Master Cycle Zero VS 5 Star Speed Horse! Hylia Bridge Contest in Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC
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Master Cycle Zero VS 5 Star Speed Horse! Hylia Bridge Contest in Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC

August 18, 2019

Bienvenidos a la competición en el Gran Puente Hylia Llamemos a los oponentes! La moto Hyliana Alpha Vs Un caballo de 5 estrellas de Velocidad Que comience el juego! La moto está a tope de combustible! Cuando tendrán los bokoblins su propia moto de DLC? xD Ya es más rápida que Farora Demasiado lento amigo 😛 Hey Sonic! Quítate del camino! Le dije que se moviera… xD Hagamos un breve calentamiento… Caballo de 5 Estrellas de Velocidad Sonic muéstranos que es lo que tienes! Esas dos potencias extra de seguro serían útiles ahora… Estará bien xD Hay que ir más rápido Sonic! Sonic el caballo es el ganador! Está bien, un caballo puede aún ser útil…. Y TORPE! Oye Sonic vuelve aquí! Lo alcanzaré con mi moto 😀 Bueno… Cuando saldrá el DLC del Submarino xD

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  1. Viewers who won a raffle ticket in this Video: (RAFFLE Livestream on December 31st)
    1. Henry266
    2. Xxthegoldtorpedoxx
    3. NotYourBro
    Good job and Good luck! 😀

  2. I bet the people in comment section whining about the horse have never ridden a real horse because they're a bunch of peasants.. 😂😂

  3. Say whatever you want, I still firmly believe the Master Cycle was the worst Divine Beast ever. Where's my gigantic Epona ancient machine shooting beams of destruction?!!

  4. Well I'll be damned, I thought for sure the bike was faster. Looks like they really have their pros and cons. Horse is faster, but only with limited gallops. Bike can keep top speed constantly but runs out of fuel. Horse can die if it hit by enemies or if it falls from a steep cliff. Bike is much hardier can survive higher falls but does disappear from too high of one and in water. Horses can swim, but you have no control of where they swim too. Can aim and fight easily from horseback. Aiming and fighting from the bike requires letting go of the accelerator. Bike can climb and ride over a variety of terrains horses won't go near. Bike is smoother to control then a horse, but lags a lot and and is pretty wacky on the turns. Horses follow paths without any control input, but will throw you off and run if injured or pushed to hard. Neither work in the Gerudo Desert. Horses are friends. Bike is bad ass.

  5. Well… Motorcycles don’t die. But horses don’t need gas. Motorcycles aren’t dumb. But horses are faster.

  6. The only reason the horse won is because you went wide with the bike but stayed close to the corner with the horse

  7. Everyone can ask and talk about the speed, etc. But what i wanna know…

    Where the heccin can i find those clothes they be lit

  8. Sonic got that ancient gear on bro. But still. Let's give the horse an applause for winning and the bike for…. Being a cool bike.

  9. Okay, but the times were actually pretty close… I'd like to time them across a longer course or with conservation of the horses stamina to see which had better travel speed.

  10. One thing I noticed is the horse was a little bit further ahead than the bike and while the bike went through the gate the horse did not which makes me wonder if the horse truly won.

  11. The bike is better. It’s more convenient, and if you have monster extract you pretty much have infinite fuel

  12. Love the bike, I even raced Wolf Link and the bike obviously won, but the wolf keeps up, I have over 300 Monster Elixirs just for the fule for the bike, never ending fule of you ask me, especially if you farm the dragon horns and sell them to Kilton, you end up having free fule for life for your bike.

  13. The Best horse in the game is the white Royal horse with the guardian armor because they have 7 stamina

  14. Wow, what a coincidence. We both have the exact same horse, horse gear on, and the same name! Even the hair on the horse is the same! Except the horse’s main body is dark, not blue. Almost! Nice video btw!

  15. The bike is better because it doesn’t stop dead on its tracks when the smallest rock is in its way

  16. My problem with horses is that you cannot call them everywhere (unless you pay for dlc). The master cicle is super fast to call, very good to control and cool as f*** hahaha.

  17. No matter what the Bike is still much better and I've got a few reasons why. It can turn quicker, it can climb hills better and quicker that the horse can't even do at all and it can do a wheelie that the horse can't. So the bikes better even though its slower than the horse. The only thing better the horse can do is follow the trail automatically without control.

  18. Johnny Blaze motorcycle Ghost Rider vs Burl Ives time horseback Ghost Rider. Either way, "Ghost Riders in the Sky" is playing in the background, the 1979 The Outlaws version

  19. Comment Section:

    "Bike can't die."

    "BuT iT nEedS fUEl.

    "But it goes up mountains."

    "BUt It dOesn'T FOlloW tHe RoAds."

    "It doesn't even need a lot of fuel."

    "i'M a bRoke babY biTch, thoUgh."

  20. Bike
    + very fast
    + can jump
    + looks cool
    + you can go anywhere with it
    + it doesn't conplain
    + you can summon it in front of you when you need it
    + simple controls
    ++++ must looks cooler with a chainsaw
    – require fuel
    – hard to obtain
    – no boost
    – not effective in combat
    – doesn't follow road… It's logic since it's link that drive his divine beast.

    + easy to get
    + can boost
    + you can customize him
    + you can ram trough strong enemies
    + follow road
    – hard maneuvering
    – can die
    – unless you have ancien horse gear. You have to get to a stable to call him
    – can sometimes refuse boost
    – you cannot get/climb anywere with your horse.
    – fast travelling is faster when you activate shrines/towers

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