Mongolian Horseback Riding Vacations – Stone Horse Expeditions and Travel – Emily and Matthew
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Mongolian Horseback Riding Vacations – Stone Horse Expeditions and Travel – Emily and Matthew

September 4, 2019

Hi I am Emily, this is Matthew, we are from
New York City. We came here to Stone Horse Expeditions because we wanted to get kind
of a real view of Mongolia – from the wildlife and also because of the horses. And when we
started our expedition, we started with two horses that we just met, and they were great
the whole way. They just kind of, – they know the country really well and they are a lot
of fun to ride, they’re (Matthew: and they are great for beginners, too. I had actually,
before 5-6 days ago, I had never ridden a horse for more than half an hour, maybe an
hour total; so to come and jump on a horse here in the Mongolian outback was really a
cool experience.) Yes and even for someone who – I spent many years riding and they still
were a lot of fun to ride. The staff was great, we were well fed, every meal of the day. It
was wonderful to just stop for lunch, and picnic, and in a completely remote area we
would have all the comforts of home, but you also have the wilderness around you. (Matthew:
and, Mongolia – where we came sort of late spring time, and its a beautiful golden – oh
golden autumn landscapes! I’ve been travelling, backpacking around a couple different outbacks
as we used to call them, but I have never seen a landscape quite like Mongolia. And,
a couple of things I would like to add – how easy it was to book. We just contacted Stone
Horse, and – they were actually very accommodating to us; they let us know – these are sort of
the steps you need, this is where you need to be; and pretty much from A to C. The rest
is on them; they provided all the transportation; they helped us with the lodging, and made
it jus at really easy trip to book. And very quickly you can see how skilled the staff
is, just taking beginners like me. and experienced people out into the outback and showing us
through the beautiful landscapes. Emily: Also one more thing to add, – they are also really
knowledgable about the countryside, and the people, the history; we learnt a lot, and
you get a slice of culture with the outdoor experience. Definitely a great trip!

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