MBMBAM: Horses in the Drift
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MBMBAM: Horses in the Drift

August 25, 2019

google science complicated draft horse eight thousand pounds four thousand pounds two horses wrong! ten horses and strap them to the earth, we can counteract the rotation of the earth and destroy everything. JUSTIN: partnerships,
GRIFFIN: the drift! these fucking horses GRIFFIN: are in the drift and they can pull the earth out of orbit! TRAVIS: and they see two horses like, you know, kinda banging each other? GRIFFIN: they’re gonna fucking- destroy our house! which weighs less than sixteen tons. two, brutal, GRIFFIN: (laughing)
JUSTIN: best friend horses GRIFFIN: (laughing)
JUSTIN: pulling twenty FUCKIN horses behind them! oh no, it’s okay guys we’ve got it TRAVIS: so you’re telling me, JUSTIN: yes i am.
TRAVIS: it is more cost effective JUSTIN: yes.
TRAVIS: for two horses to pull sixteen horses TRAVIS: than to just have all eighteen horses walk?

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  1. As a man who's lived almost his ENTIRE LIFE on a horse ranch, I can confirm that this is correct, except for the pulling the Earth out of it's own rotational movement.

  2. This is the most funniest thing I have found on YT and I’ve watched literally every funny thing and this made me smile I can watch it over and over again

  3. not only are the text, images, & timing of this video so incredibly perfect, but: this is literally the first typography video i've ever seen with, not just captions, but perfectly complementary captions. full-out captions would just distract from the typography i'm trying to watch! and ALSO they were done in the same no-caps low-punctuation millennial typing like i'm doin rn, which is just, precisely, visually, how they sound speaking, and basically i can't get enough of it, this is so good, you are so good, thank you.
    this piece of art has caused me to have an emotional reaction, i've watched this for five hours now

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