Michelle Rides a Horse for the First Time in Colorado | Chad Loves Michelle | Oprah Winfrey Network

August 21, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Their horse kind
of rose a little bit. I didn’t even do nothing. I just brushed his hair
a little bit for him, and then he got excited. It is what it is. I have that effect on people. OK? Don’t take one long. It don’t care what species. [LAUGHTER] We didn’t mean to embarrass you. That was personal. I’m sorry. CHAD: And now we’re gonna show
Michelle what real mountain life is all about. She’s getting ready to get on
a horse for the first time. Ee ee! All right. Good job. Not too bad. Woo! OK. Here we go. OK. Just remember, Casper– he’s a trained professional. I am on a horse. You’re doing
good, just hold on. MICHELLE: OK. Hold your horses. [LAUGHS] Chad grew up riding horses. I did not. But I figured I wanted to try
because maybe it’s something he and I can do together one day. And Casper the
friendly horse– he’s made my experience amazing. I miss you already, Casper. So how was that? That was a pretty
good experience, huh? It was beautiful. CHAD: She’s a cowgirl. I want to be a country girl. I just want a lake house,
a truck, and a horse. I’m good. You hold on to
the saddle there. MICHELLE: There you go. WOMAN: And then
I’ve got your belt. MICHELLE: How far
am I off the ground? [LAUGHTER] CHAD: About a foot. OK. CHAD: Good job, Casper. You didn’t buck her off.

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