Mini Bike Racing in Gruene, TX w/T.O.M.B.
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Mini Bike Racing in Gruene, TX w/T.O.M.B.

September 22, 2019

What’s up guys? This is Grant, the founder of
and today we are doing mini bike racing in Gruene, TX with Texas Outlaw Mini Bikes. We are going to see some old school mini bike
racing. Ok. We are talking flat track racing, with small
engines, a lot of cool, custom built bikes. I am actually in a race. We are also going to see wrecks, wheelies,
jumps, more wrecks, more wheelies, and more jumps. Don’t forget the burnouts, okay, don’t forget
the burnouts. So if you like mini bikes, and you like racing,
you are going to enjoy this video so sit back and relax and lets watch some mini bike racing. So we are totally official, alright. Passed inspection, the old 5 hp briggs flathead;
it hung with the outlaws (just for a little bit). Poor little tire is almost bald back ehre. Felt it slipping. It did alright. Stroker crapped out on me. I think its carb related. We will find out later. Collin, my nephew, got to ride the punisher. Alright. He did okay too. He did alright. I got to ride my little go kart. Had a good time with that just dinking around,
but man, I got sunburned. I got sun-burnt bad. So thanks guys for watching, if you like the
video, give it a thumbs up. We will catch you in the next one, which will
be the drag race. Hopefully the gremlins will be gone out of
this guy. We shall see. Show them your little trophy Collin (lame
attempt at trumpet sound). You are the winner. What did you win? I was pretty much the smallest kid there,
so they gave me something. Awesome! Alright, see ya’ll later.

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