Meet the First Foal from Songbird, By Arrogate
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Meet the First Foal from Songbird, By Arrogate

August 24, 2019

What was amazing about him is it seemed like
the farther you went, the faster he went. His stamina was unbelievable. All out at a mile and quarter, I’m not too
sure you didn’t see one of, if not the fastest horse you’d ever see. I hate to say that compares to Secretariat
which was an incredible horse and probably has a little bit of a higher number. But Arrogate, his numbers were very close to his. Arrogate was really straight forward kind
of horse. He was a kind of, you know, “Don’t mess
around with me, man.” It’s business all the time. Songbird on the other hand around the barn
you could just love all over her all you wanted. But it was funny, as soon as you started to
tack her up there was no more loving, man. It was time to go to work as well. They were both very focused horses in their
career as far as racing goes. Arrogate had one of the, well he had won the
Dubai World Cup. That was impressive. And to watch the horse run and the way he drops his head and moves, he’s just this impressive creature. And so obviously we were drawn to that. The Juddmonte team, Garret, had approached
us about possibly using the horse. And we spent a lot of time on pedigree and matings. We were honored to have Songbird in Arrogate’s
first book. First off, she was 13 for 14 on the racetrack
but of those races, nine of them were Grade-1’s, I think at seven different tracks. Not many horses ever achieve that kind of
greatness. To take a young mare like her, and a young stallion like ours, who had, had similar accomplishments on the track and breed them together, was
a special opportunity. A lot of folks would go “how did you breed
a maiden to a maiden?” And that’s a fair argument. In this particular situation you’re looking
at two exceptional individuals and I think Mandy thought it was worth a shot to take
with Arrogate. Just because of how exceptional the two of
them were. She could have gone to any horse in the world
to breed Songbird to, and she actually mentioned that after she bought her, was she was thinking
about Galileo, Tapit, Frankel, and she picked Arrogate. You take two horses that are very similar
in their running styles, very similar in their accomplishments and breed them together and
yeah, that’s exciting. We got what we wanted in the foal. Initially it was a, excuse the term, but it
was a mini-me for Songbird. It might as well have been her twin just in
a foal size. Great hind leg and lovely shoulder. When you have a maiden mare like that, sometimes
you don’t expect big strong foals. This is a big strong foal. The horse has a lot of leg. What we did, in doing that mating, it’s so
far so good. It looks like it’s what exactly we wanted. Just a ton of quality, really, overall. You couldn’t hope for more with this first
foal and she’s been a great mother to the foal and I think they’re very pleased with
what they have. It’s pretty remarkable. How much more leg and scope we’re getting
with the foal. Stay healthy so I can maybe get an opportunity
to maybe ride her. I’m hoping anyway. Maybe down the road. I plan on riding another three or four, five
years, so there’s a good chance.

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  1. A very well done and informative segment. I enjoyed listening to the people interviewed and especially Mike Smith, my all time favorite jockey. I think high expectations for this filly would be a severe understatement. I hope she gets a fitting name. I look forward to more captivating segments and profiles from TDN. Great work.

  2. That is one freakin' gorgeous foal. Mandy hasn't gotten much out of her elite band of equine princesses, so here's to hoping this will be the one to change that.

  3. Beautiful foal! Would actually be quite cool to have Mike ride her………He did quite well by her parents. A great newbie to follow 🐎🐎🐎

  4. She's beautiful just like her Mom and Dad.I don't understand why its a big deal if it's the maiden of 2 parents the genes are the genes,that doesn't change with experience.This little lady is truly Racing Royalty and she has big hooves to fill.Even if racing isn't her thing this beautiful baby will be a Very Valuable Broodmare because of her pedigrees.I sure hope she has the talent i would love to see Big Money Mike winning some big race's on her,it's only fitting being he road Songbird and Arrogate to greatness.CONGRATULATIONS TO MOM AND DAD,SHE'S BEAUTIFUL.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ.Even though she's beautiful just the way she is i kind of hope she turn's her Daddy's color,cause it's so Beautiful.πŸ’œ

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