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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Angry clouds | Wow Kidz

August 14, 2019

The heat is unbearable. Too much. It has drained us completely. Too much heat. Patlu give me some more water. I will bring now. Bring quickly. I am feeling very thirsty. Hey! Water come outside. Come! What is this? This is little water. You had asked for little water. And there is this much water. What kind of a house you have? The fan is not working, there is no water. Have some ice scream. I am going to have some ice cream. You sit here in the heat. Ice cream! I want two ice creams. How many ice creams do you need? I want to two ice creams. I will give but how many ice creams do you want. Already there is too much heat & why are you irritating me? I want two ice creams. Two!! You got it. Then speak properly. The ice cream has finished. It melted due to heat. You should have eaten it quickly. Will you remain still or will you rain? Are you a show piece? If you can’t rain, then why are you hovering here. Go hide & somewhere. Who is this idiot? I am rain God! Rain God! How dare did you insult me? I will not spare you. Wow! God has answered my prayers. It has started raining. Great! Cloud my brother. What is this? Why is the watering raining only on me? What is this happening? There is so much heat & the water is raining only on Motu. Surely, Dr. Jhatka must have given him a gadget. Oh, please! Let me also get wet in the rain. There is too much heat. Oh my lord! It is fun. Hey come! We will also get drenched. What are you all doing? Am I a local train? Get down. Haha. Take my electricity. Rain god will take revenge. If you want to get saved, then run Motu. Cloud, my brother, why are you running after me? Let’s move my dear. Get started. Let’s see how I get wet. Move fast my dear. My reputation is at stake. Move. Let’s see till when he will follow me. He is following me every where. It seems it will follow me till seven births. Hey, brother? What happened? Why are you so scared? Did you see a ghost? One cloud is following me. And making me wet. Are you under the influence of some substance? I am not under influence, it is a real cloud. How come a real cloud will follow you? See that. Oh! What? This is a real cloud. Help. Catch it. Motu? What is this happening? Do something. On an empty stomach, my brain does not function. Quickly give me samosas to eat. In this condition as well, you are thinking about food. Help!! I am rain god. Rain god! Quickly, I need to move inside the house. Otherwise, it will kill me. What happened brother? Why did you come running? It is good to hide here. No this is better. This basket is a good place to hide. Whether he is able to see me? Why are you hiding Motu? Will you tell me? What are you doing? Help! What should I do? What should I tell you? I have picked up a fight with a cloud. In anger, he is running after me. He is only making me wet. Look at my clothes. How is this possible? Are you alright? Let me see, who is troubling you. I will not spare him. Who is troubling my friend Motu? Come in front. I cannot see any cloud here. Did someone remember me? Oh, no! This is a real cloud. You were correct. But what should we do now.? On an empty stomach, my brain does not function. You think of something. Idea! Hey! Walk slowly. If he recognizes us, then there will be a problem. Don’t look at me but look forward. He is staring at you, Motu. You better get drown in little water. We are walking since so long. I have not eaten a single samosa. And don’t know why this rain god is running after me. Where did Motu go? Women are not at all safe in Furfuri nagar. Where has Motu disappeared? He is there. I will rain ice balls on him. Run! Patlu, run. I am running. In which other way, I can run. Why are you attacking from behind? Attack from front. Hey, Patlu! Who is this lady with you? Let me see. Let me see your face. Hey, madam. Why are you feeling shy? Let me see your face. Motu! What is this drama? One cloud is behind my back. He is continuously following & raining water only on me. He is lightning on me. Where should I go? What should I do? What is this non sense? How can a cloud follow you? Hey! He is correct. I have seen it myself. It is nothing but the truth. Oh, Ghasitaram! This is a real cloud. I swear on my patients. I will not spare him. Oh, my lord! He is cleaning the house. Till then, we will get finished. Hey! What are you doing? What is this happening? Haha! Did you see the cloud’s condition? Yes! You were so scared of him. Oh! I am sorry cloud sir. Sorry, I made a mistake. I swear on my patients. I will never repeat this mistake again. You were acting smart with me. It was my mistake. Hey supreme power, kill all the evils!! Run, Patlu! Let’s run. You cannot insult the Rain God & escape. Till when you will run? I will not spare you. I will not leave you. I will not spare you. I will not spare you. If you don’t escape from him, then how will you eat samosas. I will not leave you. Hey, Chingam! Inspector sir save us. One cloud is running after us. Write a report. Catch him & put him in jail. I swear on Mother India! Don’t worry? Who is the cloud?? Tell me!! It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible! See it. Let’s run!! Why are you running? Don’t be scared. I will catch that cloud. Because it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible. Tell me where does he stay. He is behind you. But don’t look at him. You will save them. Motu. I think it is impossible to escape from his web. Impossible! Let’s run. Will you insult Rain God again? Help!!! No!!! Where I am? What happened? Why I am wet? You were screaming in dreams, so I woke you up by splashing water. In my dream, the cloud was making me wet & in reality you are doing the same. I will not spare you. What did I do? Listen to me. Run! Isn’t it the same cloud, who had come in my dream. What has happened to him? Hey! What happened? This is cannot happen.

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