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Mini Therapy Horses Visit Doc Pol | The Incredible Dr. Pol

August 15, 2019

We’re here! Woo! NARRATOR: What better
way to start the day– BOTH: Hello. NARRATOR: –than with one
of Doc’s favorite minis? RONICA: Say, “Hi.” Oh my gosh. This is our new guy. Oh my gosh. What’s his name? RONICA: Stunner. Wow. RONICA: This is Stunner! Charlie and Stunner are both
miniature therapy horses. Oh, look. There’s Tater. Look. So we visit inside the
Children’s Hospital, lots of nursing homes, schools. Very cute horses. RONICA: Thank you. Stunner, how are you? RONICA: Say, “I’m good.” A real stunner. RONICA: He is. We’ve only had him for a month. He’ll learn, won’t you, buddy? Yeah. Everybody talks about Charlie. Well, there’s one person who
talks about Charlie, for sure. [laughs] There’s your buddy. So how are you, sweetheart? RONICA: Say, “I am great.” Say, “I’m a little jealous,
but I’m wonderful.” [laughs] What’s up? [laughs] So what’s
that one, now? That’s Stunner. He’ll be 4 in April. Oh, he’s– He’s Charlie’s age, so– Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I hope Stunner loves Dr.
Pol as much as Charlie does. Hey, you. [laughs] Come here. Come here. RONICA: He is a sweet boy. Veronica got another
horse called Stunner. And he is just as
friendly as Charlie. Yes. I think Doc loves Stunner too. Probably not as much
as Charlie, but– Did he need anything? We need vaccines, rabies, and
he needs to be microchipped. This one needs vaccines,
rabies, and Coggins. DR. POL: When she goes
into nursing homes, some of these people haven’t
seen an animal that close for I don’t know how long. And it just makes them happy. And this is what they
call a therapy horse. Necessity. It’s very important
that they stay vaccinated because if they catch
something, then we can’t visit. We are all done. See? That was easy. You’re the tough man. Charlie, see that? He’s tougher than you are. [laughs] Stunner, look at the camera. Stunner. [laughs] Charlie always has a smile
on his face, especially when he gets to see Doc. Give me a big smile. Big smile. Oh, bigger.
OK. [laughs] DR. POL: They enjoy their
job, and you can tell. See you later, Charlie. RONICA: Come on. Nice to meet you too, Stunner. RONICA: It’s really fun riding
with two horses in the truck. [music playing]

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  1. I'm happy to see that after all this time Dr. Pol is still alive and doing so well! I began watching his veteranarian show when it first aired, and have kept up with all the terms.

  2. This is a awesome show. Dr. Pol is sooo funny. Been watching for a long time. And glad to see he still kicking…

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