Minercaft PS4 Co-Op Survival – Sneaky Stripes! – Episode 15 – Horse Adventure!
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Minercaft PS4 Co-Op Survival – Sneaky Stripes! – Episode 15 – Horse Adventure!

August 15, 2019

– [Stealth] Well hello, how’s it going? It’s your boy Stealth, and we are back with
some more Sneaky Stripes. And I got my good friend Mr. Zebra Gamer. – [Zebra] Hello! (laughs) How are you? – [Stealth] I am doing fantastic, Zebra. Another beautiful day
in the Minecraft world. It’s been quite a while since
we’ve been playing together. – [Zebra] Yeah I know it’s been so long. (laughs) – [Stealth] Reunited. – [Zebra] I’ve missed it, I’ve missed you. (laughs) – [Stealth] So for those of you who are just now joining the Sneaky Stripes, it’s a survival series where I play with my good friend, Zebra, and hopefully we can start preparing
for the wither boss, and the ender dragon, so really cool stuff in the future. – [Zebra] Yeah, there’s
so much we gotta do. (laughs) – [Stealth] So much, guys. – [Zebra] We’re gonna start with starting to like finish up our houses, I know you still need a roof. – [Stealth] I know, I do. I’m not, I don’t really
care what it’s made out of at this point, but I still have quite a few stone breaks, so I might finish it up with that. – [Zebra] Yeah. – [Stealth] But something that we’ve sorta been discussing for a while is like sorta starting to work on like a miniature library or start working on some book shelves so we can enchant some stuff. I think that’d be really important, right? – [Zebra] Yeah, I don’t know how much, what do we need for books? – [Stealth] Well time out, we don’t even have diamonds yet, do we? Do we have diamonds? – [Zebra] We found one or two of them, let me check the chest again. Uh, where are they? We have two diamonds. – [Stealth] Ooh! So what, we can make, what a sword? That’s it, right? – [Zebra] (laughs) Yeah. Yeah, or two shovels. – [Stealth] That’s right! Yeah, I remember we found
those diamonds in the village. Which isn’t far away. – [Zebra] Did we find them in the village? Or did we find– – [Stealth] I found two diamonds in the, I think you had diamonds already. – [Zebra] Oh yeah, ’cause I know that we found diamonds in
an abandoned mineshaft. – [Stealth] Okay yeah, where did my, I thought
I had two diamonds. Let me see. – [Zebra] Yeah, ’cause– – [Stealth] Yeah, I have two diamonds. – [Zebra] All right, so
in total we have four. – [Stealth] Okay, yep. – [Zebra] Yay. – [Stealth] Four diamonds! – [Zebra] Founding! – [Stealth] Maybe we
should combine them for– – [Zebra] Yeah sure, I’ll
bring mine over to yours. – [Stealth] I mean, I
don’t necessarily need anything at this moment,
it was just a thought. – [Zebra] Okay. Well for now we can sleep since it’s getting dark now, unless you wanna– – [Stealth] Yes, good night, sleep! Where’d my bed go, Zebra? I’m watching you sleep. – [Zebra] Wait, do I have your bed? No, I don’t think so. – [Stealth] It’s so peaceful and so cozy. I’m doing creeping up on Zebra. Let me go find my bed. – [Zebra] I didn’t even know either, because you’re a ninja. – [Stealth] Yes, I’m very quiet like that. Yeah, I’ve been doing
a lot of rearranging, let me see where, oh, here’s my bed. Here we go. Good night, Zebra, good night! (snores) Wait, oh there we go. Zombies, no! No, zombies! (laughs) Good morning Sir Zebra. – [Zebra] How’d you sleep? – [Stealth] It was a nightmare, man, I had a nightmare that Zebra’s came. Zombie zebras. – [Zebra] (mumbles) Z. (laughs) – [Stealth] So where would
you like to go today Sir? ‘Cause we have so much to. – [Zebra] I know it’s like– – [Stealth] But we can only
do like one thing at a time. We can’t, oh, you get him? – [Zebra] I got him, hold on. – [Stealth] Let me finish him off! Watch out! – [Zebra] Hit him in the water! There he goes, okay. Can I see, there’s a
donkey over here, okay. (laughs) Thought it was an enemy, but I couldn’t see it from over the hill. – [Stealth] Over the hill. ‘Cause I know obviously
we’re not gonna find diamonds every episode, so yeah we can work on, there’s a
lot of stuff we can work on. Work on the farm, or we can go search for new areas like villages, and temples and such. – [Zebra] Yeah, I think it might be cool to hop on the horses and go off and just see like what
stuff we can find around. As long as we go in like
one straight direction, I’m sure we can find
some pretty cool stuff. – [Stealth] True, true. Would you be okay if I started looking for another horse as well? I would like to have two horses. – [Zebra] That’s fine with me. – [Stealth] ‘Cause I’m
still a little jealous that your horse is so fast. – [Zebra] Okay, yeah that’s fine with me. I’m gonna actually just
put all my spare stuff inside the chest for now, so then we can head out and go wherever we need to go. – [Stealth] That’s actually a good idea, thanks for reminding me. – [Zebra] Yeah, I don’t wanna lose all this stuff if I die. – [Stealth] Just in case we end up finding some really,
some more stuff as well. I forgot we had a doggy in here. (laughs) He’s being held captive! (laughs) You’re going nowhere. All right, how many, I
thought we had more saddles, let me, ooh, I have some diamonds, or some golden horse
armor, that’s pretty cool. – [Zebra] Hmm, I’m looking here, I have one of the lassos, the leads. – [Stealth] Oh wow. I have quite a bit of stuff in here. We have some melon seeds. That’s pretty cool, we
can make some melons. – [Zebra] Yeah, I got some pumpkin seeds. – [Stealth] We got some serious garden. Yeah, we got some really
cool stuff we can do with when we decide to make that garden. – [Zebra] Yeah, now I
just gotta make some food, and then I should be good to go. Oh, and I also have a saddle. – [Stealth] Woah, thank
you for reminding me too, I don’t have food. – [Zebra] Yeah, we gotta get all our survival instincts back. – [Stealth] That’s right, I know! All right, we are, okay
I have another name tag, that’s pretty cool. And another saddle. Wow, I’m actually well
equipped in my chest at least, so I’m gonna grab this steak. – [Zebra] Oh, I already
have them in my inventory, I’m looking for it and I can’t find it ’cause it’s already there! – [Stealth] There we go. Well I am ready when you are, Sir Zebra. – [Zebra] All right, I just need to do a few pieces of meat to cook. Just in case we get hungry. – [Stealth] There we go. Yes, always good to have food, lots of snacks. – [Zebra] All right. – [Stealth] Do you have any cereal or some bacon with you? – [Zebra] No, just meat. (laughs) Just the protein. – [Stealth] No pizza bacon? No, aw, I wanted pizza bacon. (cries) – [Zebra] There’s no better
topping than pizza bacon. – [Stealth] But I do have quite a bit of steak I will share with you if you ever get hungry. – [Zebra] Okay. So I’m good to go, I think that this should be enough meat. I don’t know how far we’re gonna go. – [Stealth] All right, I
will follow you on foot. So don’t worry about me ’cause I intend on finding another
horse in the future. – [Zebra] Now that he’s on the lead, if I just keep running, what’ll happen? – [Stealth] Ah, who’s on the lead? – [Zebra] My horse. – [Stealth] Your horse is on the lead? And you’re riding him? – [Zebra] Well we had the, I remember when we last
took them to the fence post. – [Stealth] Wait, when did
the second donkey get there? I’m sorry. – [Zebra] (laughs) I don’t know. One of them’s lassoed to the post, I guess ours wasn’t. At some point ours were
lassoed to the post that they would stay there I thought. – [Stealth] Let me grab that lead. I don’t remember us having two donkeys. – [Zebra] Maybe he found a friend, and convinced him to move in. – [Stealth] Yeah, he found a mate, a little Mrs. Donkey? (laughs) – [Zebra] Maybe we’ll find a little donkey running around soon. – [Stealth] Yeah, uh oh. – [Zebra] Well there’s
two horses over here, if you wanna take a look at these guys. – [Stealth] As long as they’re faster and stronger than yours! Your little Z. – [Zebra] Do you have a saddle with you? – [Stealth] Oh I do, I do. – [Zebra] Okay good. – [Stealth] Your little Z is too powerful! I must defeat him. – [Zebra] He must live up to my name. – [Stealth] All right, let me see. Let me see how this horse performs. All right, wish me luck Zebra. Here we go. One, two, hoo hah, let me stretch, three. Hoo, hoo, let’s go, ah! Let me try again. – [Zebra] Pressing all the wrong buttons. – [Stealth] Lovely! Here we go, ooh. Ugh. – [Zebra] No how do I? – [Stealth] My power levels! – [Zebra] There we go. – [Stealth] Wish me luck,
Zebra, ugh he’s strong. – [Zebra] Maybe. (laughs) – [Stealth] Oh, I think I got him. – [Zebra] Almost. Be careful, because there’s lava there, you don’t wanna get too close to that. – [Stealth] I see it, he’s gonna push me off into the lava, man! – [Zebra] Nobody shall have
me even if it kills me! – [Stealth] I know,
he’s getting closer too, I’m starting to get nervous! – [Zebra] I know! – [Stealth] I think I got him. Oh, come on. – [Zebra] So close! – [Stealth] This is a
really stubborn horse, that must be a good sign though. – [Zebra] Oh, there we go! – [Stealth] He better be worth it. – [Zebra] I’m so happy! (laughs) – [Stealth] All right, let’s see. – [Zebra] All right, so– – [Stealth] Oh wow, he’s too slow, this horse is so slow. – [Zebra] Oh no. But is he strong? – [Stealth] This horse,
look how slow he is. No, he’s not strong at all either. – [Zebra] Can you get the saddle off him? – [Stealth] All right, yeah,
I’m taking this saddle. – [Zebra] Okay. – [Stealth] I’m taking it. All right, we can continue
trying in the future as well, I don’t expect it. – [Zebra] You got your horse now? – [Stealth] I’ve got my horse. – [Zebra] Dodge the lava, dodge the lava. – [Stealth] Chill out Zebra, we know you got a lightning horse. – [Zebra] Yeah. (laughs) – [Stealth] Actually, my horse has quite a bit of health, I don’t
think that’s something I’ve really noticed before. – [Zebra] Yeah, these
horses are really strong. – [Stealth] Yeah. Do you know how many
hearts your horse has? – [Zebra] A lot. There’s like a row and
a half worth almost. There’s like a lot of it, I’m not sure because did
I add armor to this horse? I don’t think so. – [Stealth] Let me, let me. Can I ride your horse real quick? – [Zebra] If it’ll let you. – [Stealth] Oh my gosh! Your horse is good. – [Zebra] I don’t know why. – [Stealth] Your horse is too good, I’m stealing him, he’s mine now! – [Zebra] My baby, no! – [Stealth] See ya later! (laughs) I’m kidding. I would never do that to you. Come here, Black Bolt. I still love you, bro. You still need some love too. – [Zebra] All right. – [Stealth] So which direction
are we going, Sir Zebra? – [Zebra] Maybe we should go, I think that, remember when I tried to just cut through a winter biome? ‘Cause I know this is
like the only direction we haven’t gone. – [Stealth] Yeah. Let’s go there. I will follow you ’til the
ends of the earth, Zebra. – [Zebra] Uh oh, I’m stuck. (laughs) I ran into the tree. Okay. – [Stealth] Catch me if you can. This is my least favourite biome. I do not like the snow biome. – [Zebra] Yeah, which is why I just wanted to cut through it, but it seems like it’s the only direction that we’ve gone through,
or we haven’t gone through. – [Stealth] Yeah, we
haven’t gone through it. If you see any cool saves
and stuff, let me know. – [Zebra] Yeah, we seem to be sort of over one right now. – [Stealth] ‘Cause we
might be able to, oh boy. Yeah, we might be able to find some more interesting stuff. Shall we continue or do you wanna? I mean, that’s pretty close to the house. – [Zebra] Yeah, yeah, we’ll be able to find our way back here at some point, if we ever want to. – [Stealth] Yeah, mm-hmm. I agree, I agree. Can I jump that? – [Zebra] That’s a little tough. (laughs) – [Stealth] There we go. – [Zebra] It’s a little hard to ride the horses in this. – [Stealth] Yeah, I know! – [Zebra] This might be a little tough. – [Stealth] It is. It’s a dead-end, it’s a trap! See why you’re trying to– – [Zebra] It’s an ambush, no! (laughs) – [Stealth] It’s a ambush. – [Zebra] Now I think both of our horses can jump at the same height so I think we should be okay. – [Stealth] Yeah. Ooh, what is this over here? – [Zebra] Ooh. – [Stealth] Is this another? – [Zebra] Yeah, Yeah, it looks like swamp to our left, oh gosh, in the plains, so. – [Stealth] Ooh, plains nice. A lot of piggies too. Let me kill these guys so we have food. Let me kill this little delicious looking, come here. – [Zebra] Ooh, there’s a witch hut, I wonder if we’ve been
to that witch hut before. – [Stealth] I remember
we found a witch hut, remember, earlier on? – [Zebra] Yeah, I think that’s it, it was like episode
three that we found it. – [Stealth] It might be the same one. Yeah. – [Zebra] Throwback Thursday, anyone? – [Stealth] I see the dirt. I see the dirt. Okay cool. We have been there. Good memories. – [Zebra] Okay, let’s
see what we can find now. It’s just to get a lay of the land of this area though. – [Stealth] We’re actually getting close to the spawn there. – [Zebra] Well I mean our original house was actually closer to the
spawn than we are there. – [Stealth] Oh, that’s true, that’s true. – [Zebra] There is some jungles over here, which I don’t remember adventuring. – [Stealth] Oh, let me climb up there. – [Zebra] There’s so much though. (laughs) – [Stealth] Yeah, no, we might be able to find some pretty cool stuff once we get closer to that jungle biome, maybe find a jungle temple. – [Zebra] Yeah. – [Stealth] That’d be interesting. – [Zebra] That’s what I really wanna find. – [Stealth] If not, yeah if not we can try to catch an ocelot this time. I know last time we were sorta failing at that because the ocelots were rather stubborn. – [Zebra] Yeah, what we did is we tried to give it a cooked fish when it needs a raw fish,
or something like that. – [Stealth] Raw fish, I remember that! (laughs) – [Zebra] Okay. – [Stealth] Okay. Well it’s really dark so. – [Zebra] We didn’t bring our beds. – [Stealth] Oh no, I didn’t, I mean, we could kill some sheep. So if you see any sheep. – [Zebra] Yeah, I’ll go
for them if I see any. I mean, if we stick to
the plains it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, you know? – [Stealth] Yeah, it’s
not gonna be dangerous, they can’t, well they
catch you, that’s for sure. (laughs) Don’t leave me Zebra! Don’t leave me! – [Zebra] Oh, there’s a
whole bunch of donkeys here. – [Stealth] Look at all these donkeys. – [Zebra] One, two, three, four. – [Stealth] I know, right? Oh, there’s a little baby donkey. Hello. Let me, do I have the block of red stone? No, I didn’t, I can’t believe– – [Zebra] Well there are the sheep that. – [Stealth] Do you have the
block of redstone with you? – [Zebra] Nah. – [Stealth] Aw no! Wow, look at that, bro! That’s a big drop. – [Zebra] Oh yeah, I saw that. (laughs) – [Stealth] That is big. What do you think is down there, Zebra? Ooh, what do you think? My imagination is running wild right now. – [Zebra] Spooky, scary skeletons. – [Stealth] Ooh, while we just relax here for a second, let
me try out this horse. Ooh, let me try. Let me see what this horse is about. Hello, Sir. Can I offer you an? Wait, let me grab this saddle. Okay, phew. All right, wish me luck, Zebra. – [Zebra] Good luck. I’ll keep an eye on Black Bolt. Try to make sure he doesn’t
get in too much trouble. – [Stealth] All right Black Bolt, you stay out of trouble, man. – [Zebra] You stay here. – [Stealth] All right, here we go, hoo. Oh, ugh. – [Zebra] You got this. – [Stealth] This one. I got this, I got this. – [Zebra] It’s all you. – [Stealth] This is for the zebra squad. Oh! (laughs) The zebra herd! – [Zebra] Go Am! – [Stealth] Believe in me! (laughs) I’m not good at riding horses though, man! I’m gonna have you start taming them, and I’m just gonna take them (laughs) after they’re tamed. – [Zebra] I didn’t have too much luck with this guy either. I don’t remember. It took me a good like
half of the episode. – [Stealth] Ooh. I think I got him, no, I didn’t. Yeah, it took you half an episode. It took you two years to tame him. What, this horse is getting closer to that skeleton guy. – [Zebra] I know, where is he? Where is the skeleton? – [Stealth] Oh man, right behind me. – [Zebra] There he is. – [Stealth] What is this? Okay, I think I tamed him. Did I tame him? Okay, I did. – [Zebra] No, don’t shoot my horse! Down with you! It’s so hard to see the enemies when you’re on the horse. – [Stealth] Ah, this horse is okay. – [Zebra] Did you tame him? Oh good. – [Stealth] Yeah, he’s, let me see. Do you have any blocks on you? – [Zebra] Um, I don’t have– – [Stealth] Like dirt blocks? – [Zebra] No I don’t have any dirt blocks, but I can dig ’em up though ’cause I do have a shovel. – [Stealth] All right, I just wanna see how many blocks he can jump real quick. – [Zebra] One, two,
three, four, five, six. – [Stealth] Yeah, just stick ’em up, like we’ll see. If he can do four, he
might be worth keeping. – [Zebra] All right then,
I’ll put four blocks. – [Stealth] I don’t even
think he can do three. – [Zebra] Let’s see, one, two, oh wait, two, three. – [Stealth] (laughs) He
can’t even do three, bro. – [Zebra] Oh no! Poor guy. He don’t have them hops. Where’s my horse going? You get back here, Little Z. – [Stealth] He’s a bad (mumbles). – [Zebra] He’s like, “Well
I guess I’ll be over here, “since you forgot about me”. – [Stealth] He wants
to join the ninja squad and leave the zebra herd. (laughs) – [Zebra] No, betrayal! – [Stealth] Join me, Little Z, and the power would be infinite! (laughs) – [Zebra] The treason. – [Stealth] Hopefully the
sun could come out soon so we can go check out that jungle biome. – [Zebra] Yeah, I’m
looking at this desert. We might as well. – [Stealth] Yeah, we can
go this way, for now. – [Zebra] So it’s like
we’re so close to home that it’s like it’s not that big of a deal if we get lost. – [Stealth] Yeah, I remember seeing that like desert little thing over there. – [Zebra] We’ve explored that part of the desert over there, as you
can see, there’s our torches. – [Stealth] Okay. Oh I see that. So shall we go, so we should probably be heading towards this way then? – [Zebra] Which way? – [Stealth] Toward the swamp. – [Zebra] Yeah, yeah. – [Stealth] Toward the swamp. Okay, let’s go see what’s
toward this swamp biome. – [Zebra] Hmm. – [Stealth] Ooh, I don’t
know if I can jump that. Let’s see if I can jump this. – [Zebra] Try it. – [Stealth] Ugh! – [Zebra] The spider– – [Stealth] Oh, I did it! – [Zebra] Ah, there we go. Take that you spiders. – [Stealth] Oh nice, nice! Those skills! – [Zebra] No! Ooh, there’s an enderman. – [Stealth] I see him,
and I’m ignoring him. (laughs) Stay away, stay away! – [Zebra] Uh oh. Okay. – [Stealth] You need help? I don’t wanna leave you. – [Zebra] I’m jumping over here, no. – [Stealth] All right, we’re stronger in numbers, Zebra. We’re stronger as a unit. – [Zebra] There you are, okay. (laughs) – [Stealth] I think we’re, this is sort of getting
toward a dead end I believe. – [Zebra] Oh no. – [Stealth] Well, for our horses. – [Zebra] There we go. – [Stealth] For the horses, ooh! He’s trying to shoot you. – [Zebra] I’m just dancing away. – [Stealth] Yeah, we can
cut past this jungle biome, but everything else seems to be water. Yeah so. I guess for now we will see, we will wait until the sun comes up, and see what we can find around this area. So your help is just amazing. Wait, are we going, are we trying to go toward the water, or are we gonna stay? – [Zebra] I’m not sure. (laughs) Oh. – [Stealth] Oh no. Yeah, I think we’ll end the episode here for today then guys. As usual, your support
is greatly appreciated, and we will see you in
the next episode, bye! – [Zebra] Bye! – [Stealth] Bye guys.

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  1. this was a cool series I like it very much I hope you do another minecraft series and I'm from Puerto Rico

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