Mind-blowing Facts About Icelandic Horses!
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Mind-blowing Facts About Icelandic Horses!

August 29, 2019

We’re here at the breeder of icelandic horse. This house has been around 150 years. They started breeding icelandic horse for last 75 years. All icelandic horses are 100% pure breed. They have 60 Icelandic horses. I learned one of the facts that Iceland only has Icelandic horses, nothing else. It was imported from Norway in the past. Today, Norway has mixed horses, not all pure breeds. While Iceland has all 100% Icelandic horses only. Iceland does not allow any horse coming in Iceland. It’s forbideen! Growing their horses by breeding them in Iceland only. We just became a new friend. Icelandic horse has one of the strengthens – they have the ability to endure extreme cold weather. While the other horses cannot endure cold weather. It’s amazing that they can survive in the extreme weather. We’re going to take a ride! Yes, on Icelandic horse! They’re different than normal horse! She’s my new girlfriend. I’m short dude. They’re also short! They’re pony sized. I think she likes me. I’m a hairdresser now. My job is to make her pretty today. Her hair reminds me of Justin Bieber’s hair style. I learned the other mind-blowing fact that Iceland is open to exporting their horses. But they’re not allowed to come back to Iceland ever again! When an Icelandic Horse is competing in any event show, so it will interact more horses from around the world. Why? It’s the germ or bacteria they possibly contain and bring it to Iceland. Thus, once they leave Iceland, it means forever! Can you imagine that? It’s time to ride. I’m feeling a beast guy now. Now, we’re going to go out and ride like a true horse rider! How you ride them is just like how you drive your car with brake and go. Here’s the other fact about their hair. Icelandic Horse’s hair usually follows where wind goes. If the wind goes that direction, then Icelandic horse will follow that direction. If the wind goes back, then the horse will follow it. It’s all about feeling hairs. But if I control this horse, then it follows my direction. But when they’re free, then they’re doing that way. Riding them is like riding a regular horse from around the world. They’re so adorable! I’m done with the video!

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