Meet William Our Newest @TorontoPolice Horse
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Meet William Our Newest @TorontoPolice Horse

August 18, 2019

KRISTOPHER MCCARTHY: So this is a William Wardle, AKA William. He’s a five-year-old Clydesdale. He’s about 17-2 (hands), he weighs in at roughly about 1,600 pounds. We’ve had him at the unit for about the last eight or nine months. He’s very well suited for the job, he’s a very calm, well-mannered, well-natured horse. WILLIAM WARDLE: When I first heard that they were going to name a horse after me obviously I was very touched, very emotional moment because it’s very special. I donated a lot of my efforts and time and really strived to make this Mounted Unit the best Mounted Unit in North America and it’s kind of nice to have yourself recognized in this way and honoured. MCCARTHY: So William is a pure Clydesdale, he was one of the first pure Clydesdale that the Toronto Police has ever brought in. He has showed tremendous promise, he’s already represented the Toronto Police Service in an international competition where he fared extremely well and this horse is still going through training. When they have the forelock on their head like this, what that signifies to all the members in the barn is that this horse is still in training, it also lets the officers out on the road know that this is potentially not the same approachable horse that is standardized throughout the Toronto Police Service. WARDLE: Though I’m no longer a part of the unit, I still am a part of it in some very special ways. Not very many people have had a horse named after them and everyone that has, has done something very special for our city, for the community, and for the Police Service in general. As a Unit Commander, I was able to name a number of horses after people that have made a really big contribution to the Police Service, the Mounted Unit and particularly in our community and to have that same honour bestowed on me is really something special. MCCARTHY: William Wardle was my boss. He’s the only Toronto Police Officer that’s basically gone through all the ranks from P.C. all the way to Staff Inspector as a Mounted Officer and I just think it’s fitting to have a William Wardle in the barn at all times.

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