Mentoring our Family with Horses 🐴
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Mentoring our Family with Horses 🐴

August 10, 2019

– Look, where’d my feet go? – I don’t know, did
you chop your legs off? Oh, there they are. (charming music) Good morning, we are having
a nice relaxing morning. Enjoying the view, beautiful
sky, lots of horses around. And lots and lots of sand
for the kids to play in. (upbeat music) All the kids slept through the night here, which was amazing because
we did not get much sleep at the hotel, so it was
really nice to be somewhere we were comfortable and
relaxed and sleeping well. It is so nice to have
somewhere where we can just let the kids play and
get dirty and be on vacation. It’s totally fine, we
have time to give all the kids baths tonight after they’re so dirty and filthy today playing. So it’s nice to just let them play, not having to have a bunch of
toys for them to play with. ‘Cause their favorite toy right now is the sand their digging in. What did you find? You got lots more
buckets for sand castles? (upbeat music) You’ve got to practice that throw girl. Some of my favorite childhood memories is just playing with the
earth and getting dirty. There’s endless imagination
when you’re playing with sand. What you can make with it. I love just having a
place where they are free to go and just enjoy this. And I can sit out and just watch. (upbeat music) This one’s Flier, right? – [Nicole] Yes. – [Mom] Hi Flier, hi our kids
are so excited to see you. Y’all are so pretty. Hi. Do you ride bareback most of the time? – Lately ’cause it’s summer and he’s… – [Mom] Oh yeah. – A bath, and he’s just faster. – Our family is in
Minnesota for a couple weeks because Tim’s little brother
is getting married next week and we came out early to
come and spend some time with our friends, with Ms. Nicole. She was our nanny when I
pregnant with the twins, up until they were about nine months old. And she was even with
us moving into our house that we’re in, so she
saw us through a lot. She feels kind of like part of our family. And it’s just really fun
that we have family up in Minnesota, near her and we get to come and see her as well whenever
we come up for family. Hi buddy. We learned so much from her and her mom. Karis, you want me to hold you now? No. (laughing) Why not? – Did you show Mommy,
what color is your water? Show Mommy your water. – Where’s your water? Her mom has been kind
of like a mentor to me that I’ve really appreciated. – We’re gonna ride horses. – Really, are they almost ready? – We’re having to get them ready. – [Mom] Gettin’ their saddles on. (charming music) – We’re heading up to the barn over here. To go ride horses, trying
to get the twins to come. ‘Cause they wanna ride the horses, but they get so distracted
by all the little things, the flowers, the grass, the butterflies, there’s so much to look at up here. But we’re gonna go to the
big barn and ride the horses, Hally already beat us up there. (charming music) Put your foot in there,
little guy, you can do it. – You got it, you had your foot in there, just do it again. – [Dad] A little bit higher. If he was like one inch taller. Stretch, oh! – And jump up! There you go. – [Dad] Oh, good job, Zeke. – One of my favorite things about Cindy, Nicole’s mom is that how
she does this training kids and of training horses,
it’s very similar in a way, of how you’re just matter of fact and this is how things are and you don’t get emotional about it. I enjoy getting back around her. – [Dad] Hey, Zeke, you’re on Flier. – I trotted! – [Dad] You trotted? Whoa Zeke. Zeke, she’s not even holding on, you’re doing it by yourself. – I got to trot and I also got to ride Gun all by myself on him. – My favorite part when riding a horse is that without anybody leading me. It’s kind of hard, but fun. I can ride a horse by myself. – [Dad] Without Ms. Cindy even holding on? Whoa. (upbeat music) You girls wanna ride a horsey? – Yes.
– Yeah. – [Dad] You do? Are you gonna be big girls? Which one? – Two horsies. – [Dad] Yeah, two of ’em out there. – [Girls In Unison] Hi horsies. – [Dad] Hi horsies. (charming music) – Do you wanna say hi to Mr. Gun first? Hi, I’m gonna ride you. What do you think, should
we go for a little walk? I’ll hold onto your leg. – [Mom] Bye Karis. – [Dad] Yay Karis. High five, good job Karis, was that fun? Yeah. Having this family has a lot of rewards and it’s important that we
raise and train our kids well but we know that we can’t
be the only influences in their life and that’s
important that there’s other people that they grow
to know, like, trust, respect and they get to spend
time with those people and learn from them as well. Hi Chloe, you’re doing a good job. – How about that? Yep, let’s keep going, do you wanna climb or do you need Cindy to help ya? I think you could climb
with a little help. Okay, let’s put this foot in here. You can do it. And then you can climb up,
there you go, there you go. Nice! Oh, nice job. You ready? – Get up horsey! (charming music) – Good job Cody. You look like a cowboy up there. – [Mom] Are you a cowboy? – I think I need a cowboy hat. – You think you need a cowboy hat? We took a break from playing in the sand to go ride horses but then the horses need a break, so we’re back at the sand. And Ms. Cindy added some water to make it a new experience for the kids. So everybody’s got their swimsuits on and got the sprinkler
over in the back corner. I don’t know if you can
see it, oh there it is. So now they get to play with mud. And the adults just get to sit around and enjoy the cool breeze. (upbeat music) You picked up more kids. Are you taking a shower outside Toby? (screams) – [Dad] And his face is still dirty, how about we do this? – [Mom] Scrub your face, use your hands. – [Dad] Close your eyes
Toby, close your eyes. – [Mom] No, are you serious? – [Dad] Close your eyes. Did I get it, no I didn’t get it. Ready, one more time,
ready, rub your face. – [Mom] Rub your face. – [Dad] Rub your face, here we go, yep. (upbeat music) – [Mom] Are you clean now? See how you like an outdoor shower. – In the middle of getting all the kids ready for bed, Olivia
is getting ready to wake up. She’s in a really good mood, she just loves talking right now. Even though all of your
brothers and sisters are taking showers and getting jammies on, they’re gonna sleep hard
tonight after such a fun day. A lot of you guys have been
asking where her glasses are, and we actually forgot
them, we left them at home. We left them at home, and
it’s not working out well because today you ripped off your patch. First time she had her eye patch on and she decided to just
rip it off by herself. These little hands are starting to get a little more useful for you aren’t they? Yeah, we’re gonna have to
keep those glasses on you once we get back so you
keep your contact lens in and don’t take off your patch. These kids played so hard today, they are all so ready for bed. Sweetie did you know the twins put themselves to sleep again tonight. – I’m not tired. – [Dad] You are so tired. Yes you are, time to go to sleep. Night, Karis. Give me high five goodnight. – Night, night. Okay, Chloe, you girls are so tired, you’re like, putting yourself to sleep. High five night night. Night, night, love you. Did you have a good day today Toby? What was your favorite part? – Playing in the sand. – [Dad] You played in the sand a lot. Did you get super dirty? – Yeah. – [Dad] And I had to dowse you
off with a bucket of water. Was that fun? – Yeah. – [Dad] Did you dig in the sand? – Yeah. – [Dad] What was your favorite
part of today Ms. Hally? – You dumping the buckets of water on me. (laughing) – [Dad] You liked it? I can dump buckets of water
on you more if you want me to? Like when we get home, you want me to just randomly surprise
and dump water on you? – Yeah, when my bathing suit is on. – Okay, when you wear a bathing suit. That makes sense, and
you got to ride horses and play in the sand. We’ve known this family, Nicole’s family for about 10 years now. – [Mom] I’m really thankful that we have another family like this
to just really speak into our lives and our kids lives and just make an impact,
a really good impact, on our family as a whole. Those relationships are ones
to hang onto and nurture, feed, and make sure you
keep those connections. We’re about to be
spending the next few days with other people who will do
that with our kids as well. My side of the family,
my brothers and cousins. So we’re looking forward to sharing that with you as we head
to my brother’s wedding. We’ve got a lot more coming up, a lot of funny, silly things, so we’d love to have you follow along the videos every Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, just about how we’re growing together as a family team, and all the ups and downs that go with it. So thanks for being a part of that story with us and we’ll see you guys soon, bye.

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