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Most expensive horse in the world

August 12, 2019

Did you ever wonder what is the most expensive horse in the world? Hi horselovers! Welcome to this video. My name is Stephanie And in this video we will talk about the most expensive horse in the world. And ring the bell, to get all the updates. So i went to investigate…. My first Thought was, that the most expensive horse in the world Should probably be an Arabian stallion But this turned out to be different! So i made a top 5 of the most expensive horses in the world Number 5! Palloubet d’Halong was a gelding born in 2003 at the age of 10 in 2013 he was sold for 11 million euro’s
which is close to 13 million US dollars Palloubet is the most expensive showjumping
horse ever sold. And it seems like, my suspicion did include
some Arabian country. But it was not really the way i expected it
to Palloubet was bought by Jan Tops.
The trainer, of the showjumping team, in Qatar The horses performing for the Qatar Equestrian
Federation ever since. Go to number 4! The Green Monkey
Born on the 4th of february 2004 He is an American thoroughbred racehorse,
a descendent of both Northern dancer & Secretariat This was considered a very promising colt,
because of the achievements, of the bloodline. The Green Monkey was sold in 2006 as a two-year-old
colt, for the highest price ever paid at an action: For 16 million US dollars. Which is close to 14 million euro’s. Fun fact! The purchase was a total flop. The horse started in three races and the best
he got was a 3th placement. Since The Green Monkey never earned something
serious he is considered to be the most expensive bust in horse racing history. But on the bright side, people will talk about
this horse for a very long time. And off we go to number 3. Totilas is the most expensive dressage horse
ever sold. ‘Toto’ as he was nicknamed, is a Dutch warmblood
stallion, and he was born on the 23th of May in the year 2000. He was the first horse to score above 90%
in a dressage horse competition. Totilas and his rider, Edward Gal, had amassed
multiple worldrecord scores in international competition. Eventually Totilas was sold for an amount
of 21 million US dollars. Which is close to 15 million euro’s. Are you up for number 2?! It’s Shareef Dancer
A thoroughbred racehorse who was born in the year 1980. In 1983 Shareef Dancer was sold for a record
price! 40 million US dollars!! And hold up his record for most expensive
horse in the world untill the year 2000. In that year Fusaichi Pegasus took the record
from him. Which brings us to number 1!
Fusaichi Pegasus was born on the 12th of April 1997. He is an American Thoroughbred racehorse stallion. He’s also known for winning the Kentucky derby
in the year 2000. After the Derby, Fusaichi Pegasus was sold
to the Irish breeder Coolmore Stud for a reported price of 70 million dollars. This is nearly 60 million euro’s. And now in 2017 this horse is still the most
expensive horse in the world. So hold on! These horses are costing millions? But the weird thing is, there is not 1 horse
mentioned, who has earned those millions back. It get’s even weirder. The Green Monkey is considered a financial
bust. Fusaichi Pegasus is according to some a disappointing
stallion. Palloubet is a gelding so he needs to get
his earnings from pricemoney. But can you actually win that must in a very
successful career? Hmmm… According to “Global Champions Tour” his rider
currently earns more then 682 thousand dollars. And then horse Totilas. His studfee has already dropped -€5,500 And at the moment he is retired from public presentations. That doesn’t look all good to me. But ah well: “Money isn’t everything!” Money isn’t everything Anyways, do you think there is a horse at the moment which will be sold for more then
the current record holder? And if so, which horse will be the next most
expensive horse in the world. And at what price will the new recordbreaker
be sold? I actually have one horse on this nominationlist. It’s Uncle Mo! A recordbreaking thoroughbred racehorse. You will not be suprised about the fact that,
The Green Monkey and Shareef Dancer are related in bloodline. They all share the blood of Northern Dancer. Thank you for watching this video! And give it a thumbs up if you liked it. And please let me know, what you think about the most expensive horse in the world. In the comments below!

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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for your concern. I know there is something with my neck. I'm on the waitlist for an operation 😉…

  2. 70 miljoen dollar 😳.. wat een geld.. heel leuk dat je dit hebt uitgezocht.. en t duurste paard is natuurlijk dat van jezelf ☺️

  3. All the T.B breeders need to stop!  There are so many T.B's slaughtered every year, because everyone thinks they are going to get the next Secretariat.  T.B breeders are about the most irresponsible greedy bastards in the world

  4. I would imagine Frankel /Galileo would easily be the most expensive horses in the world if ever offered for sale.Never going to happen!

  5. Galileo gets 250k-500k for a visit and is worth more than 100m. Frankel is worth more because hes younger and will hopefully be doing his business for years to come. Hes a son of Galileo and also, like most of the good european stallions especially the coolmore ones, comes from the Northern Dancer line. Homebreds can be worth more. Dont discount them because they didnt hit the sales ring.

  6. I love your videos, but not to be rude or something but whats wrong whit your neck? Does it hurt or something?😓

  7. Very good video, but just to clear the space. Fusaichi Pegasus was entered at stud in 2001. In a span of four years, from 2001 to 2004 (year that his first crop of 2 year old hit the track), he impregnated a close to 480 mares for $85,000 a piece in a stand and nurse base contract. Not all foals are born alive but, based on mortality rate, lets say that from those 480, 450 produced a life foal. That is a revenue of $38,250,000 dollars just in the first four years. in 2005 his stud fee went up to $150,000 and close to 100 life foals were produced. That is $15,000,000 in that year alone. Fusaichi Pegasus stands at stud nowadays for $7,500 in Coolmore America in Kentucky, USA. To date, he has sired more than 1000 foals for a revenue of more than $80,000,000, (doubling his tag price), amount that doesn't include the mares that his owners got pregnant to sell the foal in public auction.

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  9. Who buys a 1HP (or maybe 2HP) vehicle for $70,000,000 dollars i’ll rather buy Koenigsegg Agera RS, a Bugatti Chiron, a Devel Sixteen, a Hennessey Venom F5 and a big mansion but still save a lot of money

  10. Conquistador Cielo was syndicated for 36.4 million dollars to Claiborne Farms…. John Henry won over 9 million, he was a gelding.

  11. I'LL have another was sold for $11K as a yearling, pinhooked for $35K, and won the kentucky derby and preakness stakes. Sold to Japanese breeders for $10 million.

  12. Tapit is leading sire in the USA, estimated worth at $140 Million. His stud fees stand at $300,000 a pop. He only won 3 out of 6 career starts, but now commands the highest stud fees in the USA because he sires WINNERS, and not just in colts, he is also considered the leading broodmare sire. Go Tapit!

  13. Uncle Mo and Tapit are both currently valued at $100,000,000. (US)
    Harve de Grace (2011 Horse of the Year) was sold as a broodmare for $11,000,000.
    The cool thing is, The Taylors and Dr. Hill purchased a yearling at sales for $17,900. That horse went on to win the 1977 Triple Crown Series and later sired great racehorses…His name was Seattle Slew.
    Goes to show…it may not happen often but "catching Lightening in a Bottle" is possible.

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