Moje sbírka Schleichů / Collecton Tour 2018 || Model Horses
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Moje sbírka Schleichů / Collecton Tour 2018 || Model Horses

August 10, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Frisull and welcome to my new video! This winter, it will be exactly ten years since I started collecting model horses. And dare to say I managed to collect quite a few of them in ten years time. And so I thought I could be nice to somehow share my collection with You all. So this is going to be a collection tour, I hope you will enjoy this video and let’s start! Let’s begin with this smaller shelf over here where I store most of my OF Schleichs. Which is probably the most numerous group I have. To be honest, I have no idea how many OF Schleichs I have right now. But I think it’s something over one hundered. They all have names but I won’t be naming them here because that would take forever. Two worth mentioning horses are: Satchmo over here on the edge, and Sweet Cinnamon right here. Sweet Cinnamon is Schleich Exclusive model and Satchmo is some kind of limited edition I think. And I am very happy to own them. They are ordered here alternately mare, stallion, mare, stallion and then over there are the foals. Only over here I have always two horses on same mold but in different colours. Only one shelf above, I have one part of my Breyer Traditional horses Specifically custom Mon Gamin who is now Joey The War Horse and he is painted by my friend. Next, there is custom mohair Friesian. which is definitely going to be repainted and fixed. Because it’s just… eh. It’s terrible and I need to learn how to glue mohair. Then there is a place for Idocus who is now gone to be repainted. And he will be back in June. Next there is Enchanted Forest, Strikey and Harley D Zip, pinto Mare, S Justadream, GG Valentine, Heartbreaker, Zenyatta’s First Colt and Zenyatta. Let’s continue… Here is Mistral Hojris, Keltec Salinero and O’Leary’s Irish Diamond, who was my very first Traditional model and my mom wasn’t exactly happy when I brought him home. Then there is Thor, who isn’t a Breyer. He’s a Peterstone. My only big and long time wanted Peterstone who I got for my 18th birthday. Next I have here Shire gelding I named Golliath. Valley Fox Oliver and Phoenix, Bet Yer Blue Boons, TS Black Tie Affair, and my custom Rachel Alexandra now named Yennefer. Next model is my second or rather third biggest grail of all model horses. And it’s this big dapple-grey Irish Sport Horse from Copperfox. He is on of , i guess, three Copperfox models in Czech Republic. Originally named Toby but I named him Raghnall Muireadhach. Next there is my conga line of Schleich Shire mares, so I guess you now know what is my favourite mould. First is OF Mare named Snowdrop then Blue Ribbon, Amy Pond, both customs from Mazel Horses. Here is one model missing and she is also away to be painted. She will be bay roan, and her name is Map Paintress. Next, there is Elen Rinnanon, also from Mazel. and then three customs I painted: Gabrielle, Priscilla and Night Fury. And lastly, another two customs from Mazel: Jane Doe and Crème. Last three small models here are O’Malley, you know him from a video. Then Oopsy Daisy and McDreamy. They are my most recent customs. Right next to them are another three big horses: dotted Sheik, Fleetstreet Max and Kuchi. She’s a mare but she is made on gelding mould and I named her Khaalesi. We will continue with this shelf/bookshelf. From the bigger models here is Grand Illusion, Sandman and Jake. Grand Illusion and Jake are my customs. Next, there is Baron of Nilfgaard. Custom who I got from another friend but the clay of which is his mane and tail done starts to crack. So I will probably have to make him from scratch. Although I don’t want to do it. Next model is Tripple X III. One of my first drastic customs. He is also in catastrophic condition and needs to cut and put together again. Lastly, there is Written in Verse – my custom and Vanilla. Who is OF Traditional. Down there is Southern Cross, two OF Schleichs, Splash Max, Thunder Boy, Punkt, Gawa’s Pride, Yasmin Al Akhakaal, and three other OF Schleichs and one CollectA One shelf lower is AristoZ. He has longer full name. And he is the first drastic custom I’ve ever finished. Originally he was Schleich Hanoverian stallion. He is painted by Mazel Horses because I can’t do such nice chestnut colour. Next, There is Cocain and Emhyr. Papo and Collecta models. Both are my work. Next is Butter Dough – a pony from last years Advent Calendar. Then Cidaris, Shetland pony and also my custom. A foal from Advent Calendar – Cocoa Dream. Arabian from the Calendar who I don’t like very much. because I think it’s wrong to put such poorly painted horses in such an expensive Calendar. And then there is my OF Camargue mare. One shelf lover is this mix of figures. First are these two. Stablemate and Chips that are supposed to look like Lady Sif and Loki from Marvel. Then there are some dogs, Custom Safari named One O’Clock Call. He is from MazelHorses. More dogs, a pony from my sister, laying here in her special spot. Another Custom from Mazel named Sunset. And then there are my foxes and big Irish Setter for my Traditionals. One shelf lower are my stablemates. Again, I won’t name them and there are also two Chips from Peterstone, that are in the middle. It’s mini-Joey and Friesian who I love so much. Lower is one OF CollectA and two OF Schleichs. And then there is this Custom CollectA Akhal-Teke mare named Xenia. It is my only foreign Custom and she is from Germany. And then there are more animals – cat, dog, dog… eh… Tardis and a Weeping Angel, so… On the lowest shelf is one OF CollectA mare, then one OF Schleich And then there is Custom CollectA Missouri Fox Trotter named Missouri Toffee with her OF Sister right next to her. Then there another CM by me named Bumblebee and a mare with a foal from 2017 Calendar. Tess and Jack The Ripper. Next shelf is going to be just a quick overview because it’s really big and I will name the Customs only. So up here are some OF poines Under them are two CMs from Mazel – Benedict and Kasimir. And then two my CMs Regis and Loki. Lower are Cavalier and LeFleur, Katniss, Stanja, Mates and one OF pony. Katniss is from Mazel, the rest is my work. Next is Serendipity and November Rain, once again from Mazel. Mickey and two my custom arabians – Hansel and Gretel. Yeah, like that fairytale. Once again one shelf lower is Bellatrix, Paladin and Lajka and Yuriko Andy. All of them are my work. Next is Scarlett Dancer who is one of my oldest CMs I haven’t redone yet. But I will do it. Then is Don Frederico, Mockingjay and ChocBar O’Magic. First two are from Mazel, the last one is mine and he is not finished yet. Next is Galactica from Mazel, two OF CollectAs and Jack Daniels Morgan, I am working on right now. Lower are some OF horses – Papo CollectA, Bullyland. Then down there is Caesar, Indian Paintbrush, River Song and one Custom whom name I don’t remember. We’re getting to the last two shelves. where the last four Traditionals stand. And it’s Frankel, Valegro who is by the way my second biggest grail. And I admire him and Charlotte so much. I really would like to meet him one day, but I doubt I will so am glad I have at least the model. Then there is Marwari, I named him Sunset Warrior. And Custom Thoroughbred from Mazel name Roller Coaster. Next I have here another four OF Schleichs and three Stablemates. Rascal Capac, Battlecry and Merlin. Another three OFs, CM Foal from Mazel named Blue Splash, another OFs, And this is Copper Captain. More stablemates – Rio, Fuego and General. Aaaand that’s all from this shelf. Right here in the back I have the rest of my Schleichs. First is Daryl and Redwood. You know them both from my videos. Next is Donnerhall, Lissy, Artemis, Atrei, Yocey (yes, spelled with y and it’s a she) Gracie, Cella, Diva and Pig. Don’t ask why I named him Pig. xD It’s simply the Pig. Jaskier, Sharif Bourkan and Mr. Fox. Here above I have two rearing Shleichs. The white one will get new coat soon. And then there is my CM hippogryph named Patriot. Last but not least I have CM of the bigger CollectA horse and his name is Azraff. Well, I guess that’s it for today’s video! I don’t have any other models. Thank you all for watching, I’m planning to make a video about my Customs soon. And I hope I’ll manage to do it during summer break. I hope you enjoyed this video and see you next time, bye!

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  1. Naprosto úžasné modely???a ty Shirky jsou vážně nádherný.Nechápu jak si můžeš pamatovat všechny ty jména?

  2. Nádherné video?❤
    Krásne kone, úžasné spracované?♥
    A môžem sa spýtať kedy bude tá výstava v Poľsku?

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