Master of the Ranch – Ranchmaster from Rocky
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Master of the Ranch – Ranchmaster from Rocky

August 12, 2019

you work on some real country pastures
roll like green wave’s craggy peaks stab the sky the heavens speckle over a land
soaked with hardship beauty masts the danger
you find more peril in an artificial lit air-conditioned office building to
survive this country you need to be as tough as the land itself that means
wearing gear fit for a rugged reality and pulling on a boot that’s as
dependable as your word the rocky ranch master is that boot it’s built to
accommodate houses with four hooves or four wheel with two nail on heels to
choose a traditional Packer for those who spend long days in the saddle and a
lower squared off Stockman that delivers support stability and enhance mobility
both were put together with a proprietary heel cap construction the
ranch master issued with a Vibram outsole its proprietary tread design is
durable non-marking and resists abrasions oil and slips it’s fashioned
with rocky waterproofing to fight the rain and river crossing buckaroos help
protect your lower lake from chaffey stirrup leathers and prickly trees and
bushes and the ranch master has reinforced pull holes to hold strong
with the extra force needed to pull on a taller boot
so while this life may be hard there’s comfort knowing you have a boot that’s
just as tough the ranch master from Rocky

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