minotaur and dead mare
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minotaur and dead mare

February 29, 2020

the artist’s dance moves were inspired by elaine from seinfeld why is the sound starting now? are those his uberwear by the hammer? gross geez, I’m glad I’m a disembodied spirit and I can’t have epilepsy what is the most subversive thing we as individuals can do in this day and age? companies like google and facebook have millions of data points on each of us and are willing to sell it to the highest bidder. in a world in which we are so externalized to private companies, perhaps the most subversive thing is to fully externalize ourselves to one another then what power do they have that we don’t? money is an imagined resource with fun little pictures and symbols for the elite let’s take back the future that has been robbed from us i think he just lost all control of his body it hurts to be honest it hurts to fall in love and then slowly fall from love but it’s better than unfeeling, unending, analytical detachment but that’s needed too. I’m much better at that now that I don’t have a body hold back now is all life equal? why are we not willing to recognize and celebrate that? How can we be? or is it not? how isn’t it? mmmmm mm hmmm-mm-mmm hhh mmm-ummm hmmm mmmm mm. how did i get stuck doing these captions anyhow? nothing is really something, now isn’t it? i still think about you yeah, that’s a dead garden snake take a look at the picasso painting this is named after if you get the chance

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