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August 21, 2019

Motu, where is Patlu today? Don’t know, he left early morning, Chingam sir took him out on a bike. You are sure your donkey will do as told to? This donkey has been trained for circus, don’t worry he will do everything, you watch. Can I have two cups of tea and two plates of samosa please? Two plates? One for me and another for my brother. Take brother, have it. You guys need not be surprised, my brother was like us. But he went to that colorful hill for a stroll and became a donkey. I heard there is magic, It’s said that whoever goes on that hill becomes a donkey. God knows, how my brother will be normal again? He is a very good dancer, how will he become normal? Why did he go on that colorful hill? I had warned him. Once Motu is sure that whoever goes on that colorful hill becomes a donkey. He will never dare to go there, and then we can easily hide our loot and smuggled stuff there. Hey Motu listen, I heard there are smuggelers on colorful hill, I have already sent Patlu to look for them. He will call me as soon as he sees them, and then I will go with my team and arrest them. It’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. What! He has sent him on colorful hill, he will become donkey, I must stop him, Chingam sir. What is this on my eyes? Oh no, hey god you made my friend a donkey. Patlu, why did you come here alone? Why
didn’t you wait for me? How will you get normal? This man looks very emotional, but why is he crying? Patlu, let’s go home, need to find some way to make you normal again. Don’t know where he wants to take me? Let’s find out. Come Patlu, its dinner time, look what all I have cooked for you. He seems to be a nice person, let me make him happy for a while. See here is puri bhaji, pickels and some chutnys. Oh god, I am donkey not a human, somebody should make him understand. Will you have grass? Oh no I forgot that now you are a donkey not human. Don’t worry, I will get grass for you. Patlu go to bed now, tomorrow we will consult Dr. Jhatka about your recovery. Ok, good night. First time in life I am getting such kind of bed to sleep, I should sleep on the bed only. What are you doing Patlu? Oh you want to sleep on this bed? Ok you can use this bed I will sleep over here on the floor no problem. Patlu, brush your teeth. It’s done now, get dressed fast, take this pant and shirt, we have to meet Dr. Jhatka. What? Pant and shirt! What else he will make me do, if life is precious then run from here, run. Patlu stop. Hey, he is stealing my bicycle, catch him, thief. Catch him, thief, where are you taking my rope? Sorry aunty, I will return your rope to you, first I have to catch my friend. Why is he after me only? You want to sit on me, wait I will show you. Stop Patlu. Patlu since yesterday you haven’t called me, where were you? My head is aching, Chingam sir, I fell down from top of the hill, went unconscious Just got back to conscious, I think I had been lying here unconscious for the entire night. where is my spectacles? Hey Patlu, look smugglers are unloading the stuff from the truck and hiding it, John is also with them. Let’s go sir its time to arrest them. Hey, Patlu my friend stop,don’t worry, I will not give up till you become normal again. Sorry brother. Patlu my friend trust me very soon you will be human again, don’t worry. Hey, see Motu also has also come to help us, let’s join him. Sorry, once again brother, Patlu look people are getting injured because of you. Catch hold of him, he should not getaway. The name is Chingam, it’s impossible to get away from Chingam’s clutches. Well done Motu, you have done wonderful job. Wait I will show you how wonderful it is. Oh my god! Motu I am in your side, why are you hitting me? Motu, what are you doing? Patlu!! You broke my back, take this. Hurray! Patlu you are fine. I am so happy. Motu, what is all this? I will tell you after I return, it’s a long story. Oh I see, so this is Patlu, I had to go through all this only because of him, he should be sent to Motu. Hey stop, nobody will move, wait till Motu Patlu return. Oh no, you all wait here, I am leaving. Stop!

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