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  1. Every trick he does Im like "Whatever, not that hard", then at 1:08 when he stops before the stairs, Im like WTF ROLLERBLADE GOD

  2. So let me get this straight.. a 20 stair handrail is?.. harder than a 10 stair handrail.. i'll skate safer with this knowledge thanks!!

  3. so its dangerous for you to be not prepared for someone to come up behind you from an strange angle? thats a good reason to stay away from gay bars

  4. Hi guys, would anyone of you like to be the admin of a Facebookgroup called STREET SKATING ADVENTURES WORLDWIDE sharing posts of similar adventurers like you?

    If so, I would like to add your group to my website showing links to similar activities that might inspire people to stop depending on money.

    I am looking forward to your reaction.

    Greeting from the Netherlands, Frank

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