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Mina The Horse

November 1, 2019

[Music] [Music fades, hooves clip-clop] Hi, my name’s Mina and I’m a horse obviously, obvs. [Whinnies] [Nickers] My dad gave me a totes humong amount of money for my sixteenth, so obviously, obvs, I spent it… …having this Unicorn horn surgically implanted on my skull! ’cause I’ve literally always wanted to be a Unicorn! Do you know what I mean? Litch, always. [Music] I would be the perfect choice to be the face of the Creatures Awareness Association because, number one, I’m really naturally pretty. Do you know what I mean? I’m like a real natch prit. And um, number two, I’m enhanced. And c, I’m totes well educated. [Sighs] Do you want to touch it? No? OK. [Music]

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