Minecraft Mods : Think’s Lab – Racing Dirt Bikes! [Minecraft Roleplay]
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Minecraft Mods : Think’s Lab – Racing Dirt Bikes! [Minecraft Roleplay]

October 22, 2019

Hey, guys, having
a good weekend? [HOWLING] [SNORING] Boring. I knew this would happen, so
I planned us something fun, right Kopi? [WOOF] Blah, blah, blah, blah. No, seriously, I did. Well, I figured it was time
for you guys to learn to ride– Pineapple! Huh? Kevin, did you just
say pineapple coconuts? Um– That really made no sense. Anyways, you are old
enough to drive– [LAUGHTER] Kevin, will you stop guessing? We’re going to be here
forever with those guesses. Seriously, though,
guys, this afternoon, we’re going to the motor cross
track to ride dirt bikes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh. Aw, that’s OK, Kevin. It’s just like riding a bicycle. Um. What, you don’t? Uh, no. But Dave knows,
don’t you, Dave? Yeah, uh-huh. So Minions can ride bikes. Don’t you want to try Kevin? Oh. Well, I’m not
going to lie, Kevin. You’re definitely going to fall. But don’t worry, Kevin. We’ll do it on the grass so
you won’t get hurt too badly, and then we can go to the track. And you can try
it on a motorbike. Yeah, what’s the worst
that could happen? Oh, Kevin, you won’t die. You’ll be fine. Anyways, if you don’t,
when we go to the track, you’ll just be watching. And Dave and I will
have all the fun. Woo-hoo. Um. OK, let’s do it, guys. OK, Kevin, I think the
best way to start slowly is for me to show
you how to ride up a mountain on my mountain bike,
and then you can ride down. I mean, so all you really do
is kind of just pedal up slow. See? See? Look at that. It goes right up. Uh-huh. See, right on the edge there. Pretty cool, right? And then you can ride
down, although I wouldn’t recommend going that way. Uh, let’s go up here. I can park it right
here, and then you can just ride it around
here, like, up a little bit there and a
little bit down there. What do you say? Uh, no. What? [GIGGLING] Oh, Kevin. Well, we could start
a little lower. Yeah, do you want me
to get on the bike and ride it down there, and then
you can start on the low part? No. Aw, man. All right, let’s head down. We’ll leave the bike up
here, and then you can try it when you get more confidence. Come on, guys. Let’s go down. OK. Oh, how about this, guys? This looks pretty good. It’s nice and flat,
so you don’t have to worry about falling
off the mountain. Woo-hoo. I just, um, I don’t
know what you’re going to use to practice with. All right. Seriously, Kevin? A pig? That’s not a bike. Fine, go ahead and try your
four-legged animal bike and see how you do. OK. Woo-hoo. Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, ready for
the real bike now? No. You’ve got to try something
harder than that pig, Kevin. Woo-hoo. Oh, come on, Kevin. That’s barely an
extra challenge. Um. I guess, fine, whatever. Just hurry up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, my goodness, Dave. We are never going
to get to that track. [LAUGHTER] Kevin, that poor chicken. Uh, yeah, I’ve lived with you
long enough to figure that out. You let it out way too often. At least you’re trying
something with two legs. Whoa, yeah. OK, nice. Ready to try the bike now? No. So then what now? Um. Uh-huh. Yes– no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are not riding me, Kevin. Aw. I do, but– oh, fine. As long as you’ll
try the bike next. Woo-hoo. Oh, I can’t believe
I’m doing this. All right, Kevin, climb on. Whoa, you’re right. You guys really are light. I’m going to make
this a bit harder than the other ones, Kevin. Don’t you let out
any of that air while you’re sitting on my head. Here we go, Kevin, hold on
tight, I’m going to throw it– Hey, don’t grab my hair. That hurts. Watch out, Kopi, here we go. Come on, Kevin. Wow, you’re good at this, man. OK, Kevin, whew, try the
bike, and see how you do. Um. You’ll be fine. If you didn’t fall off of
me, a bike should be easy. OK. OK, be careful
on the edge there. There you go, yeah. Look at that. You went up. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. Don’t go– oh, did
you do a trick? Kevin, hey, hey, get control. Get control, Kevin. Oh, no, no, no, Kevin. Kevin. Oh, no. Dave, Kevin’s hurt. Guys, come on. Go, go, go. Hurry guys, hurry. Oh, he’s really hurt. Get up, Kevin. Get up. Oh, the bike broke, and
your TNT is on the ground. Kevin, come on. Get up. Uh-oh. Dave, I think he’s really hurt. Huh-uh. Again, again, again. Again? Man, I was so worried about you. You, uh, you probably
need to take a shower. You got grass
stains all over you. What? Yeah, trust me, Kevin. Trust me. All right, guys, after
Kevin’s done showering, we can head to the track. Let’s get going. [MUSIC PLAYING] Man, this is the
middle of nowhere, and check out all the
noodlers that showed up. This isn’t even
an official race. I’m racing you guys. You ready for this? Oh, Dave, calm down, buddy. He’s so excited. All right, Kope, come on. Set it off. Here we go. On your marks, get set. Go. Woo-hoo, oh, I think
I’m in the lead. I don’t even see that. Oh, look, there’s noodlers
up above, awesome. Oh, they are right behind me. Look at them go. Oh, come on. Come around the corner, guys. Oh, let’s see. I should have cheated and
gone across the middle. Oh, yeah, I saw you, Kevin. You cheated. I can’t believe you. Oh, man, oh, they
are right– they are cutting each other off. You guys are driving– hey, hey. You should follow the rules. You’re going to hurt
each other like that. Whoa, what? You’re trying to cut me off? Better be careful, there, Dave. Oh, here we go, up, up, up. Oh, yeah. These dirt bikes are
awesome, right guys? Whoa, these are way faster
than my little bike, aren’t they, Kevin? Whoa, dude, you tried to
collide with me head on. Oh, the finish line. Oh, I’m gonna beat you guys. Yeah, oh, look at that. I’m going in reverse. This is awesome. Did you guys have fun, Kevin? Huh, Dave? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah? Well, guys, you want
to take another lap? Again, again, again. Yeah, all right. Let’s go. Thank you guys so
much for watching this episode of “Think’s Lab.” If you enjoyed it, please
do go ahead and pick up those chopsticks and poke that
like button as hard as you can. Also, if this is your first time
watching one of my Minecraft videos, why don’t you become
a noodler today and subscribe? Now, it’s time for the newest
Minion in “Think’s Lab,” and Brady and Saruka need to
clear out a little bit here. Excuse me. Excuse me, everybody. Kopi, you don’t
get to go, either. And let’s see who it is today. Oh, it’s a boy. It’s a boy, and– oh,
Bob, it’s not you. You were already the
newest Minion a while ago. It’s Lucky. And you guys can see the lucky
commenter’s comment on screen right now. And if you are looking
to get your own Minion in “Think’s Lab,” all you
have to do is like this video. Then, post a comment below in
this comment section containing the Minion’s name
you’d like to have, whether you’d like it
to be a boy or a girl, and then a little bit
about this video or an idea for a future “Think’s Lab”
that you’d like to see. I’ll see you guys again soon. Thanks for watching and,
of course, noodle on.

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