Most BIZARRE Emotional Support Animals People Actually Own!
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Most BIZARRE Emotional Support Animals People Actually Own!

October 22, 2019

From snakes around your neck to turkeys on
an airplane, people have developed strong bonds with all kinds of animals! Here are 12 of the most unusual emotional
support and service animals people have actually owned. 12. Pig
A service animal is usually a dog that is trained to work and perform tasks to help
a person with a disability. This can vary from mental to physical or psychiatric,
and therapy and service animals help people stay calm during stressful times like in large
crowds, or flying on an airplane. In 2014, a someone brought their therapy animal
onto the plane with them and it didn’t go so well. Actually it reacted really badly. But this wasn’t a dog, it was a pig. Yes, a pig was turned into a therapy animal. So a therapy animal can be practically any
animal that provides affection and comfort and they have to pass a special test. Therapy animals and Emotional Support Animals
can vary from dogs to birds but under US Federal Laws Service Animals can only be dogs or in
some cases, miniature horses. Surprisingly enough, US Airways allowed the
passenger to bring the pig onboard as an emotional support animal. Why can’t they always be this nice?? The 80 pound pig was tied to an armrest so
that it couldn’t just “wander” around the plane. But as the passenger started to put her things
away, the pig started defecating in the aisle and screeching!! Luckily this happened before the plane took
off and while the flight crew tried to work with her, in the end they asked them both
to leave the plane. While the ADA may limit a service animal to
a dog, the Department of Transportation leaves it up to airline personnel to determine if
an animal is a service animal. Get ready for some people to get very creative!! 11. Boa Constrictor
Before you freak out, it should be noted that this is one of the smaller breeds of Boa Constrictor. This red-tailed boa constrictor named Redrock
rides around on his owners neck. Daniel Greene is an epileptic and the 5-foot
snake alerts him 3 minutes before he is about to have a seizure. Daniel says that Redrock must detect an increase
in his blood pressure or changes in his body and senses it. Then the snake will give him a squeeze, what
Daniel calls a hug so he can sit down. Daniel has been able to train the snake to
jump into a carrier and to give him accurate early warning signals. He said he never expected to have a snake
as a service animal but that he’s the best thing that ever happened to him!! 10. Alpaca
A reporter in New York has an alpaca named Sorpresa as her therapy animal, and she actually
went around New York to various stores and random places to find out which of the stores
would let her and Sorpresa in. Alpacas aren’t something you see everyday! Even snakes are more common than Alpacas in
the United States. But surprisingly, llamas and alpacas can make
great therapy animals! There are only 14 registered llamas in the
US but since they are domestic and social, there should probably be more! Many enjoy being around people and they are
usually gentle. Another mother-daughter team take their therapy
llama and alpaca, Rojo and Napoleon around to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and
schools around the Pacific Northwest. The animals have completed the Animal-Assisted
Therapy Certification process and they are famous for their carrot kisses! 9. Duck
It is proven that animals help alleviate loneliness, lower our blood pressure and reduce stress. And our furry friends come in all shapes and
sizes! Meet Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt, an actual
Duck in the world that is also a registered emotional support animal. His owner is a woman named Carla Fitzgerald,
who got Daniel back in 2012. He helped her get through a terrible accident
she had been through. “He would notice something wrong, whether
it be my pain or my PTSD,” Fitzgerald told The Washington Post. He would come and lay on her and cuddle. If he notices that she is going to have a
panic attack, he would give her a cue to lay down by trying to climb up her. But Daniel got national fame when Carla took
him on a flight to Asheville, North Carolina. Again, another nice airline for letting them
onboard!! He was wearing red shoes and a Captain America
diaper. His seatmate, Mark Essig took some pictures
of him to share with his friends and his pictures went viral!! Daniel the Duck has now been featured on BuzzFeed,
ABC News, and Cosmopolitan, and now here of course!! 8. Dalmatian
Having a dog as an emotional support animal is the most common and most people don’t
think of it as strange. After all, dogs are one of the most popular
pets in the world and like I mentioned before, can be approved under the ADA guidelines. But in 2016, a woman found herself face to
face with a really large Dalmatian that was serving as a therapy pet for a person on a
plane. Her name was Maureen Van Dorn, and she actually
had to sit next to this large Dalmatian on a flight from Tucson, Arizona to Chicago,
Illinois while she was on a way to a funeral. Needless to say, she was NOT in the mood. She said that she was shocked by the size
of this dog. “When the traveller in seat 3A stood up,
the dog was able to put his paws on the man’s shoulders.” The Dalmatian did NOT have an identifier on
it to indicate that it was a service animal, and the dog was sprawled all over everyone
in the row and was whipping it’s tail against Maureen’s legs the whole flight. Many airlines, and passengers are trying to
get the Department of Transportation to have more restrictions on emotional support animals
and the debate is getting heated? What do you think?? Should these “comfort” animals be allowed
on flights or should they be in a carrier or stay home?? Let me know in the comments below!! 7. Bonnet Macaque
For lack of a better term, a Bonnet Macaque is an “Old World Monkey”, and one that is
actually pretty rare and hard to get. They’re found in the southern part of India,
and their distribution to other parts of the world is extremely limited because of the
illegal pet trade. However Debby Rose is a founder of Wild Things
Exotic Animal Orphanage and she cares for nearly 20 monkeys. She and a 25-pound macaque named Richard developed
a close bond and he helps her with a debilitating anxiety disorder that causes high blood pressure
and panic attacks. When Richard is around, she doesn’t need medication. Doctors are on Debby’s side saying the monkey
is positive therapy but the members of the town don’t think the same. They have been filing complaints with the
health department and a Judge determined that her monkey is NOT a service animal. So stores such as Walmart and the hospital,
do not need to allow him in. People just aren’t ready for non-traditional
service animals yet. 6. Pot Bellied Pig
This particular pig, named Elvis, is a bit of a question mark in regards to whether he
actually is a service animal or not. The owner, Alisha Doolittle, is wanting to
use Elvis to as her service animal because she is blind. However, the city she lives in is fighting
her because in their eyes, Elvis is a farm animal and nothing else. Still, Alisha is adamant that she can train
Elvis to be her eyes because pigs are actually very smart. But a pot-bellied pig can get huge!! Unless its a micro or a mini pig, that guy
can get over 100 pounds and I don’t think many places are ready for that yet! And definitely not the airplane! 5. Parrot
It may seem a little strange, but a Parrot actually has a bit of an advantage on certain
other therapy animals. Mainly because of its ability to communicate. Jim Eggers had an extreme case of Bipolar
Disorder, he would get into a full-on rage and would want to hurt people. His parrot Sadie, was assigned to him, and
was taught to speak certain phrases. Sadie pays attention to Jim, and can tell
when he’s about to go into a rage and have a psychotic episode. Right before it happens she will talk to him
and say “It’s OK, Jim. Calm down, Jim. You’re all right, Jim. I’m here, Jim,”. A phrase which ironically Jim would say to
himself repeatedly to calm himself down. Since his time with Sadie, Jim has only had
one major outburst, and that was only because he left Sadie at home that day. He has a backpack cage that he uses to carry
her around with him all the time. 4. Squirrels
Squirrels aren’t just cute critters running around! Ryan Boylan has a squirrel named Brutus who
has been there for him since he was in a car accident in 2004 that left him with PTSD. While this is a touching story, his property
management company doesn’t think so. They consider a squirrel an “exotic pet”
and have filed a complaint. Ryan is fighting against them after they found
out about the Squirrel and despite the note from a Doctor saying that Ryan has the right
to have an emotional support animal he may have to face eviction. Ryan contacted the Office of Human Rights
and the case is still pending. Who knew that a squirrel was exotic? 3. Appaloosa Horse
Humans and horses have been together for thousands of years, and we can have great bonds with
them. But that being said, that doesn’t mean you
should take them all over the world with you, but for Cheryl Spencer, that’s exactly what
she does with her Appaloosa horse named Confetti. To her credit, Cheryl did go the “recommended”
route with getting official service animals at first. She is legally blind, and originally she had
two dogs to help guide her. But both of them died of old age and she needed
to get another one. A local ranch gave her a horse that was a
good worker but not a good pet, and she now uses the horse as a guide to get around, and
has even taken Confetti onto airplanes. 2. Turkey
One of the most famous emotional support animals of all time is a Turkey. This occurred when a woman brought the Turkey
on board and claimed it as a “Therapy Pet”. Naturally, people saw the Turkey and started
to take pictures of it, which spread news of the bird all over the world. This also pressed the question of how “legal”
it was to have such an animal on a plane and to call it a “Therapy Pet”. For those who are curious, I refer you to
Assistant Professor Meghan Mills, who notes the following law as the reason a Turkey can
be on a plane in a seat: “In 1986, a law called the Air Carrier Access
Act was passed, and as soon as you walk through an airport’s front door, you’re covered
by it. It basically ensures that individuals with
disabilities are able to fly and have the accommodations they need,” says Mills. According to reports, the turkey was well
behaved and good with the flights. Hey, as long as they are trained to behave
in public Delta airlines will still let you travel with emotional support animals as long
as you provide the documentation. 1. Kangaroo
To you, this might seem like an unbelievable thing, but it’s true, there have been people
who have gotten Kangaroos as service animals. And no, not all of them are in Australia. Diana Moyer is the proud owner of a young
kangaroo in Wisconsin, but they were kicked out of a McDonald’s because the animal didn’t
meet their “health and safety” rules. Plus even though he does provide support and
comfort to Diana, he is not properly trained yet. A couple more have been spotted on planes. In fact, Twitter was alight with pictures
of them when they were brought on board. Unlike certain other animals, both the owners
held their kangaroos during the flight, and one Kangaroo even got to ride in First Class! Thanks for watching! Which emotional support animal was your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below! Be sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you next
time! Byeeee

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  2. You ll notice that humans tend to give animals way too much credit.. That duck knew she was about to have a panic attack, or?

  3. I have like 20 therapy squirrels…

    Well technically… they're just random wild squirrels in my backyard, but they all climb on my lap and let me snuggle and pet them!

    Check my instagram. The black squirrel is softer than a baby kitten!

  4. Hey you showed the South Carolina flag when you said they went to Asheville North Carolina we're to different states and we have two different flags

  5. I don’t have service animals but I do have pets! My dog princess, my bunny Wilbur (I thought the name would suit him well! He’s a dwarf bunny and he’s black and whit with blue eyes!) and my mums cat stinky

  6. I think these people need their animals and if the people around them don’t like it they can always move and if you are on a airplane and cannot move you could ask the person nicely to clot in their animal down they have to have their animals they could die without them And whoever you are that don’t support service animals you have no heart

  7. Whose to say they have to be a dog. Mine is a cat…. I believe it is any animal that is any animal that you connect with and the animals provide for that need…. I had a dog that when I fell she would help me up….and emotional support. it was an Australian Cattle/Black Lab…. I had a cat who protect me from being rap from an ex boyfriend and then help with PTSD my old cat help my daughter with her anxiety and even though the one we have now is my daughters ,the cat chose her over the 3 other people in the house the doctor wrote a letter for my son because in the past they use to calm my son down but not now… but she helps the kids when they upset by living on them (the kids are 18 & 20) helps mine major depression and my abd mu 18 year old bp . None of mine of then were never train as service animals. Or certified. They just do they came naturally to them male and female. I say if they help they service animals. And God thank you for them

  8. I've actually seen different animals behaving different ways toward different people. A friend of mine named Billy a girl had a therapy rat who had a great personality and was nice to everybody. But the rat whose name I will withhold was especially comforting to my friend Billy.

  9. I think people are absolute dick’s about animals some toms not a real Allison they are actually seven lies what if it was your Santa or daughter that needed a service and then it would be different

  10. At #4 which is the squirrel, you could have mentioned the relatively recent news about the woman and her emotional support squirrel who got denied from going into a plane.

  11. Emotional Support Animals, should be allowed in all public places and all planes and other forms of public transportation, regardless of the species.

  12. Put the people in cages not the working animals. When's the last time a critter hijacked a plane? Unless snakes on a plane was a true story I think never.

  13. Emotional support animals, service animals, and therapy animals, are NOT the same thing. Service animals provide a SERVICE/TASK to someone that has a DISABILITY that keeps them from doing normal activities. Service animals are allowed ANYWHERE as they are protected under the ADA. Emotional support animals and therapy animals are NOT the same thing as service animals. They do not provide a task to the handler, they only provide emotional support and companionship. ESAs and therapy animals are NOT allowed into public places such as businesses, stores, restaurants, etc. They are only approved for housing that does not allow animals, and flight seating up front. Please know the difference between these three, you use all three terms as if they are the same thing.

  14. ESA’s are NOT allowed in public, they are only allowed in planes and non pet friendly housing. They have NO TRAINING and can be any species- its dangerous for the animal, other people and service animals(no an esa is not a service animal) because theres no training and no behavioural testing they should never be in non pet friendly public places.

    Therapy animals go to hospitals etc. to cheer up people, they dont have any specific training, they can NOT go in non pet friendly places other than the hospitals and nursing homes. This means they are NOT ALLOWED on planes or special housing or allowed in non pet friendly public places.

    Service animals are specially trained animals to help with a disability (NOT COMFORT), they are allowed in non pet friendly places. Whats allowed to be a service animal and whats not depends place to place- in the US only dogs and mini horses legally can be. In canada only dogs and some places cats.


    Yes, you can buy service animal vests online- NO, it does not make your animal a service animal it makes you someone fooled by a SCAM. The only way to get a legitimate service animal is from specially training it or paying thousands to have someone else specially train it. This takes over 2 years.

    Faking a service animal on purpose or accidentally is illegal and can end up getting you fines and legal troubles.

    Its not fun to bring an animal everywhere with you, service animal handlers do it because they HAVE to to live. Its not easy, its not enjoyable. You want to be left alone and everyone wants to pet your animal whos saving your life. When you distract or pet these animals you run the risk of that handlers health. Dont be entitled. You can pet and coo at other animals but not these ones.

    ESA- comfort-one person-no training-no access except planes and special housing.

    Therapy- mood boost- no training- multiple people- hospitals/nursing homes only.

    Service Animal- specially trained- one person- allowed everywhere- can be arrested/fined for faking a service animal.

    Dont fake it. Leave service animals alone.

  15. Emotional support animals shouldnt be limited to just animals. I should be able to have emotional support Barret .50 cal on a plane or emotional support anthrax?

  16. Dont look like an idiot. Get the terms and laws right. Theres no registry. Therapy isnt an ESA or service animal. Theres no certification. Therapy animals are not allowed on planes. ESA’s and service animals are allowed on planes. ONLY SERVICE ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED IN NON PET FRIENDLY PLACES EVERYWHERE WITH THEIR HANDLER. This is because they provide life saving “tasks” that allow them to make a disabled person able to live a somewhat normal life. Without these animals life isnt worth living or possible. COMFORT IS NOT A TASK.

  17. My therapy pet is a bulbasaur, anytime I feel like I'm going through emotional distress, Bulbasaur uses sweet scent and i feel better (or it might be getting me high) 😌

  18. My brother in law told me that one science fiction author wrote that as populations rise too high that governments would start making it illeagal to own pets.

  19. First off that is so fucking disgusting that Americans are now keeping our Native Australian Kangaroos as pets, secondly 1 of the photos that were shown twice wasnt even a kangaroo it was a wallaby 😂😂 cmon now

  20. Not quite as unusual as some of the ones on this list but, I used to have an emotional support cat. He passed away a year ago.


  22. That Dalmatian is not, in fact, a Dalmatian! It is a a Great Dane who just happens to have spots much like a Dalmatian!

  23. These people can't leave their support animals at home, they need them where they are going! If they have to put them in a crate, then how will they be warned if there's something wrong with them during the flight? These people that are throwing a fit need to suck it up. There are certainly worse things than a dogs wagging tail hitting your leg. Besides, having a big dog sitting next to me on a flight sounds like a good time to me. Just ask someone to switch seats, I'm sure someone will jump at the chance!

  24. This channel's habit of throwing up random photos to illustrate their stories can be quite annoying, especially to those of us with OCD. Today's culprit; a chipmunk masquerading as a squirrel.

  25. I am sick of laws saying only dogs can be service animals. Any animal that can be trained to do a service should qualify. As for people who complain about service and support animals, they need to shut up. No one would defend a person who complained about a persons oxygen machine. Those animals are just as important.

  26. If you have a support animal to help with a physical problem, it's good for you to have one. If you need emotional support, see a doctor.

  27. Omg I love the ducks name. If a kangaroo looked back at me on a flight i would be in heaven. How can you not like kangoos?

  28. If it's under a certain weight and trained well then they should allow it especially if it's a registered service animal.

  29. Lol my suport animal should be my pet bird but he’s not the outside type so the wild birds are kinda my suport animals

  30. You amaze at every turn! You show a parakeet and label it a parrot then do the same thing to a cockatoo ‼️

  31. I have a service animals. And yes, I think other then dogs SHOULD be more then just dogs. Some cats and pigs CAN do the same as a dog can.Emotional support animals, service animals, and therapy animals are not the same and do not have the same rights. Like, my dog I do not pay pet rent. Nor would you with a ESA. Therapy? Nope. But ESA and Therapy can not go in to some places. It is up to the place or plane to let them on or not. Service dogs can go everywhere.

  32. If you need an animal maybe you should consider your fellow travelers and not fly. After all why are you so special?

  33. A kangaroo says "feel better or I'll kick your ass…come to think of it, I think I'll kick your ass anyway".
    Same for a duck.

  34. I feel that the animal should have an indication. Like a certified vest. Then the owner should make sure the animal does not get any kind of transport sickness. For example one of my dogs get car sick. So yeah just make sure it's trained and certified and is able to travel.

    And don't take them everywhere just for fame and attention.

  35. I have a boa constrictor. A boa constrictor is NOT the smallest breed of boa's. IT IS THE LARGEST species of all of the boa species reaching from 6 foot to over 10-16 feet. If its a true red tail boa it's going to get BIG! Furthermore the short clip filming him with a snake around his neck(if it's him) it's not a boa, It's a Ball python which is one of the smaller species of python. Get your facts strait!

  36. stop bringing them into grocery stores, disgusting cunts.. I've seen people let their animals poop on the floor and not pick it up.

  37. SSSSSSSIIIIIINNNGGGGGG IT WITH ME 🎶Esas aren't Service animals~ there is no such thing as a service or Esa Registration~🎶
    Just, please do your fucking research.

  38. Mental, physical and psychiatric?….. 🎶one of these things just doesn’t belong here. Mental and psychiatric? Really?

  39. Quick thing. In America, federal law is that they can bring ESA's on the cabin of the plane as long as they are under the control of the owner and fit in one seat. However, it is up to stores and stuff as to if they want to allow emotional support animals. Service and emotional support animals are two different things. Thank you

  40. what about a GIANT ANACONDA, anyone wanna try that one?:what about a GIANT BIRD EATING SPIDER?What about a HYENA?what about a MOUNTAIN LION/PUMA?what about a WOLF?what about a BEAR?what about an EMU?what about a FERRET?what about a DONKEY?what about an ALLIGATOR?what about a KOMODO DRAGON?I wonder if these would be let on a plane?Wouldn't it be funny if someone had a PIG and another person has an ANACONDA on the SAME PLANE, and the anaconda tried to attack the pig and constrict the pig whilst in mid flight?and someone filmed it and it went viral, would it get millions of views?

  41. I think I want a two-headed RATTLESNAKE as my Emotional Support Animal…..I can take him to ESA conventions and I’m CERTAIN I’ll be accepted…. because I NEED HIM (them?), and he helped me get through some tough times when I ran out of paprika that time…..

  42. Imagine seeing a guy twitching on the floor with a snake squeezing his neck
    Then you look at his shirt and it says do not touch snake or something

  43. I don't have an emotional support animal, despite being recommended to get one by my doctor. I just don't have the capacity to take care of one when I struggle to take care of myself. Instead I have emotional support plants.

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