Minecraft: Pony Edition
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Minecraft: Pony Edition

December 13, 2019

yo yo yo it’s your boy little Natey in
da house [Music] Look at this dude
all right wait (laughs) There’s so many Ponies, right? Wait this is me what is what I look like
I sent you a screenshot remember it’s the same one Oh my goodness the armour though
the armour dude the armour Wait I want you- I want you to get a shot
of me speed bridging Yeah, ok go You’re not even looking at the block
green green green green Noooo Here, I’ll defend you, get the bed Got it Go!
The hitboxes are weird but- but
dude! I teleported I’m only going to use this
mod for now on, this mod is just
It’s- Its too epic Oh a my goodness I fell
That’s a really Texxyy thing to do
oh, I got enough for iron armour Yooo, little Natey boy
has some iron armour Incoming incoming dude Get him get him Well that’s a RIP
alright Aw, come on Hey
HamC HamC no no no I couldn’t hit you Oh, look at the pony zombie
look, look at the zombie behind you It’s a zombie
I’m not very intrigued by a
pony zombie Hi! ponies forever come
with me dude Don’t get hit off do not I was lagging Yeah? Brackets with HamC
Oh! Oh! Somehow I clutched that I do not know- Oh my! No! uh uh
we’re not playing this game! Oh no, you went Pyromancer
You went Pyromancer you fricking
frick Pyromancers don’t survive! Oh
I thought I was gonna like block clutch it like last time TNT Madness time!
Oh my- the lag
the lag aint helping me right now Dude, the lag
(gibberish) What are this?
Oh my goodness
(laughs) what is this? Yes, yes, I love lucky blocks now!
yes yes yes Mr. Texxyy is dead I don’t see him on tab
I am on tab Hey, guys, it’s Texxyy!
ok so basically while I was in the middle The video, the video only ended up being like 3 minutes long and I wanna start making longer videos
so I got my good friend NateOne23 here Uh oh! You getter Paws the video!
Wait, what? Yeah! so anyway guys were probably gonna play some lucky blocks or something so, uh, yeah! I like that HamC hates this gamemode because he doesn’t get, uh, he doesn’t get his kits Uh, dude, so I don’t know how to explain this but, um, the sand thing fell down and covered up all my chests I got a doggo! I got a pack of doggos! I have a 1up mushroom what does that do? it *gasps*
Yes this again yes yes you go to go to my island yes yes
get back little Natey
heads Wait no, no, no, that was the wrong thing! no, help help help help ahh! I right-clicked on a chest with the
magic toystick Super dice! No, it went into the void Oh! This little Natey boy has full diamond now! Ha!
Oh my goodness! Haha!
behind you, ah, no! (laughs) I got a one-punch bow! ah ha! Oh! Ok, so apparently I didn’t record an outro for this video
again but yeah as always if you haven’t already, subscribe, like the video and
turn on notifications! okay bye! [Music]

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  1. My mic quality is soo bad xD
    Nice video though, next time try and turn me down so you don't have to do it in post and mess up the quality. Otherwise that's a great video!

  2. Sorry to anyone who is having audio issues, I didn't notice this until after posting the video and would just like to say sorry.

    Example: At some times the audio is loud and at other times it's low or fine, I know this isn't a big deal but just wanted to get it out of the way ?

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