Mike Pence’s Horse Bite & Lou Dobbs’s Ass-Kissing Trump Tribute | The Daily Show
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Mike Pence’s Horse Bite & Lou Dobbs’s Ass-Kissing Trump Tribute | The Daily Show

October 21, 2019

Mike Pence, vice president
and man who avoids eye contact with Barbie dolls. Because it turns out,
last year, he was on the campaign trail
and he got attacked. Vice President Mike Pence
reveals Triple Crown winner American
Pharoah bit him on the arm. He says he was helping campaign for Congressman Andy Barr
last year when the two were invited
to see the prize-winning horse in Lexington. Pence says he and Barr
were posing for pictures when American Pharoah bit him
so hard on the arm he almost collapsed. (laughter) Oh, yes. That’s right. The vice president
was bitten by a horse. And let’s be clear– he didn’t almost collapse
from the pain. He almost collapsed
from the pleasure. He was like, “Oh, it hurts so good. Don’t tell Mother about this.” Now, the good news is,
the good news is Pence wasn’t badly hurt, right? The horse bit him
but then immediately let go because horses don’t like
the taste of mayonnaise. And there’s also good news
for the horse. Yeah. After it came out
that the horse bit Mike Pence, MSNBC has made that horse
a paid contributor. Yeah. So it’s just there,
like… (neighs):
“Resist.” And, finally, in some fun news, we might have gotten used
to Fox flattering the president all the time, but, recently, the great Lou Dobbs
took it to the next level. A lot is happening in Washington and all across
this great country of ours, and it’s because we have a
president who is a true leader, in my opinion, one I happen
to believe will be regarded as one of this country’s
greatest presidents, indeed, our greatest. I spent some time
in the White House yesterday, and I want to give you
an unauthorized quick update on the atmosphere that
I witnessed in the White House. The mood in that White House
couldn’t be more high energy. I’ve seen a number
of White Houses. I want you to know
the joint is hopping– at every level, on every floor. This White House is energized. There’s sunshine beaming
throughout the place and on almost every face. “The joint is hopping”? At the end there,
when he was rhyming, it sounded
like the whitest version of “Rapper’s Delight” ever. It was– it was just like… ♪ The joint is hopping
throughout the place ♪ ♪ And sunshine’s beaming
on everyone’s face. ♪ (laughter, applause) What was that? (cheering) Actually, actually, my favorite part,
my favorite part is that he said, “Sunshine is
beaming on almost every face.” It’s almost like
even the propaganda about Trump can’t go that far.
He’s like, “Come on, guys. “I can’t say everyone
in the White House is happy. People know Melania
lives there. Come on, now.” But look, but look, I know
we drag Trump all the time for watching Fox News
whenever he has a chance, but honestly, I get it. Like, I… I honestly get it. If there was a TV channel
that talked about me this way, I would watch that shit all day.
How can you resist? Yeah, I would be there
all the day. Just like on the news,
they’re just like, “Trevor Noah and the folks
at The Daily Show– “the greatest comedic minds
of our time. “The energy couldn’t be higher. “Their ass cheeks
couldn’t be firmer. “In fact, The Daily Show
makes heaven look like a crack den filled
with corpses of 1,000 cats.” Seriously, Dobbs did such a good
job of pleasing the president, out of habit,
Trump paid him $130,000.

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  1. Wow!! This Dobbs dude is sickness at it's most successful and evil. People actually listen to that scary, death rolled over news host???

  2. For a moment I thought the title said the horse bit Mike Pence in the ass.
    Now I am weirdly dissapointed yet also glad for the horse's sake.

  3. Not only is that Dobbs bit typical propaganda, it's also made for pure idiots: His viewers have to read the shitty transcript while he speaks? How dumb can you get?

  4. my ideas about trump have changed…I now kinda view him as payback to America for slavery..Jim crow and discrimination…he's got white people going crazy..so America has been a house of horrors for a lot of people. .sometimes you just gotta take payback wherever you find it. .

  5. mike pence visited an event across the street from my school and a ton of kids went outside with posters and protested him lol

  6. That's my co-worker, Lindsay Allen, reporting on Mike Pence and the eronious horse bite… I work for WDRB News here in Louisville, KY… I wonder if she knows she made it on "The Daily Show"… this should make for a fun conversation on Monday…

  7. Precious Poodle Pencey…wish the horse would have bit his face off….what would MOTHER say……or horse should have bit his dick off! LOU DOBBS is just a fucking IMBECILE and BUFFOON…and he is a small club member of The Pussy Ass Bitch Club…he is a little pussy ass bitch! Talking a pussy the size of a mouse ear.

  8. Trump has black, Hispanic and Asian unemployment at an all-time low. Trump has female unemployment at a 70-year low. More Americans working now than ever before. The unemployment rate the lowest in 60 years. These are things that corrupt news media will never tell you.

  9. Well I have got close experience with getting bitten by an horse 😅 it is no fun. And it didnt let go either^^ It bit in my leg and hold onto it, dont ask me why… Haha! Guess it got the taste 😣 anyways now I have a heartshaped scar on my leg, no kidding 😂

  10. If he got bit so hard he almost collapsed or whatever, where is a bruise or red mark? I call BS, AND he is a fricken wimp.

  11. Hi, I spent some of my childhood in Soviet Russia, and even I have never ever seen such blatant propaganda as from the faux news story. That really reminds me of the crazy news videos from North Korea that sometimes get posted online 😅

  12. There's an error, quote: the uploader has not made this video available in your country. Isn't it stupid? I already have to use VPN to use YouTube, and when I'm here I face this shit. What's wrong with you? What's the difference between you and my government?

  13. 1:13 Whoa! This dude's nose is shoved WAY up Trump's ass and not only is it up Trump's ass, it's up the asses of everyone inside The Mayonnaise House! LOL

  14. Animals detect evil everybody is laughing about it but this just goes to show u what these people are all about the horse has never bit anyone else before so there u go it speaks for itself!!

  15. Trump constantly attacking “fake news” and and in the same sentence publicly supporting Fox as being the only credible source is like the paradox of all paradoxes

  16. "I visited my white houses" ….
    Me – The only contry that has a white house/calls it a white house is the USA boi

    He f**king wishes

  17. To be fair, sometimes a horse will bite just because, for no discernible reason. Sometimes, the horse is a jerk in general. But I do like the idea of the horse joining The Resistance. 😂

  18. 0:35 nevermind that the horse's OWN trainer said IT NEVER HAPPENED and that he's such a nice horse…why are you leaving that out that HE MADE THAT SHIT UP??


  19. Lou Dobbs has climbed as high as he possibly can as a braindead fake news pundit. Obviously his next mountain to climb will be the supreme court. Rest assured, no matter how long or hard or veiny and curved to the left for some reason, Lou Dobbs will be America's next supreme court justice. He's not going to get up off his knees until his dreams become a reality.

  20. Watching LOU BOBBS (up and down on tRUMPS DICK…) give the RETARD IN CHIEF that ORAL ENEMA (giving SHIT MOUTH SEAN hannity, stuart "THE SPIT SLUT" varney, and MOUTH – FUCKER carlson a run for their money…) begs the question : How many times did QUEEN DONNA cornhole this walking republican sperm bank during his visit to the "WHITE SUPREMACIST HOUSE"…?….and check AMERICAN PHAROAH periodically for RABIES….

  21. LOLOL Whew. "The joint is hopping," translation – Presidential blunder 911 bringing total hysteria, chaos to the 'Damage Control Committee.'

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