Minecraft Toys Ender Dragon Overworld Saddle Pack Alex Survival Skeleton Horse  || Keith’s Toy Box
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Minecraft Toys Ender Dragon Overworld Saddle Pack Alex Survival Skeleton Horse || Keith’s Toy Box

September 1, 2019

Oh wow!! It’s a new collection of Minecraft toys, including the Ender Dragon! Let’s check them all out Hi everyone and welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Get ready to bring the world of Minecraft to life with today’s surprise toys! This collection of new Minecraft toys! Thanks to Jazwares for sending these to us! They’re so awesome. I can’t wait to open all of them! We have the Ender Dragon, the Overworld Saddle Pack, Alex with Skeleton Horse, the Alex Survival Pack, the Charged Creeper and Alex in diamond armour! Let’s check them all out! First let’s open Alex and Diamond Armour. This set comes with Alex in his diamond armour, a snow block and a diamond pickaxe. There’s Alex! Nice! Just like in the game… Look at his diamond armour! So cool! And check out his pickaxe. Nice! You can also move Alex’s head, arms, waist, and legs! And here’s the snow block, So cool, right? Next, let’s check out the Charged Creeper. This set comes with a Charged Creeper, an obsidian block, and the creeper spawner egg. There’s the Charged Creeper.. Awesome! Look at that! Just like in the game… you can even move its legs! Cool! Here’s the creeper spawner egg And the obsidian block. Nice, right? Check it out… Look at the details… Isn’t that awesome? You can even remove the charged covering and play with it as a regular creeper. Nice! Next, let’s take a look at the Alex Survival Pack! This set comes with Alex with iron shovel, a stone axe, a furnace, a torch, a double chest and a bed! There they are! So nice! I almost feel like I’m in the game already! Check out Alex! So cool… He’s fully articulated, which means you can move his head, arms, waist and legs! Let’s make him hold the iron shovel And a stone axe! Now the torch… Nice! It’s like stepping into the game or bringing a game to life! Now check out the double chest. So nice, right? Here’s the furnace… And of course the bed Haha!! Looks like it stepped out of the game, huhu… Next let’s check out the pack with Alex and Skeleton Horse. This set comes with Alex with carrot farm, a skeleton horse, saddle and bone. So let’s take it out of the box and check it out! There’s the skeleton horse! Awesome! You can even move its legs. And here’s the saddle! And here’s the carrot farm. So cool! And here’s Alex! He’s holding the bone. Cool! We can also make Alex ride on the horse. Nice! Now let’s open the Overworld Saddle Pack. This set comes with Steve holding a whip a chestnut horse, a pig with saddle, two hay bails, and two grass blocks! Here’s the grass block! Awesome, look at the details. It really looks like you pulled it out of the game. And here’s the chestnut horse! It’s fully articulated, which means you can move its head and legs! And even its tail! The horse also comes with a saddle and bridle. And here’s Steve… he’s holding a whip. He’s also fully articulated, which means we can move his head, arms waist and legs! We can also make him ride on the horse. And here’s the pig with saddle… haha! So cute! It’s also fully articulated. And here are the two hay bales. So that’s the complete set… the Overworld Saddle Pack! Finally, let’s check out the Ender Dragon! Wow, it’s so big!! There it is! Oh, isn’t that awesome? It’s fully articulated. You can move its head and even open and close its mouth. You can also move its legs, tail, neck and even its wings! Standing up. It looks really big and awesome! So that’s the complete set of new Minecraft toys! Thanks to Jazwares for sending these to us! Hit the thumbs-up icon to see more videos like this or tell us what you think in the comments below! Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos! Remember…always pack all your toys after you play!

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