Miniature Horse Is Becoming An Internet Star
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Miniature Horse Is Becoming An Internet Star

October 19, 2019

COMM: This very little horse is becoming a big online, with 5000 Facebook fans 00:12
MICHELE: If I didn’t post a video every few days had people saying hey where’s Shammy?,
what’s Shammy doing today?, I miss Shammy, I want my Shammy fix. 00:21
COMM: The fun loving dwarf pony weighs just 50 pounds, and is a little over 20 inches
tall, he’s called Shammy, he’s just 5 months old and he lives in Georgia, USA. 00:38
MICHELE: He’s a one in a million, he’s a very lovable, when he’s ready to nap I can come
over and lay him down and he’ll stay with me till I get him up. Shammy is almost like
a dog, he would rather be with me than with a herd of horses or even with his momma sometimes,
he follows me around, he runs in and out of the horse trailer, if he finds something he
can get into, he’ll get into it. 01:00
COMM: When he’s not causing mischief around Michele’s farm, Shammy loves to relax and
show his more loving side. 01:07
MICHELE: Yes he’s very lovable, I can lay him down like this and he’ll stay with me
until he wakes up or till I get up and make him get up, he just loves attention when I
come home and get out of the car he nickers to me and sometimes he’ll come over to the
gate I have to stop what I’m doing and let love on him a little bit you just cant resist
it. 01:33
WOMAN: Oh my gosh he’s so cute. 01:37
COMM: He’s fast becoming an online sensation and Michele decided to write a book based
on his exploits for his 5000 Facebook fans. 01:47
MICHELLE: That’s you 01:49
MICHELE: Shammy had over 90 visitors in his first 30 days of birth, people would come
to see him and just fall in love with him right away, they want to take him home or
buy him but of course I would never sell him he’s the only baby I’ve ever kept, I usually
breed and sell my babies, usually when they come to visit him they want to see him again
they’ll find a reason to come back. 02:08
COMM: But unfortunately his condition which is linked to down syndrome in humans will
inevitably lead to problems in later life. 02:17
MICHELE: They really do suffer as they get older, they tend to get arthritis, their bodies
don’t grow as fast as their internal organs so they have heart issues, he wont ever just
be like the other horses but I want him to be pain free that’s my hope for Shammy at
any time he could lay down in a sleep and pass so I try to treasure every moment, every
spare moment that I have I come and spend a few moments with him.

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  1. I'd like to ask if anyone can spare anything for this local charity, they do incredible work rescuing miniature ponies that have been abused, abandoned or just can't be cared for by their owners anymore, they take on sick and injured ponies too, so their vet bills are incredibly high, their latest rescue has very nasty tumors and will require a major, exepensive operation. I know on TV they say just £3.00 will save a life. This charity doesn't demand that. Every penny counts and goes to the ponies, this charity is only about 3 years old and the people that run it do incredible work, all hours and weathers and all for their munchkins. The colder weather is hitting hard now so I urge you all to please go to their website and see if you can spare anything. If you cannot contribute financially then can you please at least share this post among your horse loving friends. These little minis need our help. I also found out that they love willow tree trimmings so that's my treat to them. Thank you in advance

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ickle shammykins is so adorable its so sad to hear hes gonna suffer later in life

  3. That horse is human. He acts just like any other person. I could see his soul… and it was beautiful and hugged me.

  4. Do you really think he would rather be with you then his mom? If so you shouldn't be breeding horses. You say the older he gets he will be in pain and die . But you breed them still .  Quit treating him like a baby human and let him be a horse.

  5. Is anyone else annoyed that people are constantly calling dwarf ponies miniature horses? Because it really pisses me off. Why? Because whenever I try to find videos or pages on miniature horses, at least half of the results are of ponies, either just exceptionally small or with dwarfism. ?

  6. I'm an equestrian and I know for a fact he's not a mini horse that's a mini pony not trying to be mean but Shammy is a pony and he's super cute lol

  7. Yikes, scary! Thats definitely something that miniature breeders try to avoid. They may be kinda cute, but dwarfism is definitely not a great circumstance for a foal

  8. At just 5 months old, he's not yet fully grown, which means he could get even bigger when he grows ups. I wonder how big he'll be when he grows up?

  9. This whole breed is nothing but abuse… it's completely overbreed. And where the hell is the neck ?? How is this pony able to graze ?
    It's just awful…

  10. Awwww…’am you are so fortunate to have such a beautiful little pony as him. The bond between an animal and its owner is quite priceless. Where in Georgia do you live,ma’am? There’s a horse ranch near where I live which has 2 miniature ponies named Sammy and Gunner and the first time I ever saw them my heart just melted!! The ranch runs a therapeutic horse riding program for both adults and children who are afflicted with either physical or mental disabilities. I have been an active participant in the program several times,and I plan on returning this fall for more horse back riding lessons. How could someone not love something so sweet,cute,and mild tempered. He’s so fortunate to have such a loving mom as you ma’am .

  11. So beautiful so sweet great video I love baby, girl.she,, so.pretty,and,so,sweet, i,, and..give.,

  12. I,was,,,, please.hug.her,, ???????

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