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Meet the Horses 🐴 The Last Cowboy | Paramount Network

August 17, 2019

(intense music) – [Man] Trying to pick
a favorite horse is like trying to pick a
favorite kid you know, that’s a tough one, you
hate to leave somebody out. – These horses are taken care
of the same as human athletes, we’ve got a treadmill, massages, heat’s good for their backs too. There’s literally hundreds
of thousands of dollars that are spent on these horses. – [Man] You go to
a reigning event you’re gonna see horses with
beautiful manes and tails, and their hair coats
shine and they’re fat and they’re pretty
and they’re happy cause we love our horses and
we take very good care of them. – He’s getting a blow dry. (blow dryer whirring) – I think what makes
a great horseman is being able to read the horse, knowing your horse’s
wants and needs and adapting to each horse. – [Woman] Number 261,
Trashy Chics Dig Me. – [Man] The beautiful
thing about reigning is that one horse can completely
change a person’s life and career and that was
America’s Next Gun Model. – This is one of
the derby guys here, one of the horses
going to the NRBC, this is actually the horse
that won the Futurity Yawn. – I feel really good
on Ace warming up, I have one horse, one shot, but I think I have a
great, great horse. – Lacey is a little crazy,
but when you can put it all her craziness
in the right bundle, she’s a really good horse. – To me the cowboy
way of life is, it’s about the horses, for
me it’s all about the horses. Good boy. (intense guitar music)

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