Meray Mohsin – Last Episode 28 || English Subtitles || 11th Dec 2019 – HAR PAL GEO
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Meray Mohsin – Last Episode 28 || English Subtitles || 11th Dec 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

December 13, 2019

Mohsin, he looks just like you,
he is your face. God bless. God bless. See, he is so small. Okay then. Give him to me, come on. Come on. Soha, don’t sit like this for too long,
your back will hurt. I am fine, I just sat up. You rest, consider this your room,
you cannot move for a month. Mama, I wanted to talk to you. Come sit. Mama, I met Soha’s dad yesterday, he gave me a big responsibility. What? He wants me to handle his
business and office. He has named half his wealth to Soha
and he wants me to handle it all. Soha is happy to hear this,
she is his only daughter. Mama, I felt that he consider me a
family member and accepted me. This is a good thing, if parents are there a person prospers, my life is at peace today.
I feel I have everything. Yes, all that is fine. But what if he thinks you
did all this for Soha’s wealth. If this happens, I will be embarrassed,
because I didn’t bring you up like this, I had principles. Mama, I will never do something
that would embarrass you. He called me his son, that is why, I am made him
relaxed by telling him that I can give Soha a much better
future than he has thought of. I think this won his confidence. I told him I will think about it
and tell him, right now I wanted to tell you. I am going to the child now. Hey, let me make breakfast. Why will you make it? I made it. Ok, give him to me. You sit. I will see, I will pamper him. Omlet, bread, I will get you juice. Ask mama too,
we have to make her breakfast too. We will make it. Right now mama is not coming, she will take some time. Thank you. Welcome. Sit and eat with me?
No, I like it like this. Has Ahsan slept? Yes, he slept, why are you standing here?
Do you want to stay here? No, just like that, I am just really happy
and relaxed today. Even I am really happy, you can’t even imagine. What did you say? I am really happy. After that. You can’t even imagine. Why are you talking like this,
can you say it again? I cannot believe it. Okay, stop over reacting. Me. Yes. You don’t deserve it,
so I will talk like this. I am not that lucky. No, if you want I can call
you mine after all, you are my husband and
I can give my life for you. If you talk like this, I will laugh. Man, you have changed, you are no longer the old Soha. The old Soha wasn’t bad. No, she was really good, she was a little stubborn, she used to fight me,
she used to hit me, I miss that. I can still fight, if you want I still can. Yes, then lets do it, lets fight. Okay, leave all this,
Ahsan is sleeping inside, lets go inside. No, lets go outside, we have to go out. Where? On a drive. Are you mad? We can’t leave him. We won’t leave him, we will take him. He just slept. He will sleep in the car. Then mama? These issues will never end.
Come on lets go. Come on. Hey, where are you going? What are you doing? Remember, you didn’t let me
sit in the car one time, you come out. Ahsan is sleeping. I will see him. See he is sleeping in peace, I will keep an eye on him. If I wanted I could have talked to
you about this on the phone but I wanted to look in
your eyes and say this, Soha you got a lot of
happiness in my life, when I think what is the most
precious thing for me, I only see you. You won me and my family’s
heart with your love. I am really lucky. You know when I was young, papa used to sa good time
comes after struggle. He was right, remember the first few days of our wedding,
they were so tough. Now see, your smartness has changed it all.
You gave so much respect, love to my family that
hatred didn’t have time. Today for the first time
my home feels complete. Thank you so much. Thank you.
No matter how much I thank you, Did you think this was
the right spot to say this. Thank you. Thank you. Shall we go? Yes. God damn this woman. To hell with her. God knows who she got here, our home is a mess since she came. Mama, lower your voice,
if she hears it she will create a scene. Why should I lower my voice?
I am not afraid of anyone. What is left in this home to create
a scene over, she ended it all. Mama, she won’t learn,
you have patience. Why? Why should I have patience.
I am telling you, tell her that if she creates a scene,
I will create a bigger scene. You cannot do anything,
sit calmly that is best for you. Why can I not? I will show you?
This is my home, I will rule, this is my husband’s home, if someone tries to order me around,
I will pull them out. Mama, this was your home, not anymore. What are you saying? The loan brother took
for his business, sister in law came and
paid for it. What? Yes. For all her life, they are indebted to her,
so no one will say a word. Don’t forget, brother Zahid’s business will end soon, she runs the house or she will
drag you and me out. Sidra, what are you saying? No one told me anything. You are lying right?
You are just saying all this? Mama, stop crying, ask your son. Son? My son didn’t tell me, how can anyone give me home to anyone? Ok, don’t cry. You should have let me have my home,
they took it. Mama, don’t worry, I am with you. Get lost, what will you do? You bother me. Tell me honestly,
did she take the home? Yes, she took everything. To hell with her. Hey, you got my prince, here show me. He is sleeping. Mama, I wanted to get your permission. Soha’s mother and father
are going to Europe, I was thinking of inviting him for dinner, so we wont meet them for 6 months.
So today? Yes, do invite them, its their daughter’s home. Yes, all is fine now. Yes, plan well for the party. Don’t worry about that, he and Soha will do it. I just wanted your permission. Invite them. He is with you. Thank you mama. There is no need to thank me. Come over, lets eat. Yes, please come. Nazo. Sit here. Come. Thank you. Smells nice. She didn’t cook one bit at home, I am surprised she is so homely now. At home she didn’t even
drink water herself. All girls work in their homes and they look good that way. I myself am surprised to see her, this is the same Soha
who used to give orders. Son, Mohsin,
how old is this home? Uncle, my father got this made, there were just 2 rooms,
we got the extension done later. Its good, whatever parents make for
the children is great. I have given my Lahore home to Soha
and there is a home in Karachi that is Soha’s and there is a home in Alia’s name. in fact, her shares are in my company, she can work too. Everything is for the children, she is there, you are here and now
my grandson has come too. Thank you uncle. Actually parents want to
see their children happy, wealth doesn’t matter. Yes, Nida, everything I have is for Soha and I want you two
to handle it all after I am gone. The food is really good.
You made it? Yes. Mama, what happened?
Why are you crying? You tell me if something happened? Did someone say something? Why are you crying like this?
Tell me. Yes, Nida,
everything I have is for Soha and I want you two to handle
it all after I am gone. What if he thinks that you
did all this for Soha’s wealth, if this happens I will be embarrassed, I didn’t bring you up like this. What happened? What you are you thinking? SOha, I wont leave this home and go. The property and homes he has
given to you is your right, you are his daughter, you can live your life like you want,
I wont stop you. But please don’t force me to
leave with you. Woah, what are you thinking? I will ask you
to leave this home and shift there? Mohsin, what papa said was what he wishes, but do you really think that I will ask you to
leave mama and Nazo and live there. I don’t want to go there either. As far as handling papa’s
business is concerned, I would say meet papa once. It will be your decision, I will not pressurize you. But I know why papa said this to you. He has no one but us, but its your decision. Please, the decision I make tomorrow, you might not like it,
so please don’t have any regrets. I have not had any regret earlier, nor will I have one in future. When I had no regret when you
were secretly marrying Sidra, then why would I regret now? Oh God, leave that now. I just kidding. You got her in between. Damn! Shall we go? Yes. Your dad called, he said there was something
he wants to discuss. He called me to the office. I think I know what he
wants to talk about. I told you yesterday what he
wants to talk about, don’t worry, I have told mama in detail, she is saying she will talk to papa and I feel he will agree. But please don’t say anything like
this in front of mama, she will get upset. Soha, I know you have done me
and my family a lot of favors, so much that I cannot pay them off, but I cannot accept your father’s decision. I can leave the world for you, but not my mother and sisters, I hope you can understand that. Of course I do and I don’t want this myself. Okay. Oh, hey, come on sleep. Mama, give him to me,
you must be tired. No, who gets tired of caring
for your own son, I don’t even know where time flies. I have cared for 5 children. Yes, give him to me,
I will care for him. I won’t have tea right now,
I will have it when Mohsin comes. But Mohsin will get really late today. Actually he went to meet papa, I just spoke a while back. He will be really late,
you have your tea. Come son, welcome to your new office. From today, you will handle the responsibilities here. Uncle, Soha was saying you
are going to Europe for 6 year, then how can you
leave this responsibility on me. Yes, I had that postponed,
so that I can explain things to you. Uncle, you… I won’t hear a word, I wanted someone trustworthy for this business.
Most importantly you are our own. Fine, I will try to do what you want, but that thing you
said about staying with you, I am sorry I cannot accept it. I am happy in my home,
Soha too is really happy. I cannot stay away from my mother
and sisters, please, I am sorry. Fine, as you wish, if you and Soha are happy, we too are happy. Excuse me. I will come. Alia, order tea. Yes. I will be back. Raza gave you think big responsibility
because he has full faith in you. He doesn’t have anyone apart from Soha. He is going for a bypass, please don’t tell this to Soha. Why didn’t he tell me? He didn’t want you and Soha to worry. Actually, when Soha married you and left, he had his first heart attack then and the doctor told him that if he has another attack, he wont survive. Now since all is settled, we are going to London for Raza’s bypass. We have consulted a good doctor, it will all be fine. Don’t tell anything to Soha. She will get upset. But aunty… I will be happy if you accept Raza’s offer. I understand you cannot shift to
our home with your family, but do visit often, its Soha’s home. Fine aunt, what you want will happen. I will get you tea. Mama, I met Soha’s dad yesterday,
he gave me a big responsibility. He wants me to handle
his business and office. He has named half his
wealth to Soha and he wants me to handle it all. Sit here. Come. Its good, whatever parents
make for the children is great. First Soha was there, now you are here too. Sister, I don’t know what is
wrong with mama, she has herself locked in
the room for 2 days, she is not eating o drinking anything. Yeah, Soha told me,
that is why I came immediately. What happened to her?
Did she say something? I don’t get it, I don’t know why she is doing this. I asked her so many times,
but she didn’t reply. It is possible she is unwell,
she does that when she is ill. No, there is no issue with her health, the doctor came and checked. I think she is upset with us on something,
you ask her. Nothing like that, actually at this age a person likes alone time. Children are busy in their life,
that’s possible. She is not alone, Ahsan is with her all day long, she plays with him. In fact he is more attached to her. I don’t get it. Mama, you called? Yes, I wanted to talk about
something important. Sit. I want to talk to Mohsin alone. I am seeing that for the past few days you are lost, maybe you are divided
between mama and wife, you cannot decide, that is why I have thought I will
make this decision for you. If you want, you can agree to Soha’s
father and go there. Mama, what are you saying? I am right. Mama, please don’t say that, how can you think we will leave you. This is my home too mama, did you even ask me once if I want
to leave this home or you? I know you didn’t like what papa said, I apologize for that,
please forgive me. All my life I have not
had these relations, I have learned here what mama,
sister brother are, I don’t want to go back to that life. Please don’t ask me to leave. Is there no place for me in this home? But we cannot give you
the luxuries in this home, the ones you are used too. Maybe your father has thought
right for your future and Ahsan’s too. You are a great mother. I have seen a mother’s love in this home. Mohsin didn’t just marry me
and give me respect, he gave me these relations. That is worth more than anything, I don’t want to be away from you,
nor do I want to leave you. Please don’t separate me from you. Please. Mama, all that we have today is because of
your prayers and Soha’s fate, I need nothing else, I just want to see you and her happy. We just need your prayers
to keep us protected. I am lucky to have a great
daughter in law like you. I don’t know what my God liked,
or else I didn’t do anything. I want to live as your daughter. I didn’t come here to take
anything away from you, I want love from you people. And mama the relation
I didn’t get in my life, I want my son to grow with them. Please mama, don’t ask
us to leave from here. Promise me, you won’t do that.
Please. I knew this would be your decision, if there was someone in your place, he wouldn’t have said no to running
your father in law’s business. But you proved that for you
relations are worth more than wealth, I am proud of my upbringing. Mama, you have done something
great by accepting Soha. Even late, but you realized
you made a mistake. I had realized my mistake a long time ago, but this ego ruins it all, doesn’t let us make the right decisions. I have lost a lot cause of it, but thank God I have learned. Soha is really good, with her love, her smartness,
she got a home in our heart. Mohsin is lucky to have her. You are absolutely right.
They are really happy to see this new you. How is sister? Did you talk to her? Really happy. I am relaxed getting Jahan Ara married, Bakrat too is really nice. You are right, brother Barkat is really good,
he will keep her happy. Thank God my daughter got a
prize for her patience and that Zahid he got punished for
what he did, he got Shagufta. You know sister Safia was so
proud at the wedding.. Stop, don’t take their
damned names in front of me. They have really treated
my daughter bad, you will see Zahid will never be happy. Leave it, you want tea? Yes. Okay. You look really pretty. Thank you, everyone looks so happy today. All cause of you. You know what, give me your phone. Thank you. Attention everyone, so today what will you all want to say. Lets start with sister, what will you say? What should I say Soha,
thank you so much, because of you the whole
family is together, thank you. Brother Barkat? By the grace of God life is beautiful and happy.
I am with these great people. Brother Khalid what will you say? Batool go ahead. Okay, fine, I will. It’s a happy occasion that we are all together
and look at him, he looks so good. Come. Batool. What should I say? He is happy and we are here, I don’t know what to say Soha,
what should I say? I will say something, sister in law, thank you so much, we are all happy cause of you,
thank you so much. mama, what will you say? Hey, no, I don’t want to
say something. Mama… Hey, no, why do you have this phone,
I cannot speak. Say something. I really like all this,
that my family is together and we are happy, all cause of my daughter in law, may you live long. This home is yours from today,
I give this responsibility to you, and everyone is happy. and you? What will you say? Soha, you know why everyone
is so happy today? Me, my mother, sisters,
my whole family, because of you. You gave him this happiness, I am so proud of you, happiness needs to be complete, doesn’t look good incomplete. Come here, I want to talk about something
important to you. What? I love you. I love you too. I know. Everyone look here. Wait, him too. See there. Yes, go ahead.

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