Mens Fashion: What to wear to the Horse Races
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Mens Fashion: What to wear to the Horse Races

August 10, 2019

good afternoon and welcome to Highcliffe
clothiers here in beautiful downtown Middleburg standing next to me is a
wonderful example of a outfit one could wear to the spring races it is at oxford
coat made in Chicago the best make in America
notice how perfectly matched it is real Buffalo horn buttons awesome coat
perfect for the races you can dress it up dress it down wear it with a tie you
could wear it with an awesome bow tie if you wanted you may want to think about
wearing a hat to the races it gets very hot and sunny there sometimes and you
might need a hat one could wear a proper Panama hat not
just a boater like that one could throw a raincoat on over it in case of
inclement weather and it’s just one of the fine examples of sport coats that we
have that would be perfect for the spring races

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