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Meet the Riders | The Last Cowboy | Paramount Network

August 10, 2019

Working with horses, it’s so much more than
just cowboy hats, the boots, and the spurs. As women, we have to prove
ourselves a lot more. Horses were always in my life. That taste of the win, it’s always a good taste. This way of life means everything to me. I love what I do. These are the best of the best. I knew that I wanted to be a horse trainer the very first time I sat
on a reining horse when I was nine years old.
Being a cowgirl is tough. The hours, the time,
the physical labor, but I really do love it. Bang. Good boy. I grew up in Long Beach, California,
riding the city bus from school 45 minutes to an hour
to go for a riding lesson. Riding as a kid
was definitely an escape and it’s still like that today. Reining is something my family has always done. It’s my history
and it’s my passion. It’s a family affair.
It’s all Cade wants to do. He’s going to be better
than I ever was. I’m fortunate to get to make a living doing
what I love, getting to be around
my family all the time. The beautiful thing
about reining is that one horse can completely
change a person’s career. I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy. It’s the lifestyle
that I’ve chosen. I feel like a horse trainer
is very similar to an artist. Sometimes we paint
a pretty awesome picture. I consider myself really lucky to have a few great horses. The other riders, I look at them
as competition, not as friends. Our program is very small, just me, my family,
and one assistant. Our faith is the top priority in our life.
I mean, God’s been good to us. We get to buy a ranch
because of the success that we’ve had that
we never dreamed possible. Reining is a dangerous sport. Anything can happen
when you’re out there. Holy Shit. Been kicked a few times. Slammed me on the ground and I think it separated
my shoulder pretty good. Broke my collarbone, all my ribs. Dragged me 40 or 50 feet. Shoved all of my front teeth on the left side
up into my sinus cavity. The experience shaped my personality. I am not a guy that’s really
overly concerned about what you think
about me. This season is exciting because we are leading up
to a million dollar event. The stress level, it’s starting to build up. I’ve got to really step up and do well. Otherwise I could lose control
of my own destiny. On that night it’s one go around.
Anything can happen. That’s where I need to bring my A game. This will be the first horse show that Abby and I will be competing against
each other for different teams and obviously
I want to beat her. Out on my own, my odds are definitely not
as good as the other guys, but I think
I still have a shot. For me, I’ve had no other goals in my life
but to get to the top. I’m not a good loser. I mean, you show me a good loser
and I’ll show you a loser. The only thing that’s at stake
is everything.

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