Minecraft   how to build a Trojan Horse
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Minecraft how to build a Trojan Horse

September 4, 2019

welcome back to you somewhere playing
Minecraft yet again on Tuesday at 10 fields Trojan horse because what about
you not be friends said just that I should bill a lovely
shoe Trojan horse so I will do that and first we need to build a platform course
its needs to move and I think I’m will this way with the front facing this way okay okay let’s do a its boost of all we need some time use we will build them like Vegas thing in you can always X nature if the just very all its when on their gonna build up for palm yes this K %um in you can see this is gonna be up fast for of thing a wonderful used three UAL’s want you while you what’s your a row here there all your in he every I’m and I’m gonna kill me a call yeah we’ve gone yield the well do me for 56 a what’s its waves what thats all beads on the way your on need to move this the in always build low make it large I’ll hey okie I wanna bill or the tires and fill this gap out so
you don’t have to see me feel that out okay jeanette students and we’re back again
dues and as you can see a have new this majestic nutrition in mind that I have bill tell you is a little
different I for that the tires were two clubs and
shit bitch and then I started off all building this
decide hey wats its maybe again square but I think it’s it works so yet skin aren’t you it I think I’m
might or not making here then let’s see if we build hooves here and down here to you Mon here and then we feel who this year and for yes locks here and this was gonna be are tiny horse the and then I’m gonna make it over Xi’an more than me in back eats
here and showed you how I did that okay because it its it takes to win time to Justin something like that and i
wanna show you the results are not me struggling out soo make its look good okay okay let’s do it yeah and we’re back
again Deutz am now we have two bill the there the
I’ll this majestic peace a first so I wanna
show you what I did an why and says you needed worse building three blocks down here and 2d and then a its 1 well up here so we have a little
who’ve then I have bills three blocks up here
again one the you know or to deeps a and three blocks up here on this and don’t
think it’s gonna work at the airport miss seeing for now and then we have we books up
where you at one more layer here your again when always build it 2d when you build this
and then I’ve believed for locks year because I will build something out your
with the face of this just course era with back seats
%uh most simple the and or lakes is the the same pattern as before but
just up here when you have killed three 14 works up mom assume that works so three bucks here and focaccia three parts here again too deep and then what we gonna do yes we will come I’ll 0 Dez here some built a the little awesome barely four you sweet sweet princess this is the if you can’t hell on their we go to you use or year see its in line or is it’s not awful so well yet maybe we should give and more here likes all the mall or like a chest or something like that 1 let’s stick with this for now I’m not sure I’m just testing I’ll handmade wish in wall d she like that I think lips so what I’m gonna you Nexus you the whole telling and I’ll
show you how I did that okay okay let’s do it Wow car and went back and
Jen dudes and as you can see I have finished
Danny and sorry be4 will lacking all close because program running behind since so it should be fine no these better so in let’s do it that way okay what are essentially do you is I think this gap out here where want to me the fourth well war or the improve here and then in about a few and I’m all just infinito yea getting with this later on the techniques year an then the tricky part if you out these you three blocks and then half the way or a
little halfway I caught it and war movie one up here then move it down again your of the STU okay an upfront year I build it the street looks a little the more outsider yeah or these feet said your if you can tell because is the its throats or something like that and
chest and it needs to pick are just little bit so three here and there are gonna bill back
here and maybe it’s Hill and maybe beginning to build something new for
she’s or hearse 80s on this horse so first of
all I will finish this off and then I will
show you what I deeds then I’m gonna build 80s apiece horse this new just each the East worry I’ll a did she said I think they’re made a problem for
myself action make this act like to big and all you need to
do is cut this this year I made it four blocks hi all night exceeds only two blocks year
between it for you 1 out here and so keep that in mind if you build it
yourself and then continue all with the same pattern
as before just just think of this as a me sucking minecraft so are you will well and let’s move on to a whole lot
built the a or and your what you will call it first a home first of all these three
books I just move on in here and build one what’s up here all
the way here and did the same thing behind here then I’ve build these sucks up here all the
way over here so it’s kinda cements symmetrically in night these and sq these two because I think it will kinda sucky if I had put them in so left the bar and this Rocio left them out too and then I built three
blocks year because as you know from horses they
havel valid shade or but so I hate right to be construct is as or you imagine s I gans all yet these cost the video and all take a look and see if you can build
it yourself the from year and issue yeah let’s that and in well if you want to make it shall just
you some different color worse you can make up my
little pony: if you like each this bill the just about all make some did old all your made with some different colors so a democrats 03 books here and just move
it down here too just nagel it shaped like an phone its a
deal or ATTCEO of horsetail as you can see I E maybe she all like is so it’s bigger so yeah I think that works so as you can
see I already beginning to bill this just course here yeah and it’s going to
take me a while so I will skip to to with done with that so you can see
how it just it’s gonna look and them yeah I I will build that I will get back
to you and we’re back again did Sen we’re
finally done with this Justin kill them let me show you I what
did is and as you can see maybe you the head
is soo hoo I think it’s okay and you can always say adjust its s you
like so this is only how you could yielded so what we did here the chest you bills you what’s up here one in and three
blocks up here again then you will build a curve around here
so you live one space or mature and choose basis own here a few blocks and you foods jukebox here or 3 analyst these to you on the corner out so it’s like yet nose
hole for or the readings a whole for horse then you’ve built you up here 1n and continue with 30 here or two more or what you would call then
again you will do this I actually think thoughts are with this
the first this book s the first floor one sue 3 or and that you don’t know what than you builds your hero around this yeah I here and you bill with the second here second bag what he replaced and shoo-in and you build here and you feel is out
with close to or not what you all while I love will or something like that and
for making a little bit rhonda shit you put workbooks year in the middle of so you will in only more round shape then do almost done with this you need all soldiers field this out here an act year again three blocks in here just continue its weeps year then you gonna continue one in here and all the way around here so you get a
little round shape again possibly if you really need do as so you could do it yourself well I will continue so against three
blocks in and you should Ian on the same level as
the head and then your bills backing up here to
earn then bills 30 here of for sure like that and then you should be you I think years and then your its appeal are or this here so and you need to fill this out or build the hair on the head and more on them throats behind their on the back of the horse
and then you just have to take a different cold war-era named yeah traders oh and you can bill what is it like you wanna build so you
can build spikes or for uni horse any be no I’m of soul what it calls mmm I’d Adam ponytails and focal maybe I don’t know but this is the bill for a Trojan horse I moved in
these it’s maybe the best thing then you can
screen showed me or something like that jubilant you still I N again these you want to see me build
something else levi’s UBS Justin in the comments section you
know and if you really like this video yes
click that LIKE its like Barney really helps me out and
if you wanna see more videos to these in that subscribe button and I
will see you next time where we will build something new and awesome stuff maybe something it’s you
have suggested something and again we will see you for

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  2. Thnak you you help me to win the best Build andi win op items in srvre thenks thenks for help me 🙂

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