! Crank it up, A line and B line. Actually, Blue Velvet’s just down here. They’re all within my grasp, Blake! We’re nearly there.
– Let’s go. – Let’s get a bus. – Oh yeah, let’s go this way. Bus is this way.
– That way. – Okay. I knew this was gonna be a mission. And I want to make sure
you guys see how hard it was to achieve, how many people it took, all my friends help, the fun
we had, the scary moments, the bits that went wrong,
the bits that went right, and the bits I’ll remember
for the rest of my life. I want to show you it all
and make sure you see what Whistler meant to me
’cause it was amazing. – [Blake] Mr. Ashton has arrived. His majesty’s arrived. There he is, there’s his chariot. (upbeat music) – Look at all them bags. (upbeat music) I am tired, that was a long flight. But it was very comfortable, it was cool, all of us a little group
watched some movies. Now we’re on the road to Whistler, we’re gonna stop at
Squamish for some food. Bikes are in the trailers behind us, apparently all the trails
are on fire so we’ve set them alight already. But it’s made it a bit
smokey out the back there, but apparently there’s
a really lovely view. Can’t quite see it. Everyone keeps telling me it’s lovely. I feel like it was seeing
the bike getting built up is where I really started
to get excited because Gareth was putting it
together, actually hadn’t seen the bike for a little while. And I don’t know if you’ve
seen it, but it’s a beauty. So just made it up to where
all the other boys are hanging out, I’ve been at the hotel, I’ve had a coffee and look who I found, it’s the whole team. Look at them all. Looking glorious. They’ve got a lovely pad
and some nice bikes. -We’ve got a hot tub just down there. Get you in that later. – [Martyn] I’m not getting in a
hot tub with you, dude. – [Blake] Why not, eh? – My man, Gareth’s getting me bike out. Oh look! I cannot wait to ride that bike. How precise is Gareth? Look he’s wrapped it all up, he’s got labels on. Look at this stuff. Blake, have you got your
name on your petals? – [Blake] No, I haven’t, no. – [Martyn] What’s that? – [Blake] I haven’t got a name on my pedals. – Okay shut up then.
– Okay, bye. (upbeat music) – Okay I just woke up. Today I’m gonna ride in
on the hill at Whistler. I’m pretty nervous. Nervous and a bit scared, actually. I was watching some of the
people come down the trail yesterday and it doesn’t
look like there’s much grip, which is a bit worrying. My hair looks crazy. But I think I’m just gonna
have to stay within my comfort zone today and
stay rubber side down, as they say. I’m gonna get ready. So guys, come and have a look at this. Look over in the background there. Gareth and Pete from Fox
are working on my bike, they’re about to put, and
these are the words they used, “top pro only” lowers on
my front Fox 40s in orange, pro orange. It’s gonna look amazing. What would your average rider
have to do to get these? – Win the podium, get on the podium. Get a podium on the EWS. – So how am I getting them? Actually, I won for
William, I did, kind of. The grin says it, have a look. (laughter) Biking. That was a gulp of nerves right then, I don’t know if you caught it. Keeps rising up in me
now and again like whoa. Gonna go riding bikes, can’t wait. I feel, actually, pretty
relieved now more than nervous. – That you’re finally–? – I just want to get on with it. I’m pretty scared. I’m kinda scared. – That’s natural, that’s a good thing. You don’t want to not be scared. – You want to be scared. – Yeah, you want to be scared. – Do you know what I’m most scared of? Getting over confident, that’s
when I always make mistakes. – This is A line’s last jump Mart. – Yeah, I can clear that. – This right there. – No, I don’t want to do that. ♫ I’m too sexy for my shorts ♫ Too sexy for my shorts I’m too sexy for your shorts,
too sexy for your shorts. Bye. (upbeat music) Oh, it’s freezing. I’m actually going home
now, I don’t like it. I changed my mind. Put me back down, Phil. So this is what’s happened, okay? I’m at the top of, I’m nearly
at the top of the world of Whistler Bike Park, I’m pretty nervous. But I can tell they’re
pretty nervous too so I think they really want it to go well. There’s a really funny vibe going on, there’s lots of very nervous laughing, but I’m gonna go and do it, this is it, I’m finally getting it,
I’m gonna do Whistler. I’ll tell you, I was in
my element ’cause I was just thinking the whole time down, “I’m actually riding Whistler.” Which is amazing, it sounds
so simple, but I promise you to get me to Canada on
a bike that I can ride, which has been specially built with a team of people that understand
all the things that I need, just to be able to do this, it’s mad. And doing it was wild, I
think the only word I could use was wild. It felt like we were breaking the law. (upbeat music) [Doddy] – Yeah Mart! [Doddy] – So good! Yes! Yes! First bit done! [Doddy] – Dude that was amazing. [Blake] Welcome to Whistler Martyn! [Martyn] – Wind in the hair, it’s so good. So good. (upbeat music) [Doddy] That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! [Doddy] – That was just some of the coolest…
[Martyn] – Yes! (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Doddy] Whoa, I’ve got you. – So it wasn’t without it’s moments, ended up in that ditch,
but Blake I could’ve ridden that out, I’m positive. I guess it rang the alarm
bells, it shows you how quickly it can go wrong. Maybe I needed a little moment. Followed that trail down, crank it up, it was amazing, got to the
bottom, high five heaven. (upbeat music) Sorry Gareth, we were all so
stoked on riding Whistler, but the big stuff was to come. I still had to practice
A line and I still had to race the Fox Air DH,
the big race at Whistler Crankworx and I was
determined to be part of it. But it wasn’t gonna be easy, actually. I had to prove I could
kind of ride the trail. A line, the most famous bike
park trail on the planet and it starts with a bit
of a drop off, basically. I haven’t done any drop offs
like that on my bike before so it was gonna be a bit of a tester. Got to be honest, the
guys were keen about me doing this drop. I think I just go, just
ride off it, it’s fine. Yeah, but I’m gonna be
going zzzzoop, straight off it. – Sure about this, Mart?
– No. Yeah, it’ll be fine. I can do that, let’s do that. Come on, we can do this. Come on lads, we can do this,
we’ve got to try some stuff. Yeah, let’s go. And we sent it off there, it was perfect. That drop was almost designed for my bike. It skimmed off there no
problem, thank goodness. The track was crazy, the jumps are insane. Tried some of them, the
moment I got a little bit confident, the old buck
came out and gave me a bit of a kick in the back side. My seated position means
that every time I go up a take off it just kicks like a donkey. I basically go back real
high on every jump so I have to be really careful. There’s only a few step up
jumps that work okay for it. Whistler, kind of famous
for it’s jumps so I was a little bit nervous and full
of trepidation of riding that course. Yeah, I’m not there to clear every jump, I’m there to get down the
trail, I want to get down the race course and say that
I raced in an international event. (upbeat music) – That’s your number, there’s my number. – We’re both the same number. Am I racing Air DH then? So we’re in. Funny moment, doing the
Dirt Shed Show, getting on with our business,
then we realise the start time for Fox Air DH, the
race we’ve travelled all the way to Canada for is
upcoming and we’ve pushed it a little bit tight. So we send Blake one way,
Gareth the other to get the bike, they meet, try to find a battery, we can’t find one. I’m rushing down frantically,
they’re following up behind, we get to the start hut– Come on Blake! (dramatic music) – Practise at 5:30 today. – The race is tomorrow? – Yeah. There’s the practise race right now. – Oh. We’re a day early. Phew. So it turns out Fox Air DH is tomorrow. We’re good. Look how knackered they look. – Oh man. (upbeat music) – Today is serious, I’m
competing in the Fox Air DH downhill, not a Fort
Williams style video where we pretend what it would be
like if a disabled athlete took part in a race and I
get to ride into that finish line area for real racing. I can’t believe I’m doing it. Gonna be amazing, I’m racing
at Crank Works for real. (upbeat music) Bit of last minute prep
going on by Gareth. Pump that shock up, dude. He’s a good lad, isn’t he. Go, go Blake, go. (mumbles) Yeah, man.
– Have fun. – Let’s go racing. (upbeat music) What am I doing? (laughter) Got me? I’m really nervous now. The beeping’s made me nervous. – [Doddy] Its’ real now. – Yeah, it’s made me really scared. I’m like, I hadn’t thought
it was gonna be all like super tech. – Don’t be over confident.
– No. – I’m not over confident,
I’m under confident. – Just like my child is
going out into the wilderness on his own and I’m nervous. (beeping) (upbeat music) [Martyn] – I’m racing A-Line [Doddy] – Yeah Mart, perfect, perfect! (cheering) [Announcer] – Lets have a big Crankworx welcome to the finish area of the Fox Air DH, Martyn Ashton everybody! (cheering) – So good. The excitement of getting
to the bottom and being interviewed just like a
racer from some downhill that I’ve watched on the TV, I
come off of the finish line and there’s people there
who have literally travelled to see me race ’cause
they’ve seen on social media that I’m taking it on. It was amazing. Such a good feeling. – You’ve done it. – A line, yes. (upbeat music) When I think of Whistler
Crankworx, one of the most memorable and iconic events
is the Whip Off World Champs. Really hard to get to, but
me and Gareth were determined to join the team there and watch. I’m trying to get to Whip
Off, we found out in the wheel chair that we’re on an
incredibly steep mountain and I can’t get there,
we’re about to fall out. So Gareth and Dave our best
friend that we’ve just met. Look at Dave he’s like a mountain. It’s gonna be fine. [Dave] – Let’s get this going,
let’s get it going. – Well we made it. We got down the mountain,
we made it to Whip Off, it’s actually happening right behind us. Thank goodness for that. But look at that mountain
we just got down. That was insane. Dude, we could’ve planned that better. [Gareth] – (laughter)…Could’ve. – The jumps these guys do are so crazy, they push it so far trying
to get as much style and amplitude and to try and win. This event, basically, is
just a bit of fun but has become one of the most
special moments of the event. It’s really spontaneous,
it feels really free, it feels really real. I loved it, I loved seeing
these guys just go for it. I even got a buggie ride
down, which was super cool. So I’d done what I’d
gone there to achieve. But I couldn’t go all the
way to Canada and not ride some North Shore. (upbeat music) Going out for a day of North
Shore at a place called River Runs Through It. Bike’s just going on the
back of an epic Chevy van. Looks so cool. We’re gonna have some fun today. (mumbling) (laughter) [Blake] – I was like, why are you
so heavy this morning? Too much vegan food. – It’s a lot of helmets,
that’s a lot of helmet. Mate, watch this. Did that make it more difficult? [Blake] – A little bit.
– Oh I’m sorry. (upbeat music) What does the trip mean? I don’t know. When I arrived at this
event they gave me my pass. Usually I get a pass
these days and it’s like a disability badge or something like that. This one says athlete at
Crankworx Whistler and it’s got my name on it. That means that the people
here looked at me like anyone else and was like,
“Well he’s riding and we’re “gonna make sure he had a
good time and has a chance “to race,” which they did. And I raced! I came here and raced. This is cool but the thing
that really comes out every time I ride my bike is
that I really do need to be helped by my friends. That was so evident this time. Today, I don’t know how many
times Blake ran back and caught me when I was
about to lose my balance. I think it’s about team
work and friends, comradery is maybe the word. I feel like we all feel
like we achieve something when we get a good shot of me riding, it’s not just me riding my bike. Last time I rode was at
Fort William and we kind of pretended that I went
to an international race and took part. This pass proves that
I can really do that. I’m really proud of that. I really am proud of that. Athlete. I haven’t felt like being
an athlete for a long time. And then comradery, just
making things work with your friends. And that’s what, for
me, going out and about with your mountain bike means. It’s going out with your friends. Thanks, you lot, that’s cool. It means good things. I’m gonna get some dinner. (upbeat music)

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