Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse:  Marvin’s Breakfast Jam / The Iron Claw  – Ep.9
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Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse: Marvin’s Breakfast Jam / The Iron Claw – Ep.9

August 17, 2019

♪ ♪ I’m Marvin
the Tap-Dancing Horse ♪ (Hooves clicking) ♪ He can dance, he can dance,
he can dance ♪ ♪ Just shine that spotlight
on me ♪ ♪ Every show
must have a star ♪ ♪ He can dance, he can dance,
he can dance ♪ ♪ He can dance
he can dance ♪ ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ When the lights go down ♪ ♪ I’m ready to perform ♪ ♪ This is my home
up on the stage ♪ ♪ I’ll dance for you ♪ ♪ And we’ll perform
for you, too ♪ ♪ I’m Marvin
the Tap-Dancing Horse ♪ ♪ He can dance, he can dance
he can dance, yeah ♪ ♪ (Audience cheering, applauding) Thank you. Thank you. (Applauding continues) JACK:
Thanks for coming
to Jack’s Carnival! Come back real soon! Great show, Marvin! Did you hear that crowd? You had them eating out of
the palm of your hoof. MAN:
I’ll say, Marvin, you were spectacular. You were fabulous! Uhh… that’s very
kind of you. You were on Broadway,
weren’t ya? I saw you inWhoa Dolly.Marvellous! Fabulous! Thank you. Would you like
an autographed picture? That’s not why I’m here. I’m here because
I want you to star in my new cereal promotion! (All gasping) Cereal promotion? I’m talking about you
in television commercials. You in magazine ads! and you on the front of
my new breakfast cereal Rodeoats! Rodeoats? I’m not sure about this. It’s new, it’s fresh,
it’s edgy; the kids are gonna
love it, Martin! It’s Marvin. We want you as our spokes-horse
because you have integrity! Honesty! The kids out there will really
believe what you have to say! They will? You betcha! Think
of the publicity! It’ll really put
this place on the map. Advertising is big, baby. Big! Did someone say advertising? Ahh, good,
the man in charge. My name is Max and
I’m offering your star a once-in-a-lifetime job. What’s the gig? Selling cereal. Picture on the box? Full colour. Television ads? You betcha. National television? Worldwide! ♪ (Laughing) Sensational! Fantastic! You speak my language, Max.
This’ll be great! I’m always looking for
new ways to promote the show! And nothing beats
television! Marty, my boy, your name’s gonna be
on the lips of every kid in the country
within the month! Every kid in the country? MARVIN:
Wow! So? Whaddaya say? ♪ Okay. I’ll do it! Fantastic! That’s great! And you can
mention the Carnival while you’re at it. No can do, Jackster.
He’s selling the cereal and just the cereal! Hmmp! Now all I have to do
is find a cowpoke to play your best friend. What about Eddy? He’s perfect for the part! But I’ve never acted
in front of a camera! I’ve never acted
in front of anything! Don’t worry, kid!
All you gotta do is walk in, say a line, and hand
old Monty his bowl of cereal. That’s Marvin. Why, you do that every day!
It’ll be easy. You were born to play this part! And you’ve got all of us
to help you! (Sighing)
Okay, I’ll do it. Sensational! Ooh, Eddy, this is gonna be
so much fun! And, uhh, don’t forget to
mention the carnival. MAX:
Forget it, Jackie baby! They’ve gotta stick
to the script. And here it is! I’ll be back tomorrow
with a film crew. You’re gonna be big,
baby! Big! ♪ MARVIN:
Hiya, kids! When I’m out on the range
rounding up cattle, I always start my day off with a big old bowl of Rodeoats! But we don’t have any cereal. Well, that’s okay,
just pretend it’s full. ELIZABETH:
Yoo-hoo, Eddy! Don’t forget to smile! Always show your teeth! And remember your posture! Stand up straight and tall! Let the bowl guide you. Here you go… (Imitating chewing) ♪ Yum, yum, Rodeoats ♪ ♪ Everybody loves Rodeoats ♪ ♪ Just one taste,
and you’ll say ♪ ♪ “Whoa, Nellie!” ♪ ELIZABETH:
Hurray! STRIPES:
Bravo! Hurray! Bravo! That sounds great!
Who knows? Maybe you’ll all end up doing
your own commercials! It would be like
a dream come true! It’s all up to you
two tomorrow. We’ll do our best. Right, Eddy? (Gulping nervously) (Tools clanking, ratcheting) (Hammers pounding) ♪ So are you all set to be seen by millions and millions
of people, Eddy? Uh-huh. It’s so wonderful that
you’re doing this! Breakfast is the most
important meal of the day! Every meal is the most
important meal of the day! Right, Eddy? Uh-huh. Are you okay?
You seem a bit… tense. You know, there’s one thing I
like to do to relieve stress… (Roaring loudly,
screaming) STRIPES:
See? Now I’m relaxed. Works every time.
Go on, give it a try! (Inhaling deeply) (Roaring softly) Oops! I guess it’s just
a tiger thing. It’s okay, Eddy,
you tried your best. MAX:
Melvin? Meet your director;
he’s a genius. Marvin. No, actually, it’s Laszlo.
A pleasure. MAX:
Okay people, it’s time to make some magic! You’re on, Marty! Well, Eddy, let’s give them a
commercial they’ll never forget! Uh-huh. LASZLO:
Places, everyone! Quiet on the set! Rodeoats Commercial, take one, and… action! Hiya, kids! When I’m out on the range
rounding up cattle, I always start my day off with
a big old bowl of Rodeoats! Come on, Eddy!
That’s your cue! ♪ Psst… over here. Oh! (Laughing nervously)
Cute kid. Here you go. ♪ Umm… LASZLO:
Cut! Let’s try that again! DIAMONDS:
You’re doing great, Eddy! Don’t forget to smile! Rodeoats Commercial, take two, and… action! Hiya, kids! When I’m out on the range
rounding up cattle, I always start my day off with
a big old bowl of Rodeoats! (Clearing throat) ♪ MARVIN:
Umm, Eddy?
Watch where you’re– (Crashing, Eddy grunting) Going. LASZLO:
Cut! Let’s give that another try. You almost had it
there, Eddy. Just stay on your feet,
and keep the cereal in the bowl. LASZLO:
Rodeoats Commercial,
take three, and… action! Hiya, kids! When I’m out on the range
rounding up cattle, I always start my day off with
a big old bowl of Rodeoats! I did it! I mean– here you go! (Munching) (Swallowing painfully) ♪ Yum, yum, Rodeoats ♪ ♪ Everybody loves Rodeoats ♪ ♪ Just one taste,
and you’ll say ♪ ♪ “Whoa, Nellie!” ♪ And don’t forget to visit
Fast Talkin’ Jack’s Carnival! Cut! (Sighing)
You two were perfect,
simply perfect. Thank goodness. You were not! Off my set! Uhh, sorry.
Just got carried away. Off my set! I’m going, I’m going! Take five, everyone,
then we must do it again! One more time? No problem… Don’t worry Eddy,
you’re doing great! Just be yourself and everything
will work out fine! I guess you’re right.
Thanks, Marvin. (Marvin sighing sadly) Is there something wrong? Eddy, the cereal
tastes horrible! How bad can cereal taste? (Gasping) Eww! You’re right!
That’s awful! I can’t do a commercial where I
tell kids I like this cereal! What am I going to do? DIAMONDS:
Marvin! Eddy! Aww, see, Eddy? Everyone’s
counting on me! A wise horse once said to me, “Just be yourself and everything
will work out fine!” Thanks, Eddy. LASZLO:
Okay, everyone! We are ready to roll! (Gulping nervously) LASZLO:
Rodeoats Commercial, take four. Action! Uhh… I said, action! (Sighing) Hiya, kids. When I’m out on the range
rounding up cattle, I always start my day off with a big old bowl of Rodeoats. ELIZABETH:
Come on, Eddy! You can do it! ♪ Here ya go. He did it! Uhh, I… Marvin has stage fright? Uhh… DIAMONDS:
Come on, Marvin. Eat the cereal! ♪ No, I can’t do it! (Gasping in shock) Whoa! (Screaming) Kids, I can’t lie to you! This cereal tastes terrible! You can say that again. LASZLO:
Cut! Cut, cut, cut-cut-cut-cut-cut! I think the pressure
finally got to him. ELIZABETH:
Don’t worry, Marvin, we helped Eddy,
and we can help you. JACK:
Marvin, what are you doing!? Think about what this commercial
can do for the carnival! Think about all
the money you can make! Think about the fame! And the money! I could never endorse Rodeoats, because I’d never eat them. This always happens! Pack it up, everybody! Sorry, Max, but I have to do
what I think is right. Ah, that’s okay. You’re not
the first one to turn us down. We’ve been trying to find
someone to do this commercial for two years. See ya later, Marco! It’s– oh, never mind. Ah, it’s probably
all for the best. We don’t want your face
plastered all over a cereal that tastes bad! You know, something good did
come out of all this. Eddy did a rootin’,
tootin’, bang up job! You really think so? Absolutely! You’re a natural! What was your secret, Eddy? What can I say?
I learned from the best! I taught him
everything he knows. (Giggling) MARVIN:
I wonder who they’ll get to do
their commercial now! I mean, who would
stoop that low? LASZLO:
Rodeoats Commercial,
take thirty-eight! Action! Hiya, umm… kids! When I’m out on the range,
rounding up cattle… I always start my day off with
a big old bowl of Rodeoats. Hey, watch it! Watch yourself! (Shouting) (Chewing noisily) ♪ Yum, yum, Rodeoats ♪ ♪ Everybody loves Rodeoats ♪ ♪ Just one taste,
and you’ll say ♪ ♪ “Whoa, Nellie!” ♪ LASZLO:
Cut! Let’s try it again! This time, I need you all
to take a bigger bite of the cereal, okay? (Groaning) ♪ ELIZABETH:
You did it! Nice one, Eddy! Well done! Now for the last one. ♪ Concentrate, Eddy,
concentrate! STRIPES:
Great gorillas, Elizabeth, that’s what
he’s trying to do. Sorry, Eddy. That’s okay, it’s not so much
in the concentrating. It’s more in the wrist. ♪ DIAMONDS:
Good for you, Eddy! Yay, Eddy! I did it! Five in a row! Very impressive, Eddy.
Very impressive. JACK:
You wanna see impressive? I’ll show you impressive! What have you got, Jack? A little piece
of carnival past. Picked her up real cheap! (Coughing) What is it? A vintage iron claw machine. Iron claw? What does it do? Picks your pocket.
I’ve seen those before. JACK:
No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong! You move the claw
into position, and it reaches down
and grabs you a treasure. Treasure? Treasure? ♪ Gee, look at all
that cool stuff! And it’s only a quarter! You can’t go wrong! That’s reasonable. I couldn’t buy
an apple for that. JACK:
That’s what I’m tellin’ ya. People are gonna love it! I’m bringin’ back
the good old days. Gee, I wanna try it! You can all give it a try. It’s on the house. Uhh, you have to do me
a little favour first. Sure, Jack. What is it? I want you to clean
this thing up for me. Make ‘er sparkle. MARVIN:
I suppose. But it might take a few days. You’ve got an hour. An hour? That’s when the gates open. (Humming cheerfully) Come on, guys. DIAMOND:
Eddy? Where’s the steel wool? ELIZABETH:
I’ll get some rags. I’ve got more important things
to do. Such as napping. (Birds singing) ♪ It looks great now! EDDY:
It sure does. So, who wants
to try it first? (Gasping)
Oh! Could I? I see a bottle of perfume in
there that I’d love to have. Sure, go ahead, Elizabeth. Ohh, this is so exciting. (Grunting in disapproval) Well, here goes nothing. STRIPES:
Exactly. That’s why the iron claw’s
not getting my quarter. ♪ (Claw machine whirring,
puttering) Oh dear. What do I do?!
What do I do?! Use the controls! (Gasping) (Claw whirring) ♪ Aww! I can’t get it! Here, Elizabeth, let me try. Don’t be disappointed, Eddy. These machines are rigged. EDDY:
I got it! Great, Eddy! Wonderful! (Gasping) Oh, thank you, Eddy! It’s a dream come true! Glad to help. Who’s next? Here, Eddy. I’d like
that watch. No problem, Diamonds. (Coin clinking,
machine whirring) EDDY:
A little more to the left, and… got it! He did it again! You’re so talented. (Gasping) It’s stunning! Are you sure there’s
not something I can get for you, Stripes? Yeah, raspberry ripple,
single scoop. No, I mean in the machine. From there? Nah. My cage is a junk-free zone
and I’m keeping it that way. I know what I want, Eddy. Those
Hollywood-style sunglasses. EDDY:
Good choice, Marvin. ♪ ELIZABETH:
Well done! MARVIN:
Nice going, Eddy! DIAMONDS:
You’re remarkable! (Gasping) STRIPES:
Ramona! ♪ The young girl stared at her new
friend, the little tiger cub. She smiled a smile he would come
to know and love. “My name?” repeated
the young girl. “Why, I’m Ramona,
Queen of the Jungle.” (Purring happily) (Sighing)
Ramona, Queen of the Jungle. JACK:
That looks fantastic! Huh? What? And you’re right on schedule. The gates just opened. MARVIN:
I’ll take your word for it. These are so dark,
I can hardly see anything. That’s funny. The gates don’t
open for two hours by my watch. (Sniffing) DIAMONDS:
I wound it,
but it isn’t ticking. And it’s always stuck
on 10:30. MARVIN:
At least it’s right twice a day! I can’t see a thing through
these sunglasses. (Sniffing)
Elizabeth? (Gasping)
I thought you
couldn’t see a thing? I can’t.
But I recognize that odour. Hmmp! I– I mean fragrance. Your perfume does have a
certain… industrial strength. I know.
And I only used a little. Well, Stripes, you were right
about this iron claw stuff. Stripes? Hmm. I guess he needed
some fresh air. ELIZABETH:
Ohh! I don’t like how
it smells either, and I can’t get away
from it! (Sobbing) Oh, no. Not someone else! Why can’t they spend their money
on rides and corn dogs like they’re supposed to? I’ve got to get Ramona
before someone else does. Alright, sweetheart, what can
Daddy get for you? Gee, there are so many things. DAUGHTER:
But I think I want… That little dolly with
the flowers in her hair. No! Well then, let’s get
her out of there. (Coin clinking,
machine whirring) (Gasping)
Jinx! Jinx! (Claw whirring) Aww, Dad.
Not the flashlight! Phew! I can’t take
much more of this. DAD:
Well, don’t you like it? I think it’s really nice. Hmm… Are you going to try
again for the dolly? No, we’ve wasted enough money
on that junk dispenser! (Gasping) Come along, dear. Aww, Dad! At last! I’m coming, Ramona! Listen up, two-bits;
don’t fail me. (Coin clinking,
machine whirring) (Claw whirring) Steady now… Yes! Yes! Come to Papa. (Gasping) (Fabric tearing) (Claw whirring) Ramona! Ramona… EDDY:
There. That should help, Elizabeth. Thank you, Eddy. (Sniffing)
Oh, you’re so thoughtful. I got it out of Jack’s car. It’ll make you smell
like a Christmas tree. Right, Diamonds? I can’t tell. I tightened my watchband so
I couldn’t smell anything. MARVIN:
Phew! It smells like a skunk
in a pine forest. I can’t help it. I had three baths and
it still won’t wash off. Oh, it’s that perfume.
Sorry, Elizabeth. Not as sorry as I am. I wish I’d never seen
that iron claw machine. That’s what Jack’s saying now. He is? Yep. He was cornered by a bunch
of dissatisfied customers. I’ve never heard Fast Talkin’
Jack do so much fast talkin’! Oh dear. I was afraid
that might happen. Oh, it’s okay now. He refunded everyone’s money and he’s getting rid of
the iron claw machine. Getting rid of it?! But Stripes, you said everything
in the machine was junk! Not everything. There’s one
special thing that I want. Why didn’t you tell me? How could I after all
those things I said? Would you help me now? Of course I’ll help you! And I still have
a quarter too. (Gasping) We’re too late! Not until that truck
pulls away. ♪ There she is. There’s Ramona,
Eddy. Right there. Ramona? Queen of the Jungle. It’s a long story–
but, you’ll like it! Wish me luck. MARVIN:
You won’t need luck, Eddy. You’ve got talent! (Insects chirping) (Coin clinking,
machine whirring) ♪ (Gasping)
I can’t look. Neither can I.
Tell me when it’s over! That’s it, Eddy!
You’re so close. (Claw whirring) EDDY:
All right! I got it! (Whirring) Oh no! It’s stuck! (Gasping) (Cord tearing) Come on! Come on! ♪ Ramona… I’m sorry, Stripes. Is it over? It’s over. Thanks for trying, Eddy. STRIPES:
Well, I’m glad
this day’s through. I don’t think I could go
through many more like it. Marvin? Yes, Stripes? Tonight, I really think
I could use a story. Know what, Stripes? I could too. How about instead of me
telling a story tonight, you tell one? Me? I don’t know
any stories. Not that anyone else would
like to hear, anyway. Who’d like to hear a story about
Ramona, Queen of the Jungle? Oh, me please! I’d love to. How about it, Stripes? (Sighing)
Okay. My mother used to tell it
to me like this. “Once upon a time there was an
amazing Jungle Queen “named Ramona. “She had dark flashing eyes,
a quick smile and a beautiful crown of
tropical flowers.” You mean, she looked
like this? Ramona? (Gasping in joy)
Ramona! But how? Jack got rid
of the whole machine! Just before Jack
hauled it away, Eddy told him
the whole story. Jack said he might as well
have one satisfied customer before he got rid of it. He opened up the machine and
Eddy grabbed Ramona. Thanks, guys. MARVIN:
You’re welcome, Stripes. I’m glad we finally knew what
you wanted so we could help! Ohh! I love happy endings! ♪ ♪

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  1. I like this show want I was 3 year old this show was funny Entertainment and asome bring me a lot of memories of my child hood …….

  2. Me and my daughter love this show, but my daughter said, "Why does Elizabeth cry so much? She cries over everything and it's annoying" lol.

  3. This was my PBS's favorite rightafter George Shrinks on Bookworm Bunch I can't believe I was thirteen when I watched it!!

  4. When your only tap dance move is the one you remember learning from when you watched Marvin the tap-dancing horse when you were five

  5. Aw Man, I used to watch this show back in the day when I was four years old and this was one of my favorites, since I'm 18 year old I still remember this show!

  6. I've always wondered how come Marvin's tap shoes work on grass and dirt and please don't reply with it's just a TV show it's not real

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