Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order &  Ultimate Chicken Horse! | Ep 25 | 2019
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order & Ultimate Chicken Horse! | Ep 25 | 2019

August 13, 2019

GGSP team up! Because today on the show, we suit up for a superhero smackdown in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3:
The Black Order. We shall bring Thanos the stones,
and your heads. Plus,
you review Ultimate Chicken Horse. It’s interesting. And DARREN’s got
a scoop of gaming news. You know, I feel like after saving
the galaxy from the apongalypse and defeating the evil Lord Pongos, we kind of qualify
as a superhero team. We need more heroic costumes,
since the last game, but Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3:
the Black Order has finally landed, though this one, unlike the previous
games, is exclusive to the Switch. The more mature tone of the previous
Ultimate Alliance games has been softened here a bit
for a more family friendly vibe. This time around, you’ll be hunting down
the six infinity stones before a certain mad Titan
and his Black Order get their nasty little hands
on them. I shall be waiting here for you. It’s an A to Z of the Marvel
universe with locations and iconic villains ripped
straight from its 80-year history. Bullseye never misses. I really enjoyed the Saturday
morning cartoon-like cut scenes, seeing my favourite heroes
trading quips and jokes. Perimeter scans reveal
no external threat to Avengers. Suddenly less worried
about external threats and more concerned
about the ones in here. Could the infinity stones
be acting of their own accord? Overall, though, I do think this
lacks the strong story that previous Alliance games had. Yeah, even as a comic book nut,
I found this a little bit shallow. But the cut scenes are just
the bread upon which sits the button-mashing brawler fillings. You will be blasting and punching
your way through waves of enemies with the usual light
and heavy attacks. Picking a team of four, you can switch
between your heroes on the fly. Each character also has a set of
four unique special moves that you will gradually unlock
through levelling up your heroes. And there’s synergy attacks which activates two characters’
special moves together. And there’s extreme attacks
that are charged over time and can be unleashed individually
or with other characters who are also charged. Finish him!
Let me in on that action! Denim blast! There’s a lot of attacking. And you’ll be directing those attacks
towards general baddies and mini bosses. The simpler foes will go down
with standard attacks, but many bosses will require you to
take down their stagger bar to really land some heavy hits
before it refills again. Big boss battles also pop up to offer
a bit of a mechanical shakeup, with some characters’ specific attack
patterns thrown into the mix. Finally! (LAUGHS) The kind of power
I’ve always dreamed of. Power worthy of Norman Osborn. It’s a simple rinse and repeat
gameplay loop that does have some serious
difficulty spikes every so often. Does it ever. If you’re not prepared enough
with high level characters, you’ll be locked in to
a never-ending battle. Not like this. You can drop out of the fight and switch out some characters
at shield checkpoints. Are you sure? I’ll give you
a second to change your mind. Oh, but wow, did I hit a few
brick walls of frustration. Nintendo, I’ve come to bargain. Yeah, and the graphics performance
certainly doesn’t help in those rage-induced moments. The more that’s happening
on the screen, the more they game
seems to struggle to keep up. Sure, those big super moves
are going to look cool, but be prepared, it’ll probably
a big hit to the game’s performance. It’s hard enough to dodge attacks,
let alone trying to do it with a stuttery frame rate,
and this game was only designed to run on the Switch
so you’d think it’d be optimised. When the visuals do settle, though, you’ll be treated to a full cast
of Marvel characters. There’s a slew of fan favourites,
along with a few more obscure ones. I don’t know who Elsa Bloodstone
is, but she looks really cool. New characters join your roster
as the story progresses, strategically drip-fed throughout
to keep you smashing and bashing until the campaigns close. Seeing their unique powers on screen
for the first time was always a thrill. Oh, it was so good, and if you’re
like me, you’ll get some fun out of the minor RPG elements
that are thrown into the mix. You will be collecting credits,
ISO-8, weird orby things and levelling up your team
as you complete battles. Credits and orbs go into boosting
your team’s stat trees and levelling up your hero’s
special moves. While ISO-8 crystals will help to
boost specific stats on each hero. I do love me a bit of micromanaging. See, I’m not one to get deep
into the world of stats in these sorts of games,
mainly because I forget. (LAUGHS) You can also choose your heroes in
an attempt to form a balanced team, with bonuses tied to specific
line-ups – Defenders, Avengers, Spider-verse and more. You can spend hours choosing
the most powerful line-up, or you can pick your favourite
characters and move on. And really, micromanaging everything
is more of a bonus. The brawler combat was
more than enough for me. In addition to the main campaign,
there’s also infinity trials. You will find tears in the universe
throughout the map, each holding a trial. You can also just enter them
through the main menu. These infinity trials offer up
self-contained challenges, including timed and wave modes. They are super tricky but do offer up
hefty rewards, including skins, powerful crystals
and even some additional characters. I found this to be
a good place to grind and level up my team
for the main campaign. But now is a good time to mention
that your AI teammates are great at attacking
but less so at dodging. Wouldn’t you agree?
Ow! In higher difficulty battles, you will be spending
half your time reviving them. They seem to miss even the most
telegraphed attacks from enemies. Those pesky AI. They have no idea the type of pain
I could bring them. But it’s important to try
and stay calm and collected until you get into the multiplayer. Now, we didn’t try online co-op
but we did try local and… Oh, dear. Every minor complaint we might have
had originally gets tripled. The screen getting occasionally messy
and hard to keep track of. Try watching what is basically three
consistent smokescreens of pixels. The tiny coloured circles
are barely enough to signify who’s controlling who. And if you’re using Joy-Cons,
clicking in the analogue stick will have you accidentally flip
to another character. It’s chaos. And on top of that comes the game’s
greatest villain – its camera. You’re bad too. It gets stuck on invisible walls,
loses track of gameplay and generally just freaks out. It has no idea what to do
with extra players, generally just ignoring
their location and forcing them to stay within player one’s view. In an online setting you’d of course have control
of your own camera view, but this is a game
exclusive to a console that’s designed for local play. It’s so strange. But we should wrap this up.
Rad, what did you think? Well, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is almost as good
as the original titles. It brings back a lot of the elements
we know and love but adds very little
that’s special or new. I still had plenty of hours of fun
with this. I’m giving it 3.5 out of 5
rubber chickens. Despite often feeling a bit too much
like a free to play mobile game, the simple beat-’em-up gameplay and
Marvel charm is almost enough for me, even if it feels a little
rough around the edges. It’s 3 rubber chickens for me.
How about you, Will? I think I would have loved this
even more than you guys if the solid gameplay had been
driven by the strong story rather than the other way around. My comic book heart just wanted
a little bit more nerdy lore. In saying that, it’s still
a 3 out of 5 rubber chickens for me. Oh, great. We saved the universe from disaster, but we’re the ones
that end up in prison? Good spawning, Australia! It’s time for The Scoop with me,
DARREN! Joining me once again
is the wonderful Gem! Thanks, DARREN.
Can’t wait to get scooping. And scoop we shall. Right after DARREN’s Challenge! What was the original project
codename for the Xbox One? Ah, yes. Now, Scarlett is the codename for
the upcoming next gen Xbox console. But what was the previous one? Answer at the end of The Scoop. Now for another thought-provoking
DARREN’s Dialogue Box. Super Smash Con, the largest smash
tournament in the world, has introduced a ledge grab limit
rule for Super Smash Bros. Melee. It’s in response to those playing
as Jigglypuff in particular using excessive ledge grab
or cliffhanger moves. The new rule limits ledge grabs
by any fighter to 60 per game. Which got me thinking. Is this so-called ledge camping
unfair or is it just an element of strategy
and play style? What do you think of cliff-hangers,
Gem? Well, they may be fine for TV dramas
but in Smash, I think there’s a point
where it starts to feel a little bit like trolling. A fair point. Moving on now to news that medical
management sim Two Point Hospital is coming to console. The console version will include
all the updated features and expansions added to the original
game since launch. Rad’s sure to be happy about that. She loved that game. Even if she doesn’t like using bins
in it. Bins, please. No bins! Now as a matter of pride I’m not
gonna put any bins anywhere in this building and we can just
watch the filth accumulate. Hmm. Her aversion to proper
in game sanitation is puzzling. In other news,
the long-awaited pets feature is closer to be added
to Sea of Thieves. A recent developer update explained
plans to add pets as well as emotes and ship cosmetics to the game. While these things won’t give players
any kind of gameplay advantage, they will cost real money. Oh, it would be nice
to sail the high seas with an animal companion
by your side. But if you have to pay for them
with real money, I’m not so sure. Especially if you’ve already
forked out for a full price game. What do you think, Boatmeal? You’re somewhat
of an authority on pets. (GRUNTS) (LAUGHS) He agrees. That sounds a bit…rough. Good one. One more quick bit of news now, and Nintendo has doubled the maximum
number of Super Mario Maker 2 levels users can create, from 32 to 64. The more Mario Maker the merrier,
I guess. Affirmative. And now how about an Extra Scoop? What have you got, Gem? Well, DARREN,
it seems the creativity that Minecraft players are known for
lives on in the Minecraft Earth closed beta. A player called SethBling has managed to create a giant piano
in Minecraft Earth. A.
(KEY NOTES PLAY) What a Minecraft maestro. Now before we go, we must reveal
the answer to DARREN’s Challenge! The original codename for what became
the Xbox One was Durango. What’s a Durango? Well, Durango is the name
of a small city in Colorado and also the name of a state
in Mexico, home to the Durango night lizard. Sounds like one cool lizard. It sure does, Gem. It sure does. And now that’s all the time
we have for this week. Until next time,
goodnight Australia. Who do you think is the coolest
gaming lizard, Gem? Maybe Gex the Gecko? He does wear a tuxedo. Hi, I’m Marcus.
I’m Delilah. I’m Cian.
I’m Hayet. And today we’re going to be
reviewing… ALL: Ultimate Chicken Horse! No! No! No! I made it! Dynamite! What!? No! (ALL EXCLAIM) Ultimate Chicken Horse
is like a multiplayer silly game. You have to try and make your own
obstacle course to win the game and try and trap your friends
with the objects. That’s the hardest.
That’s the hardest one. Basically you want to get over
the obstacle first a certain amount of times
to become the ultimate chicken. It’s interesting. It has different modes. I liked the creator mode because you
had more things to choose from. We played creative and party mode. Party mode.
Are we doing party mode? Party mode is when
there is five items in each box and you choose one
that you have to place. My favourite item was the giant,
like, swinging hook that came and hit you
if you are not careful. I’ve got, like,
the giant hook thing. My favourite item was
the Ferris wheel because it helps you get across high
things if you needed to do so. My favourite item was
the rocket ship. I’m gonna get that rocket! The most difficult obstacle was
the black hole. If they place them in the right
spot, it could suck you in easily. And you could also use it as bait
if you placed a coin and then just go straight into it. I was the ultimate chicken
in most of the rounds because I kept on trapping everyone
and I kept on winning. Why is the chicken so good? There was one funny moment
when I died but I also made it
to the finish line. I died but I made it! It was a bit challenging at first
but it was really good and it was something different
to other games that I’d played. Go, Marcus!
Jump, Marcus! Go, Marcus! There weren’t, like,
too many hard controls to do. The wall jumping was sometimes
a bit hard to do. But other than that, it was quite
easy to get onto platforms and avoid traps. Yes! I actually did it. I liked the effects in the game, how there’s, like, the victory dance
when you pass the finish line or when you die you lay down
and you have the Xs on your eyes and your tongue is sticking out. Look at the chickens dance. They did, like,
their own little dance. I think the horse was
something like that or something. It’s the best dance in the world. My favourite thing was how
you can play with your friends. ALL: Oooh! My least favourite thing was
when you would have to jump and you would be holding down the
bottom to jump but it wouldn’t work and you just start falling down. No! My least favourite thing about the
game was when there was just too many obstacles and traps
and it was just getting overcrowded and you couldn’t finish a level
because you would just die so much. It was really fun overall. I think they could improve,
like, double jumping and adding a few more items. I rate it 5 out of 5
rubber chickens. I’m gonna make this challenge hard.
Ahh! It’s a really fun game. When you play with your friends
it’s more fun and more challenging. But I just think they could add
more things to it to make it more challenging
and harder. I would rate it 3.5 out of 5
rubber chickens. It was challenging
but it was also very fun because I just like the way
it was diverse and different and playing with
all your friends is very fun. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5
rubber chickens. It was a good cartoony game. I really liked it. I’d play it again definitely
with my friends. I rate it 4 out of 5
rubber chickens. We are the winners!
The chicken wars. Alright, Will, are you ready
to get down to brass tacks and get some answers
for these fine gaming questions? Brass tacks sounds a little bit
sharp, but sure. And let’s kick things off with this
video question from Ziggy. Hi, GGSP. How do you build swords
on crafting tables on Minecraft? Thanks, Ziggy. If you want to know how
to make swords in Minecraft on crafting tables, well, first,
you need to make sure you have the materials to make
the kind of sword you want. That’s right.
First off, you’ll need some sticks, which you can craft using wooden
planks which you craft out of wood. You can make a simple wooden sword
by opening your crafting table and placing two planks
and one stick in the crafting grid. Or you could use
your crafting recipe book. To make a stone sword, use
cobblestone in place of the planks and once you have the materials you can make iron, gold
or diamond swords, just using ingots or diamonds
instead. And that’s how you craft swords. Oh, my sword. Now, I’m feeling particularly
video-ey today, Will, so why don’t we take another
look at a video question? This one here is from Sean. I’m a huge fan of your show. Please answer these questions. One – is there any new games
on the Xbox and Switch? Two – where do you
keep your cheese toasties? Because I will eat them.
PS, do these. Oh, after you. (WILL AND RAD MAKE CRAZY SOUNDS) Thanks.
Thanks, Sean. In answer to your first question
about whether there are new games on the Xbox and Switch,
well, sure there are. They’re being released all the time.
They sure are. Some of my favourite recent releases
for Xbox One so far this year include the space survival adventure
of Astroneer, and another great space adventure
game, Outer Wilds. I guess space is pretty big in 2019. Well, space itself is pretty big. And it’s always expanding. Plus there’s
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and loads of other recent releases,
really. The Xbox E3 conference showed a bunch
of upcoming games to look forward to in the future as well, like
Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Minecraft Dungeons. The list just goes on. As for the Switch, some new games
released this year that I’ve enjoyed include the turn-based
strategy of Wargroove. Such a great game to play on the go. Oh, and the mind-bending puzzles
of Baba Is You, the musical mashup
of Cadence of Hyrule, and the infinite level building
fun of Super Mario Maker 2. And as for games coming up on the
horizon, there’s Link’s Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion 3,
Pokemon Sword and Shield. Oh, so many. Now to the question of where
we keep our cheese toasties. Well, they don’t really stick around
for very long around here. If we didn’t eat them fresh,
they’d go cold, and a cold cheese toastie is worse
than no cheese toastie at all – in my opinion. Agreed, but didn’t I hear
you and Gem talking about a secret toastie stash
that DARREN has in his basement? Yeah, but they’re in this special
laser-sealed safe. We tried to crack it
but it just kept zapping us. It’s not safe, Sean. The safe is not safe. How ironic. Well, let’s move on
to another question, and here’s one from Amiel – I mean, the Chicken Master –
in Wellard, Western Australia. Thanks, Chicken Master. Firstly, to whether Team Sonic Racing
is going to be released on mobile, well, I did think I heard something
about this a while back but let’s just check with DARREN
to be safe. Hello, DARREN speaking.
Hi, DARREN. We’re just wondering if Team Sonic Racing is going to be
released on mobile. Well, that’s an interesting one. There were rumours about this
floating around earlier this year after some people noticed social
media ads for what appeared to be a Team Sonic Racing mobile game. Since then, it was announced
that a Sonic racing game will feature on the upcoming
Apple Arcade subscription service. But this looks a bit different
to Team Sonic Racing. Well,
some fuel for thought there, DARREN. Thank you. Bye!
Bye! Bye-bye! Now to when the Xbox 2
or Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5
will be released. Well, we learned at E3 this year
that Xbox plans to launch Scarlett in the so-called holiday period
of 2020. So some time toward the end of 2020. And as for the PS5, well, Sony didn’t hold a press conference
at E3 this year, so while we’ve heard some info
about the next gen console, the release date
is a bit more speculative. My guess would be that
it might release around the same time as Scarlett,
so around the end of 2020 as well. Alright, Will, we’d better
wrap this up like a present. I do like presents. If you have a question for us, go here to send it in, and make it a video
like Ziggy and Sean for your chance to score a GGSP pin and some stickers and a cool beanie. Oh, I love the beanies. They are so cool. But they’re also warm. Good question wrangling, you guys. But we’re out of time. Next week on GGSP… ..we take to the kitchen and see if we can handle the heat
in Cooking Simulator. Plus, I head out to Australia’s
first girl gamer first. It’s only recently we see pro AFL
females, pro female soccer players. There is an actual pattern in sport and that pattern was actually
transferred into gaming. If you want to watch some more GGSP
right now, then take a look
at our online only review of puzzle adventure rhythm game
Songbird Symphony. Now, if you’ve ever watched GGSP
and thought, “Hey, I’d be pretty good
at reviewing games,” then you should totally apply
to be one of our You reviewers. Just head on over to the GGSP website and see how you can submit
your audition video. I personally NOOB-scan
every submission. That’s great, DARREN, But I’m pretty sure the GGSPeeps
are noobite-free. Until next time, though, be nice,
have fun and keep gaming. Gem out.
Rad out. Will out.
DARREN out. Captions by
Red Bee Media Copyright Australian
Broadcasting Corporation

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