MLP Pony Theory – Twilight Sparkle and the Kobayashi Maru
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MLP Pony Theory – Twilight Sparkle and the Kobayashi Maru

December 2, 2019

Remember that entrance exam Twilight took
back in the Cutie Mark Chronicles? Is it just me or was that test completely and utterly
ridiculous? Okay, so for those of you who don’t know,
the Kobayashi Maru was a training scenario that was introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath
of Khan. The jist of it is that the cadet being tested, who’s put in charge of
a starship, receives a distress signal from a freighter, the Kobayashi Maru. This freighter’s
stuck between Klingon and Federation territory and its crew will die
if no one helps them. If you help them, however, you’ll be attacked by angry Klingons. This
test was purposely designed to be completely unwinnable so as to test how the
cadet responds if faced with such a situation. Why do I bring this up, you may ask? Well…
what if Twilight’s entrance exam was actually a Kobayashi Maru situation?
What if she was never expected to succeed, but instead she was being tested on her reaction
in the face of failure? I mean, think about it. The entrance exam
was to hatch a dragon from an egg! Besides Spike, do you see any other dragons running
around Canterlot? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information about dragons,
either. Why would this be if applicants to an esteemed magic school were expected to
hatch and raise their own baby dragon? That city should be crawling with
pet dragons! No. I don’t think anypony was expected to pass that test. In fact, it wouldn’t
surprise me if Twilight was the only pony to have ever passed that test. I think
that, had that Sonic Rainboom never happened, she would’ve been accepted anyway. The only
difference is that she wouldn’t be studying directly under Princess Celestia.
She would be just another student, albeit of an esteemed magical academy. Here’s the thing though. Twilight Sparkle
passed a test she wasn’t supposed to pass. She missed out on a very important lesson
about magic, which is that magic has a limit and that some things just cannot be
accomplished no matter how hard you try. This is why most other unicorns we’ve met only
showcase limited abilities with their magic. Twilight, on the other hand,
has no limits because she was never taught that there were limits to begin with. It’s
also possible that Celestia intentionally never
taught her this because it could have hindered her ability to eventually becoming an Alicorn. So, what do you think? Could this explain
why the entrance exam was something as high-level as hatching a dragon? Was Twilight Sparke
the only one to have ever passed this test? Could this have been a lesson
in disguise that Twilight missed out on? Leave your comments below and let me know. Thanks
for watching and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button while
you’re at it.

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  1. I love this theory, and it breaks my heart that this theory was pretty much debunked due to the recent episodes.

  2. This could also explain why Spike doesn't have wings (like all other dragons seen). Who knows how long they were using Spike's egg for that test. All that magical exposure from inexperienced unicorns trying anything to get a response from the egg, could have had adverse side effects on the actual dragon in the egg.

  3. Being that dragons typically live far out of pony territory i kind of wonder how they came across a dragon egg. Did they raid a dragons nest? Or did they just come across a dragons egg? Either way you'd think spikes parents would be looking for him (almost sounds like a possible episode where spike finds his parents).

  4. Personally, I assumed that it was political. Twilight's family has enemies. And so they deliberately gave her an entrance exam that was impossible.
    But the wild magic result summoned Celestia. And the ponies in charge were likely punished for their actions.

  5. maybe the test was ment especially for sompony with extreme magical abilities, like only sompony with the magick of a alicorn can hach the egg, and that student is a prodigy. so the test might have been made for the element of magic. celestias whimsical like that

  6. I have a theory that the egg was enchanted to open to a certain amount of raw ability, so Twilight would have been able to open the egg because of all her ability, but with the sonic rainboom, the magic went a bit haywire which caused Spike to have no wings, no growth and less greed, than other dragons.

  7. To be honest, i was appalled that they would risk the life of an unborn dragon like that. They could have hatched it too soon and killed the dragon inside, or caused it harm. They may have anyway, considering how small he is, for just one example.

  8. Twilight isn't the only one Sunset Shimmer also passed because in Mlp eqestria girls Sunset said after I a banded my studies who else would Celesria take under her wing

  9. are you sure her test wasn't sabotaged or Altered. Ponies and Discord have shown time travel abilities, mainly in S5 but the possibility does exist.

  10. Hmm that would explain why we never hear of or see Sunset with or hearing about an abandoned pet. If the exam was the same for all students to see which kind of class they would be in. Yet if Sunset would have had to pass that same test and failed then she would have had to show promise later on after being put in a normal or advanced class, thus leading to her not having a pet. Although I wonder now just how long Celestia has had Spike's egg in her possession before she found Twilight. Um sorry if this sounds rambling >.<

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