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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Bravery Competition | Wow Kidz

August 15, 2019

People of Furfuri town, today is the bravery competition. We want to see who is the bravest in our town? Are you all ready? We are ready! Ok then, the first competition is to climb this dangerous mountain with the help of a rope. Mr. Mayor and I will keep an eye on everyone, to make sure there is no foul play. Chingam sir, aren’t you taking part in this competition? If I take part then all of you will lose. The world knows that there is no one braver than Inspector Chingam. Ok, now first climb this mountain, on your marks, get set go! Give it to me, I will show you, you really can’t do anything! Thank you Patlu, you have thrown the rope like a professional rock climber! Oh my lord! Motu and Patlu are still on the ground below. They have not yet managed to throw the rope up! Motu only knows how to eat samosa, he can’t do anything else. Wow!! Motu and Patlu, how did you two reach up so fast? What technique did you use? It’s called the tiger technique! “Tiger” technique ? I have never heard of it before. After the competition is over I will learn this technique from you. The second phase of this competition is to ride the mad bulls! You have to work in pairs for this, get control over the bull and ride it. Oh my lord! These bulls look dangerous. You don’t worry Ghasitaram. I have got a spray that will make the bull tame as soon as we spray it on him. And will do whatever we want him to. Patlu, come let’s sit on this bull. Motu, I think he may be getting charged looking at your red shirt. Look at Motu and Patlu. Come, tea vendor, let us ride this bull, ok. Help!! Very good, Motu and Patlu,You two are fantastic. Long live! Now everyone will go to the quiet and lonely castle, get the trophy kept there and come back. But you have to go there at mid-night, not now. Oh my god! I am very scared of ghosts! Inspector Chingam! There is no such thing as ghosts! I have stayed the night in this castle a lot of times. Today you become a ghost and scare the others. We have to see, who is brave enough not to get scared even after they see a ghost? I will dress as a ghost and scare everyone so badly that they will remember me for it! Very good, Inspector Chingam, I will be there with you to help. Take this outfit for the ghost get up and in the castle, I will join you later. Look, there they come. You all have to go inside, find the Golden trophy and get it back. After that I will announce the first prize, go carefully. It’s a dangerous castle, It has been said that it is haunted by ghosts at night. I have heard that too. You don’t be scared! With me around no ghost will come close to you! We will see today exactly how brave each person is? Ok, all the best, go! In my 20 years of experiences, I have never seen a ghost, because there is nothing like ghosts! Ghost! There is nothing like ghosts! That is what people say, that is what people say, I don’t. Hey, Ghasitaram, don’t get so scared. I am a scientist and science says that there is nothing like ghosts! But what do you say? I say Ghost!! He is gone, what do you say Ghasitaram? Oh my lord! The ghost knows my name! I say there are ghosts! Mummy!! Now it’s the others’ turn. What’s this? They are both unconscious! Big brother, hello Ghasitaram! Hello!! Wake up! Big brother, what happened? Why did you become unconscious? Let them lie here, we will go and look for the trophy. Jeepers Creepers, keep away the ghostly Sneakers! Don’t let the ghosts out. Don’t be so scared, I’m here with you. Saw? How I hit the ghost? You hit a ghost!! Look he is flying back towards us. Oh, this means that ghosts exist! Get up! Wake up! If you fall unconscious, what will happen to me? I think falling unconscious is the best thing to do. Two wickets down, one more to go, its’ Motu and Patlu’s turn next. They are also unconscious. Something is not right here. It’s nothing, just be careful, keep an eye all around. This is black oil! What trouble have we got ourselves into? Ghost!! That was a ghost! that was a ghost then he wouldn’t have got scared, let’s follow him. What an irritant this is? What happened? Why are you looking so scared? Ghost!! A real ghost! Black ghosts! There is nothing like ghosts, you were scaring the others and you are getting scared. Ghosts!! Look! These are white ghosts!! That must have been Inspector Chingam with the mayor, who was dressed like a ghost trying to scare us. Sir! Here is your trophy It’s not ours, it is yours! The two of you deserve it. You managed to scare us! Motu and Patlu, you two are the bravest people in Furfuri town, congratulations!

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  1. I see people comments on this cartoon video but when I see people post I saw that 2 years ago of those people comments it really hurts me about the time.

  2. iam watching wow kidz since I was in class 4 and now iam in class 6 so i just want to do say that motu patlu rocks and keep it up the good work and make more funny videos 😁😁😁

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