Meet the Jockey Making History
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Meet the Jockey Making History

August 11, 2019

– Most people, when
they think of a jockey, think of a male jockey. People who don’t think
women can be jockeys are uneducated. Obviously, we are proving ourselves. I’ve become the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. It took 150 years for
a woman to finally win. My name is Michelle
Payne, and I am a jockey and horse trainer. Horse racing has been part of
our family before I was born. My dad was a jockey and a horse trainer, and my older brothers
and sisters all followed in his footsteps. I was very lucky growing up with a family, where,
it wasn’t ever suggested that female jockeys couldn’t
be as good as the male jockeys. And I think that really helped me. The Melbourne Cup is the
race that stops the nation. It’s such a huge event in Australia. As a jockey, it’s what we all aim towards from as young as four or five years old it was basically my
dream to become a jockey and to win the Melbourne Cup. So, I felt very privileged to have been the first female jockey to win. (camera shutter snaps) It was a moment of disbelief. It was a moment of years of training and dreaming of winning our
greatest race in Australia. It was an amazing feeling. I think the racing industry is great, because men and women compete equally and there’s no separation
between one or the other. In the generation coming through, we’ve got a lot more female apprentices, and I think that’s fantastic. What I’d say to young children who would like to be a jockey: don’t let people say you can’t, because obviously, it is possible. That, for me, has been
the most important part of winning the Melbourne Cup. Showing and proving to
young girls coming through and current jockeys that it is possible.

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  1. how exactly will she be remembered in history? You really need to stop using “making history” in your titles

  2. How ethical is this type of sport for the animals? I can’t help but conclude that horses shouldn’t be involved in this type of sport. Any thoughts?


  4. The title "Jockeying for gender equality" is complete BS considering that, at 1:30, Michelle herself says, "The racing industry is great because men and women compete equally and there's no separation between one or the other." So once again Great Big Story is trying to spin the title of their video to pander to something that perpetuates division rather than promotes unity.

  5. "Jockeying for Gender Equality." This channel has become a joke. They are literally one of the few sports that everyone competes together(mainly because women actually have an advantage in this over guys). It's not the guys fault that no woman, until now, has won the Melbourne Cup, despite having the big advantage of being lighter.

  6. The first female, then the first black, then the first black female, then the first asian, then the first gays/lesbians, then the first transsexuals/bisexual, then the first aborigines… when will this "first" end?

  7. I liked your content when it was none political as in many first world countries women have equal rights and we should focus on countries that don’t give everyone equal rights. Also isn’t sexist that we’re giving her more attention for being a women and winning a race that a lot of people have won before

  8. …. well I guess she is also the first female to win the Melbourne cup and then get banned for doping.

  9. I like your videos, but I have always loved horses. Sorry, but you missed big on this one. This is a highly abusive and murderous "sport". I'm sorry to see your clumsy promotion of animal cruelty.

  10. Make a video about some cool pick-up artist who helps shy guys to date women. Or isn't it politically correct nowadays?

  11. To the people saying things like "what's up with all feminist bullshit", "why all the pandering", "I liked GBS when it wasn't political", and so on, here's a suggestion: unsubscribe! That way you don't have to see it. It's really simple

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