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Meet The Horses! // Versatile Horsemanship

August 21, 2019

hey guys so today it’s a beautiful day
and I thought it would be really fun to do a video to introduce my horses for
one but for two to show off they’re very fuzzy upper Michigan winter coats so I’m
gonna go around my whole herd and just kind of tell you a little bit about each
one and I do want to say that a lot of people think that it’s the temperature
that dictates the horses winter coat and when they start shedding when they
growing it that sort of thing so and actually that’s not true at all what
when the horse starts to grow into coat is when the day starts getting shorter
and when the day you start getting longer so there’s more light that’s when
the horses start to shed so this is bare it’s really interesting and some of my
horses shed sooner than others it just depends on the individual horse and also
what I found is that the white hair seems to shed sooner than the dark
colored hair so and I actually um I wanted to see what it was like all
around the world and I’m involved in this group on Facebook called heggs with
Meg’s and so I went on there and I just kind of asked everybody where they lived
and if their horses were shedding yet and that sort of thing it was really
interesting to hear about the different coats that horses produce in different
parts of the nation and some were saying that they still shed their coats the
same time but it’s just it’s like they have two summer coats basically so they
they shed a coat and then they grow another coat that’s the same length
others were saying I mean people who live in California and such who have
older horses or whatever just depends on the horse we’re growing very very long
coats and they were living in 80 degree weather so I thought that was really
interesting and how some people have to go out and body clip their horses
year-round just to make sure that they stay comfortable we’re us here we we
leave our horses out all the time so they need their winter coats and they
shut it and it works out great you know weather-wise we’re real careful not to
overwork them say on a 20 degree day with sunshine our horses who tend to get
a little bit warm she is the hardiest one of the bunch and
she has lots of hair coming off of her so far she’s really shedding and it’s
just so warm but she’s super fluffy so a muffin is in her teens so but she’s
always been like that bear here he has a nice thick coat too
and what I’ve read about ponies and miniature horses as such is that they
actually grow a thicker coat because they’re their legs are smaller they have
a lot less some body surface so they have a tendency to be a little bit
thicker in the coat then then the bigger horses are so I thought that was really
interesting I kind of like how we have to dress kids a little warmer when going
outside so next is lucky and I’m not gonna sneak
up on him I just snuck up on him lucky has one eye so if you come up on his
left side he doesn’t always see you coming thinks you’re another horse that
sort of thing this is Petra and Petra has a relatively smooth coat she sheds
her shout real quick she’s fairly young she’s six but hers is not nearly as
thick as the ponies so she looks pretty sleek year-round she doesn’t get as
sweated up as say muffin wood and lucky he is
crabby a little pony right there he’s like I don’t want to go to work
today so we’re gonna follow him around until we can get to him oh lucky stinker pony well we’ll come
back to him next is Nellie so this is Nellie Nellie has a really beautiful
coat she was just ridden so she’s very it’s kind of matted down a little bit
right now seems like when they when they move when they work their cocaine it
loses its fluff the air that is held underneath the horses here is what
insulates them and keeps them warm so but when they’re working they have a
tendency to their cult lays down flat so well lucky is just crabby today this is
not like him he’s usually really happy to kind of come over and say hello but
he doesn’t really want anything to do with anybody right now
so next up on our list is Tuffy here’s Tuffy he is the kindest boy ever
and Tuffy always has a pretty sleek coat he gets fluffy his coat used to be very
shaggy um but as he’s gotten a little older he has a really nice sleek coat
and I think it’s you know it’s from the inside as well so the nutrition we’ve
got him on equi-join supplement and that really seems to help this coat next year
we have little Daisy and Daisy has so much hair she is just thick thick thick and her little legs are very very hairy
so those little ones they get lots of hair moving on we’ll go over to Annabelle and Annabelle this little
Pinto right here Annabelle she doesn’t grow too thick of a coat um
you know and she’s never seems to be bothered by that she’s she’s got really
sensitive skin out of all the horses I own she’s got super itchy skin so I
don’t know and maybe it’s because it’s mostly white I don’t know but she
doesn’t really look like she shouldn’t much at all yet so Annabelle I think is
10 this year she’s 9 or 10 so moving on over here this is Nocona
this is one of my personal horses that I write this whole this is all my herd but
a lot of these horses are used for lessons this is one of my personal
horses she’s not shedding quite yet and the Kona’s coat you know everybody says
how beautiful it is and to me in the winter she kind of cam is camouflage
with the ground she kind of looks like a poopy snowbank when she’s laying down so
it’s kind of funny funny to think of that she’s just there loving the
sunshine it’s so nice up today this sunshine has really been a good good
break for us man it gets old lemon and cold and this is trigger clearly
mechonis the conus brother and trigger has a bit of a longer coat it’s not
super thick but it’s his hairs are longer so but he always stays I never
have problems with any of these guys that I’ve shown you so far getting cold
you know you know Tuffy sometimes they’ll shiver a little bit
and my my pintos usually will get a little colder but the rest of them are pretty hardy so this is Rosie and Rosie I think she is well insulated
she’s even got the little dimple going down her back if it rains or get some
they get a lot of snow on him she ends up with a little puddle going down the
back a little Wooley okay moving over here we have rain rains coat is
interesting because it’s very dense really really dense
um but very short so she’s never she’s one of my first ones to shed out so she
really never has much you know much fluff to her she’s just it’s just dense
and and short so she doesn’t really look shaggy when I first got her she had a
selenium deficiency and her coat was very long very shaggy and she also
didn’t have a single spot on her so all these spots have come you know I think
she’s 14 now and all these spots have come in the last 10 years it’s pretty
cool every spring when she sheds out she’s just got a few more spots so it’s
pretty neat and then here this is pretty Palomino this is Nika and Nika is 18
this year and her too she has a coat very similar to Rains it’s very dense
and very fuzzy and she also has this white spot here and this will certain
times of the year it’s very pronounced the whole thing will be will be light
colored and then other time see there kind of looks like an eclipse and it’s
just an outline and then sometimes it’ll be just you know the one set like 3/4 of
it that’ll really show so that’s kind of cool it’s just a birthmark she’s not um
um a paint or anything like that so but yeah she has a great coat and this is a
horse that just never seems to be cold she’s really really got a great coat
stays warm so and then over here this is Miss Kitty
and Miss Kitty is always one of my first shudders her and muffin and Miss Kitty’s
white hair always seems to come out first it’s funny somebody told me it was
the way that the light reflected off the hair that caused that to happen so the
dark hair retains the heat so I don’t know if that’s true or not I’ve really
never done any research on it but Miss Kitty’s 25 and she is looking really
really good and has beautiful coat that she’s always had and her mother is
actually still alive and she is 36 this year so good genes she’s a she’s got a
little Arabian in her and um little quarterhorse little paint so and then
here this is cinnamon and cinnamon is I think she’s 10 she has a nice coat to
hers is a little a little longer she does get a little cool sometime so she’s
one that I always make sure I can get into the shelter so I’ll move her I’ll
put her in a stall or something if needed but I don’t blanket my horses
they have a tendency to just pull them off each other here and I just um it
really hasn’t been necessary for me to blanket any of our horses so we just
bring them in if needed and make sure that they have what they need to to be
warm and healthy lots and lots of hay they get hay off all the time so there’s
my herd the only one we really didn’t get to take a look at was mr. lucky so
we’ll see if we can go and visit with him again there buddy
very nice winter coat it’s very thick and very bushy he’s not as heavy as I
would like him to be um right now I think he’s which is funny because he
seems to be a pretty new he’s in pretty good shape and stuff but he doesn’t want
anything to do with being messed around today I think it’s a good data to take
him in and give him a good grooming maybe a little ground work
for him so but anyway he’s um he’s not as easy of a keeper as my other ponies
they just seem to get along really really well no matter what the weather’s
like so but he might need a little a little extra when he’s getting some work
right now he looks good but he’s here you can see that sides where’s miss
didn’t I and actually it’s um there’s a glass a glass eye or glass ball
underneath there so it’s not just a big divot that’s kind of cool
something neat that the kids always like to touch and look at okay well that’s my
heard so if you have any questions please feel free to ask I’m always happy
to help and if you’d like to see more videos like this please like my video
share it comment and subscribe to the verse of horsemanship YouTube channel
thanks for visiting so after Lucky was so cranky and the
pasture and didn’t want to didn’t want to come and visit I figured I would go
out and get him and bring him in and give him some attention so a lot of
times if my if any of my horses are acting off you know I spend so much time
working with my horses then acting funny like that when I do go out to to see
them or handle them I just know that something’s not right so um and now that
he’s in he’s totally happy so um so yeah this is mr. lucky he’s in his teens and
here is a little look at his missing eye and he doesn’t mind it being touched at
all and he’s got a nice thick coat really good and bushy so he’s a nice
nice little guy who’s usually very happy to be caught and hang out with everybody
and so he’s just having a bad day they have bad days too just like us

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  1. I'm usually a gelding-girl, but it's Miss Kitty for the win! The darkest browns/black against a white coat always manages to turn my head. A big Shire feels magnetic to me! MUST GET CLOSER TO PET YOU! Thanks for sharing your lovely herd Brandi! ☀️🐴❄️

  2. I love Nika (sorry if that isn’t spelt correctly) I do love a Palomino, I wish I didn’t have to rug my horse it would make life soooo much easier x

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