Modular Rolling 3D Printer Cart Using T-slot Extrusions | Vention
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Modular Rolling 3D Printer Cart Using T-slot Extrusions | Vention

March 4, 2020

hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn today
we’re gonna build this digital fabrication cart so this is what it
currently looks like we have our 3d printers over here another 3d printer
here our CNC here it’s on three different surfaces this is also a guest
room so we really need to figure out a better solution we want to make
something modular so that if we changed printers or we need new accessories we
can just modify it so we’re gonna use our favorite building material T-slot
aluminum framing to main constraint for this project
was size we need to fit the cart through our doorways and hallways and it
needs to hold all of our machines this is weird We designed our cart in Vention where
you can drag-and-drop 3d parts from a library and can order the whole assembly
with one click even get it shipped the next day last piece ah
does it fit yeah let’s test how sturdy it is ride it like a
skateboard so this is awesome it’s really sturdy but we can’t put anything
on it till we build some wood shelves I don’t want to I already know it doesn’t fit I just messed up
one one measurement little more yeah okay so we have all of our wooden
shelves cut to size they should all fit yeah you’ll notice these two panels we
actually didn’t just do a continual sheet we did two different sheets and
that’s so if in the future let’s say the printer we put down here is taller we
can move up this shelf we don’t have to cut our board in half we also cut some
two by fours that we’re gonna attach to the underside of the shelves for additional
reinforcement alrighty one thing you might notice though is
that the shelves aren’t attached to framing so we’re gonna 3d print some
brackets to hold them down we could have so we could have bought some brackets but we 3d printed
them so we could get this orientation feature get the right hole size
for our screw and I was able to get the right height so I didn’t have to go to
the store and get new screws way easier to 3d print 14 of these way easier you’re going backwards? yes well that’s a lot easier it’s time! hope it fits. there’s a tripod in the way ok so the doorknobs are the trouble spots nice nice oh yes wide load. uh oh. it’s hitting the bed frame? I wonder if we can just. That sounded bad in our next episode we’ll build a new bed
yeah yeah yeah yeah perfect look at that hat it’s like we envisioned
this oh my gosh this makes me happy that makes me so happy is this more or less awkward oh it’s roll- it’s not locked. Ah yeah I I feel like we’ve reclaimed our room a little bit we can
actually walk around it which is a big plus you can see the window this just
has maybe half the footprint of the old set up that’s awesome and we’re already
brainstorming on ways we can add onto this we definitely want to do an
enclosure to keep the noise down and retain the heat in there let me be out
of the laptop stand make some spool holders there’s like a ton that we can
do I love how modular this is when we inevitably add another machine
we’ll definitely be going to Vention designing an extension to this ordering
our parts that was an awesome process thank you guys again for sponsoring and
it’s time for after show so if you guys don’t know after every single video we
publish on youtube we do an after-show where we keep on talking a little bit
longer about the project about like the same names and you can catch that over
at patreon dot com slash Evan and Katelyn where you’ll also find sneak peeks bonus
things mini vlogs yeah yeah it’s fun… so hope to see you over there. bye! bringing it around town bringing it around town. tiny little steps. tiny little steps. it’s just gonna be my butt! it’s just gonna be my butt! hey guys hey again I made a real weird face

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  1. That's awesome!
    I'm thinking the wood shelves will resonate the sound of the printers a lot though! Maybe if you used concrete slabs it would be much quieter since concrete is really dense!

  2. What a neat construction method! Really great project, as always.
    Quick question: Where can I get one of those fancy Evan & Katelyn brand miter saws? 🙂

  3. I had guessed you were building a home entertainment center on your instagram page but this is a way better idea.

  4. Cool as usual 👍
    I guess the gear would catch dust in an open rig plus it'd make annoying noise if someone try to take a nap !
    If you upgraded to surround it with Glass covers or Clear polyethylene sheets ,it would make less noise and make it less prone to dust 🙂
    Yet I Still love it, simple and neat

  5. That's awesome! I only have one 3D printer (so far) and it just sits on my desk…..might be on vention seeing how much a cart would be now. Such a cool cart for your robot army!

  6. Love the project. Great idea to use the extrusions, so modular, expandable and strong! (plus it looks super cool!) I also really like the colour.

  7. Would the 3/4” (I think it’s that thick) be strong enough for all the printer weight or am I overestimating the weight of y’all’s equipment?

  8. Very cool cart guys. Also the cat does all your quality control, LMAO !!!!!!!!!!. My cat does the same thing when I'm done with a project too.

  9. I stopped your video to go check out vention (this doesn't happen on a E&K video but i love this module stuff and the possibility) but its to expensive with shipping and import duty to greece. but im now gonna hunt down some V slot extrusion locally. Vention web site is awesome resource with there 3d build catalog 🙂

  10. I can use that to take my Printer for a walk. He looks sick sitting in the home eating and excreting plastic througout the day 😅.

  11. I knew it! I guessed right, 3D printer cart! Awesome work and excellent design. Glad the Supervisor was there to make sure y'all did it proper. #catsrule

  12. Dang it- now I need to make one of these for my ever shrinking garage work space. The cardboard cut to the size of the cart is an excellent "why didn't I think of that?" tip.

  13. you should do a hinged shelf on the front to put your laptop on… that way it only takes up space when its being used?? IDK just thinkin. love your channel

  14. My OCD is forcing me to beg you to rotate the 2×4 blocking 90 degrees. Dimensional lumber is designed to bear weight most efficiently and effectively when oriented vertically instead of horizontally. Looking at the beam in section, the top fibers are in compression and the bottom fibers are in tension. Maximizing the distance between these two extremes allows the material to perform most effectively. With it horizontal you may get sagging over time from the weight of your equipment. Vertical and you’ll never exceed its capacity.

    Also, my name is Evan, too.

  15. The guest room looks a thousand times better! 😀 Really cool T-slot Extrusions and awesome work on the brackets and shelves E&K! 👍👍👊👊 …. I saw the Supervisor lurking around a few times, but don't worry, I think you guys were working every time ….. Always good to get caught working! 😉👍

  16. I gotta say, if I was your guest I wouldn't wanna leave the room 😀 it looks (and works) real sweet. I reckon this system would work well for an entire shop space (or at least a small shop space)

  17. Me: that looks great, but ordering hardware would be a bear.
    E&K: you can order the whole design with one click!
    Me: 😱😱😱
    I love when sponsors are super relevant and solve problems!

  18. How does the Vention product compare to 8020? I've always seen 8020 but get scared when I start adding up the cost.

  19. It is a nice idea, but Vention appears to be industry focused and is prohibitively expensive. I feel that pricing is a point that should have been touched on in the video.

  20. drop it t nuts would of worked you guys just like playing with your printers lol

  21. The project came out really nice, but using the carvy on the top shelf seems like it might not have made it easy to use, with hold down positioning and setting the zero of the machine above your line of sight.

  22. Nice tip. Now here's one for you. Most of the time, using a 2×3 works where a 2×4 would, is less bulky, a buck cheaper per stick, and usually just as strong for projects. 2×4's are excessive a lot of times. And, you're saving the earth a little bit.

  23. Make a bluetooth speaker, any type of material pla, wood, metal, carbon fiber, nylon, concrete, glass, resin, etc.

  24. Evan and Katelyn
    Evan and Katelyn!
    Evan and Katelyn!!!
    Woohooo! Great video, awesome project and like I told you on Patreon – now I have to put more stuff on wheels … oh my! Thanks and cheers! JM

  25. You could also print some connectors for acrylic pieces, and a hinge (I think a half-barrel hinge would do just fine) to turn the different sections into enclosures for the printers, thereby getting better prints!

  26. So, how come you made the center vertical struts full length instead of go with full length horizontal and have the vertical lower and top mid supports shorter and thus also modular to move sideways. Or do you forsee a possible future expansion in the vertical direction more than the horizontal ?

  27. With 3/4 plywood 2 ft wide you did not need the 2×4 for support. It would take a lot of weight for that to sag.

  28. Hi guys
    How are you?
    I liked so much more comfortable, more space in your house and practice too.
    Congratulations from Brazil

  29. hmm… how are you going to vaccum up the dust from the carvey all the way on the top?? hopefully yall thought about that lmao

  30. Love the video and I don't have any of these machines! Love the fact you 3d printed the brackets!

  31. Hey Guys, Loving the videos, I checked the tools list but i don't think i saw it mentioned but, what bit holder you are using in this video?

  32. Now if only that sponsor didn't charge $500 for something the equivalent size to a piece of plywood and an ikea LACK table. Their product is neat, but a cart to hold up my printer would cost over 4 times what I paid for the printer. By volume it would be a lot less expensive to manufacture that same cart out of solid walnut.

  33. Would it be possible to get a build list of the parts from Vention? I have an interest in building something similar.

  34. Been looking to better organize my printers and have watched this about 10 times for inspiration lol. The modular t-slot design is a great idea! I'm including some insulation to mine to control temp and sound better too =)

  35. Saw a bunch of shots of Katelyn wearing her wedding ring by working. Please buy a silicone machine shop ring to wear while working. Accidents are bad.

  36. Hey this is a bit of a random comment but after watching a few of your videos I was wondering, how do you guys organize all the scraps that get cut off/go to waste when your projects are done? Besides the wood pieces are any of the stuff you make from resin or any non-wood materials recyclable if you happen to mess up? I'd love to see that as a video or as part of a podcast 🙂

  37. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  38. How much would have your cart cost had the video not been sponsored? (no extra "wood", screws cost etc.., just teh cost of the parts from Vention?

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