Meet the Shire horses of Hampton Court Palace
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Meet the Shire horses of Hampton Court Palace

October 24, 2019

At first I didn’t think I would get on
with them I thought they were a bit boring, big old lumpy things that they are because I was much more used to carriage horses, lighter horses but I love working with them They’re very different to
normal horses they’re more like colleagues I think they’re a lot
cleverer actually I think they’re a lot deeper than normal horses So the shire horses have been here for twelve years now but of course there would have
been Shire horses here a long time ago during Victorian times that would have
been used in the gardens because horses were the lorries of their day and indeed it was Henry VIII who originated the breed of Shires because he wanted a bigger horse to go into battle so he passed a law to say
that people would have to breed with bigger horses so they brought horses in
from the continent and bit by bit that law then produced the great horse that we now know as a Shire horse So we have eight Shires we acquired a young one recently
for training up because they’re all getting older, including the staff so we’ve got an old retired one, and we’ve got a young one and we’ve have six working horses, so all in all we’ve got eight – eight Shires They’re working horses so if
they don’t have any work they get really really bored that’s why people find it
so hard to to keep them you can’t just keep them as a pet in a field, they need
a purpose we think I would be nice give them some time off but actually
they’re all standing there waiting at the gate just kind of thinking come on
we’re bored now let’s go and do something We get up get down here for
about seven o’clock give them their breakfast and then we
groom them, wash their feet out, they live out in the fields normally, throughout most of the year unless the weather’s really bad and then we’ll bring them
into their stables We find they’re much happier living out where they’re with their chums and then we give them a second breakfast so they get two breakfasts We obviously harness them up and then we drive them to the palace and
that’s where we work They have their best friends and they have the ones that they avoid you’ve got loners, a horse like Heath for instance he doesn’t really mix
with the other horses he keeps himself to himself and then you’ve got horses
like Tom and Massey and Murdock who just love grooming each other
and they’re, you know, bestest mates and if you’d separated they get really upset Shire horses are rarer than pandas There’s only about two thousand
left in the world so it’s really really difficult to actually be able to go and
see a Shire horse it’s quite a special thing just going in to Hampton Court Palace and come and see the Shires

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  1. I don’t know all that much about horses, so this was a fairly informative video for me. I also didn’t really how rare this breed of horses were.

  2. Interesting video and beautiful horses yet it's a shame some can live in opulence and give their horses better lives then many living under their so-called rule. And to think THEY want a New World Order; yeah I trust that….. NOT

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