Miss Robbie Relives Her Glory Days On The Skating Rink | Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s | OWN

October 15, 2019

[FUNKY MUSIC] MISS ROBBIE: We can start skatin’, can’t we? So we can warm up. I’m puttin’ my skates on, y’all. My toe hurtin’ already, and I ain’t got started. [BEEP] [LAUGHING] You ain’t been on those skates in- Nuh uh. How long? Over a year. Wow. Over a year, uh huh. A year? Over! I mean, one time I was going every Monday. But then there came a point where I broke my wrist, so I got a little afraid, I stopped skating. Ooh, Jesus! Look, be with me tonight! [LAUGHING] But to be with all my friends, my same friends that supported, gives me the confidence, and I know that somebody’s there that’s got my back. [FUNKY MUSIC] Okay, safety rail. [LAUGHING] I feel like I ain’t never skated before! [FUNKY MUSIC] I feel all right, just scared. Hi! When the music is right, there’s a feelin’ that you’ve never experienced. It’s like you’re gliding. Ho! Hey! Don’t y’all make no fool outta me! [LAUGHING] I see you, Michelle! Look at Jan, she goes! [MAKING SWOOSH SOUNDS] When you hear those skates and those wheels hittin’ that floor, it’s another high!

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