Montana horse racing in Great Falls
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Montana horse racing in Great Falls

August 21, 2019

as Montana State Fair gets underway this weekend a major highlight is of course the horse-racing Great Falls remains just one of two cities in Montana to offer the event MTN’s Jason Laird hit up the stable to bring us the story of one family who makes this sport their life over the years horse racing in Montana has become a bit more sparse but in Great Falls the sport is still alive and kicking and although the hats may not be as extravagant as what you might see at the Kentucky Derby the excitement and passion is just as comparable the West’s family from Lethbridge Canada has been involved with the sport for quite some time now and can give us an idea of what it’s like from a Horseman’s perspective you’re on a roller coaster one minute you’re at the top and the next minute you’re at the bottom and it’s not just the nail-biting action of betting on your favorite horse that keeps the money flowing the economic impact of the Great Falls community is also something to consider when you first roll into town I know my pocketbook got a lot lighter and we hadn’t even really started doing anything you’re buying hay you’re buying straw you’re buying oats I think a lot of people forget about that part of it and just another aspect that most folks don’t see from the grandstands is a group of people more like a family lending a helping hand to each other wherever it’s needed now shortly before the races were scheduled to start the truck that’s needed for the starting gate actually broke down and without missing a beat the West family stepped up to help we needed something to make the races ago so had to help everyone out in the horseman and her father then grabbed the keys and tossed them over and we kept on going this is what I do for my holidays they come and work supervises make sure that I’m running everything good it’s an enjoyable place tariff club makes it fun to come and yeah they look after the horses well why not in Great Falls I’m Jason Laird MTN news and you can catch the races again this Saturday and Sunday the races get underway at a one o’clock

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